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In the new year, the machine is replaced with a new machine, laughing at the new weather, and the Oaks air conditioner brings the rapper Dong Baogem live broadcast to give a good gift-中entertainment.com

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In the new year, the machine is replaced with a new machine, laughing at the new weather, and the Oaks air conditioner brings the rapper Dong Baogem live broadcast to give a good gift-中entertainment.com

In the new year and the new scene, a new banquet is held to see the joy of the new year. As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit is getting closer and closer, on January 10, Oaks Air Conditioning, the official air-conditioning exclusive supplier for the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, with the theme of “Laughing in the Olympic New Year”, invited artist Dong Baoshi Gem (old uncle) to act Laughing at the “O” New Year’s recommendation officer, the first live broadcast of the New Year’s Festival in 2023 was held. During the live broadcast, Oaks Air Conditioning released multiple New Year’s Day surprise gifts such as 28 yuan spike Aozhiyin hang-up, providing sincere discounts for consumers to replace new machines during the New Year, and helping everyone embrace the new year.

  Oaks is full of sincerity to buy new year’s goods and send surprises

As an important guest of this New Year’s Festival live broadcast, although Dong Baoshi Gem is well-known to the public as a rapper, he is also an ordinary consumer who has his own understanding and preferences for home life. In his view, the new year’s renewal is not only a sense of festival ritual, but also represents a higher pursuit of quality of life. During the live broadcast of Oakes Air Conditioning’s “Laughing New Year” New Year’s Day Festival, Dong Baoshi Gem, from the perspective of consumers, shared his views on buying New Year’s goods and popular products such as Four Seasons Fresh Air, Shushuangfeng, and Aozhiyin under Oaks Air Conditioning. The recommendation officer brought four benefits to consumers in the live broadcast room, including 28 yuan for a new spike Aozhiyin hang-up, Xiaoao blind box, Oaks New Year custom gift box, and a three-piece brand pot set.

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The Oaks Air Conditioning “Xiaoao New Year” New Year’s Day will start on January 5th and will last until January 26th. In addition to the exclusive 4 benefits of the live broadcast room launched this time, Oaks Air Conditioning also officially announced 6 New Year’s Day gifts, consumers only need to participate to unlock, including: ①Enjoy the blessing: 10 yuan to receive the New Year’s blessing bag ( 10 catties of high-quality Northeast rice worth 99 yuan); ② Thanksgiving subsidy: New Year’s welfare ten million consumer coupons as gratitude feedback (limited distribution at 10 o’clock every day, transaction price ≥ 2400 yuan 50 coupons, ≥ 3000 yuan 100 coupons, ≥ 4000 yuan 200 coupons); ③Purchase courtesy: Energy efficiency upgrades will give you a gift (first-level energy efficiency will give you an electric kettle) and you will get a 10-year repair package gold card; set purchase series (Aozhiyin/Shushuangfeng) will give you a set (four-piece brand set); The old machine can be worth up to 1,000 yuan (400 yuan for on-hook machines, 600 yuan for cabinet machines); Yue series 100 is installed with one drag and three packages (18399 yuan for two bedrooms and one living room).

  Diversified products make consumers feel more at ease when purchasing new year goods

In the live broadcast room of the “Laughing New Year” New Year’s Festival, Oaks Air Conditioning’s first new fresh air in 2022 will be the Four Seasons Fresh Air, the Huanyu series Shushuangfeng, and the smart product Aozhiyin have all gained quite a lot of popularity. Under the recommendation of “Old Uncle” Dong Baoshi Gem, these three mid-to-high-end AUX products delivered to the Hangzhou Asian Games venue in August last year showed the well-recognized “Asian Games quality”, which can meet diversified needs and are enthusiastically received by consumers. snap up.

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Among them, the four-season fresh air air conditioner uses a 45° independent fresh air outlet, which can exchange fresh oxygen for the whole house in one hour. It integrates the three core products of “rapid fresh air replacement, smart maternal and child air HEPA purification and sterilization”, not only fast fresh air replacement, but also soft and clean air supply, creating a healthy, comfortable, fresh and clean indoor environment. Current consumers who purchase the Four Seasons Fresh Air series and post their orders on the Xiaohongshu/Douyin platform can enjoy Alipay’s 100 yuan cash back.

A few days ago, Shushuangfeng Air Conditioning went to my country’s 39th Antarctic scientific expedition with the “Xuelong”. While escorting the scientific expedition, it also provided consumers with smart, comfortable and healthy mid-to-high-end air solutions. The Shushuang hanger is equipped with the world‘s first ultra-wide-angle rotor air guide technology, which can cool and heat the whole house more quickly, making the temperature more uniform and the air supply range wider. Shushuang air cabinet machine adopts three-stage partition control technology, and has the characteristics of independent air outlet air outlet, which can bring healthier customized cold and warm air zones.

Aozhiyin air conditioner focuses on intelligence. It is equipped with the world‘s leading intelligent voice processing chip, allowing users to operate without connecting to the APP, even when the network is disconnected, and can talk when plugged in. It also has a high recognition rate of dialects across the country, making voice control more convenient. During the live broadcast of the New Year’s Festival, Dong Baoshi Gem awakened Aozhiyin with “Hello, Xiao’ao”, and experienced the intelligent feature that even dialects can be effectively recognized.

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Renew the new machine in the new year, and laugh at the new atmosphere. Oaks Air Conditioning has always insisted on giving back to consumers with gratitude and helping consumers embrace high-quality home life. At present, the “Laughing New Year” New Year’s goods festival is in full swing. From now until January 26, go to Oaks Air Conditioning JD.com and Tmall flagship stores to unlock multiple New Year’s goods festival surprises!

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