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Incredible: the opposition was left without its own quorum because there was a lack of a radical and there was no debate in the Legislature of Córdoba

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Incredible: the opposition was left without its own quorum because there was a lack of a radical and there was no debate in the Legislature of Córdoba

The deadlock Together for Change (JxC) was looking for its coup d’état to meet this Wednesday afternoon due to the refusal of the ruling party.

From the Legislative Secretariat it was reported on Monday afternoon that the second ordinary session of the Unicameral would only be held on Wednesday, February 28 and in the afternoon there was no debate.

The decision of the ruling party activated the opposition advance in search for their nearest, but a fortuitous event collapsed the entire plan. Only one legislator was missing to reach the minimum of 36. Incredibly, one of their own was missing.

The move was deactivated.

In the midst of the parity scenario, and before the poroteo of this noon, JxC counted 31 legislators (UCR, Frente Cívico, PRO, Construyendo Córdoba and the carrioista Gregorio Hernández Maqueda), plus the contribution of the neighborhood member Rodrigo Agrelo and Luciana Echevarría (FIT-Unidad).

The libertarian Agustín Spaccesi and the Peronist Federico Alesandri also signed up for the opposition move to meet. At the time of counting there were 35 wishes. He was missing one. Where was he?

Strictly speaking, the representative of La Libertad Avanza was the only one who sat on his bench to register your present on the digital board. For his part, Facundo Torres (provisional president) questioned the opposition for not entering the premises to establish a quorum.

What happened to the absentee?

The opposition arch insisted that “the Unicameral must meet every Wednesday.” What happened to the absentee? The UCR reported the loss of legislator Ariel Grichwho this morning starred in a car accident when he was traveling from Río Cuarto to the capital of Córdoba. According to what was said, the radical did not suffer injuries, but the car he was driving was completely damaged.

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Bill pass

Given the accusations of radicals and judges for today’s frustrated session, the ruling party charged the opposition to continue with the “media show” of denouncing that the PJ does not want to hold a session.

In their offensive, the Cambiomistas affirmed that it is the ruling party who “must guarantee” the Wednesday sessions. In that sense, the radical Alejandra Ferrero and the judge Walter Nostrala, two hawks of JxC, spoke out.

Together for Change seeks to gather the quorum to meet in the Unicameral and the ruling party counterattacks

“They want to close the Legislature. No matter how much they close it, they will listen to us. “Let’s talk,” Nostrala assured. Meanwhile, Ferrero remarked: “The responsibility of holding a session does not belong to the opposition. By email, without dialogue, the ruling party announced that the session was suspended.”

“They permanently change the rules of operation of a Legislature that has to function because people have problems,” the radical emphasized.

As a counterattack, a Peronist sword retorted: “They knew since this morning that I did not have the votes, but they decided to continue with the media show.” In turn, she said: “If they wanted to meet, they would have had to guarantee that they had the votes.”

The PJ has been maintaining that the Unicameral will meet when political agreements with the opposition are guaranteed in the scenario of marked parity. It is true, no bloc – not even the ruling party – has the votes to enable a plenary session.

We Make United for Córdoba (HUxC) brings together 33 officials and has the full support of captain Karina Bruno (Bloque Cordobés). The JxC interblock has 32 parliamentarians. The key to the quorum is in the hands of the monoblocs: Agustín Spaccesi (La Libertad Avanza), Federico Alesandri (I Believe in Córdoba), Rodrigo Agrelo (Encuentro Vecinal) and Luciana Echevarría (FIT-Unidad).

Parity at the limit

“This is a Legislature different from previous ones. There are 11 blocks formed and no block by itself has a quorum. So much so that on December 20, this Legislature did not have a quorum because the opposition did not come to meet,” Facundo Torres warned when launching the official counterattack directed at the Cambiomista opposition.

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The Municipal Inspection and Control Entity was approved

Anyway, The HUxC bench was guaranteed this Wednesday to have its 33 members at the legislative headquarters due to the certain possibility that there would be a session promoted by the opposition.

Two legislators from the ruling bloc were traveling. The socialist Matías Chamorro arrived yesterday from the Dominican Republic, where he participated in a meeting of the Progressive Alliance of the Americas. For his part, Bernardo Knipscheer had to return today from the City of Buenos Aires.


Quick on reflexes, the ruling party launched its counterplay. At the same time that the opposition was trying to activate the session, the PJ called meetings to formally constitute the main commissions of the Unicameral.

During the course of this afternoon the General Legislation commissions were established; Constitutional Affairs, Justice and Agreements; Economy and Budget; Education, and Municipal and Community Affairs.

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