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In the Arena of the future where electric cars are recharged while traveling

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ROME – Dynamic induction electric charging has become a reality. The revolutionary technology, the result of in-depth studies, has resulted in the “Arena Del Futuro”, the circuit built by A35 Brebemi (the Brescia-Milan motorway link), in collaboration with Stellantis and defined by the prestigious Time magazine as one of the 100 most important of 2021. Once the best technologies for road electrification and circuit development have been identified, the third phase of the project has started, focused on experimenting with these technologies on the 1,050-meter long track, located in an area private of the A35 motorway near the Chiari Ovest exit and powered with an electrical power of 1 MW.

Thus, the first vehicles (Nuova 500 and the Iveco E-Way Bus) were equipped to test the system and have already traveled several kilometers with decidedly positive results. With this project we want to demonstrate how the “Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer” (Dwpt) system, of the “Arena of the Future”, is one of the main technologies ready to respond to the “green” needs of mobility. With the DWPT, electric vehicles can recharge in “wireless” mode simply by traveling on wired lanes thanks to an innovative system of loops inserted under the asphalt. All vehicles equipped with a specific “receiver” that transfers the energy coming from the road to the battery can benefit from this technology.

The advanced connectivity will then offer maximum road safety by allowing the exchange of data between motorways and the vehicles crossing them. Furthermore, the road pavement will be optimized ad hoc in order to obtain a longer duration without interfering in the least with the inductive charge system. Stellantis’ participation in this project is part of the Group’s electrification strategy to offer users, in addition to cutting-edge cars with long ranges and ultra-fast charging speeds, an ecosystem of services able to best meet their various needs.

“This is a state-of-the-art solution to give a concrete answer to both the autonomy and recharging issues that concern customers – explains Anne-Lise Richard, head of the global e-Mobility business unit for Stellantis – We are accelerating our role in defining the mobility of the future and, in this sense, Dwpt technology seems to us in line with our desire to concretely respond to customer needs. In fact, the recharging of moving cars allows evident advantages in terms of recharging times and relative sizing of the batteries “. (maurilio rigo)


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