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Information about the sweetness and bitterness of the 8 mothers in “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

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Information about the sweetness and bitterness of the 8 mothers in “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

guide Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. Many people don’t know about the information about how sweet and bitter the 8 mothers are in “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. Many people don’t know about the information about how sweet and bitter the 8 mothers are in “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

1. Recently, “Where Are We Going, Dad” has become the focus of the topic again.

2. Wang Yuelun and Li Want to Divorce, “Where Are We Going, Dad 5” reunited. Recently, Kimi is as tall as Jimmy Lin and topped the hot search list.

3. It has been eight years since the first season aired, and the original cuties have all grown up.

4. Time has changed not only these children, but also their parents.

5. This time, let’s take a look at some mothers in the “Where Are We Going, Dad” series and see how they are doing now.

6. 1. Wang Shiling’s mother – Li Xiang

7. On the last day of November, the news of Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang’s divorce broke out, and it instantly became a hot topic on the Internet.

8. This couple who were supposed to be strong women rather than weak men ended their marriage in disgraceful ways after 12 years.

9. Before she decided to get married, Li Xiang was a well-known hostess, while Wang Yuelun was an unknown director.

10. She was born in 1976 from a wealthy family. Her father joined the army and her mother went into business.

11. Hosted “Happy Camp” after graduation. Together with He Jiong, she witnessed the birth and explosion of this variety show.

12. In addition to hosting, she also developed into singing and acting. The film and television works “Quick Talk Li Cuilian” and “Love on the Beach” all have good audiences.

13. After leaving “Quick Book”, Li Xiang hosted two Super Girl finals, and then appeared in the New Year’s Eve concert and Hunan Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala.

14. Her career is limitless, and she soon ushered in her first marriage.

15. The target is Li Houlin, a diamond giant. They met for 33 days and got married in an instant. It’s a pity that the marriage didn’t last long before it became popular.

16. After the divorce, Wang Yuelun soon appeared next to Li Xiang. The reason why the two got married was because of the shooting of a MV.

17. In 2009, Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun got married. Soon after the marriage, she gave birth to her daughter Wang Shiling.

18. In the first season of “Where Are We Going, Dad”, Wang Yuelun and Wang Shiling, a Buddhist father and daughter, are very popular with the audience.

19. Perhaps because of the influence of the previous marriage, Li Xiang took extra care of this relationship and fully supported Wang Yuelun’s director dream with his own popularity and resources.

20. With the support of his wife, Wang Yuelun made several films, but they failed in word-of-mouth. Not only that, but he was repeatedly exposed to cheating in the past few years.

21. On the contrary, Li Xiang has become a winner in life in the past 12 years. She has a place in both the entertainment industry and the live broadcast industry.

22. This time, after Wang Yuelun was exposed to the scandal of meeting two daughters in three days, Li Xiang and his 12-year marriage finally came to an end.

23. In the face of Wang Yuelun’s tea talk, she took a selfie with an eye-catching diamond ring and a plate of green dishes, and she seemed to respond.

24. Second, Sendie’s mother——Ye Yiqian

25. Since Wada Liang participated in “Where Are We Going, Dad”, the wind-like girl Mori Die has become a national girl in everyone’s hearts.

26. As Mori Die’s mother, Ye Yiqian naturally attracted everyone’s attention as the program aired.

27. Many people don’t know that she first debuted as the most beautiful super girl, and her future is bright.

28. Influenced by her family environment, Ye Yiqian liked to hum red songs since she was a child, and she was a red star in the county’s literary and art circles at that time.

29. In 1998, Ye Yiqian participated in the celebrity imitation show “Happy 100”, and won the Happy Golden Statue Award for her successful imitation of Carina Lau.

30. Later, she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, where she also studied vocal music while studying acting.

31. In 2005, Ye Yiqian participated in “Super Girl” and finally won the seventh place in the country.

32. Among the supergirls such as Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang, her singing skills are not outstanding, but she is definitely the most beautiful, and the audience rated her as the most beautiful supergirl of the year.

33. In the second year of her debut, Ye Yiqian was favored by the director and participated in “The Legend of Condor Heroes” directed by Zhang Jizhong.

34. In addition to singers and actors, Ye Yiqian has also crossed over to hosting, and has hosted “Variety Show”, “Music Assembly” and “Akane, Your Meal” and so on.

35. After marrying Tian Liang in 2007, she became a model couple in the circle. After having a pair of lovely children, the family is even happier.

36. In 2013, Tian Liang and Ye Yiqian’s family won the Annual Family Model Award at the 4th Women’s Media Awards.

37. After getting married, Ye Yiqian reduced her workload and focused on her family, and her exposure became less and less.

38. Like Tian Liang, Ye Yiqian also took her son Xiao Liangzai to participate in a parent-child variety show. The show attracted the attention of many people and made her popular again.

39. Now that the two children have grown up, Ye Yiqian’s career has started again, and she has joined the army of live streaming and delivery. The whole family supports her career very much.

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40. Not long ago, Tian Liang posted a number of photos with Ye Yiqian to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary. The relationship between the two is very sweet, and it is still like a passionate love after so many years.

41. Three, Everyday Mom——Kou Jing

42. In the first season of “Where Are We Going, Dad”, besides Wang Shiling’s parents, Tiantian’s parents also divorced.

43. When the program was first broadcast, many people said that Tiantian’s mother, Kou Jing, must have saved the Milky Way in her previous life, and only in this life can she find Zhang Liang, a good man.

44. It is a pity that this marriage did not go well. In 2019, Zhang Liang posted on social platforms, announcing that he and Kou Jing had gone through divorce procedures two years ago.

45. As soon as the news came out, many people couldn’t believe it was true, because in everyone’s impression, they were a very loving celebrity couple.

46. ​​But after the two officially announced their divorce, they were photographed in the same frame many times. Zhang Liang also sent birthday wishes to Kou Jing on time every year. Those who didn’t know it thought they were a couple in love.

47. Like Zhang Liang, Kou Jing is also a model. She was still in college and met Zhang Liang through a friend’s introduction. The two soon became boyfriend and girlfriend.

48. At that time, Zhang Liang was only a half-model, but Kou Jing did not dislike his conditions, and silently supported Zhang Liang’s career.

49. In 2004, Zhang Liang officially embarked on the road of a professional model. In just a few years, he won many awards and gradually gained a firm foothold in the circle.

50. Kou Jing graduated in 2006 and soon married Zhang Liang. The two did not hold a wedding. A year later, Kou Jing gave birth to her son Tian Tian.

51. After getting married, in order to support Zhang Liang’s career and take care of her children, Kou Jing withdrew from the modeling circle, and has been at home since then.

52. It can be said that Zhang Liang’s success is inseparable from the support behind Kou Jing, and he is more like saving the Milky Way in his previous life and meeting a wife like Kou Jing.

53. In 2013, with the popularity of “Where Are We Going, Dad”, Zhang Liang and Tian Tian, ​​​​the originally humble father and son, became popular on the Internet, and Kou Jing was also exposed to the public for the first time.

54. Last month, Zhang Liang and Kou Jing were photographed by the media again. They drove back to the villa with their children. Judging from the photos, the atmosphere between them is quite harmonious.

55. Some netizens analyzed that it was a strategic divorce. As for the secret behind it, only Zhang Liang and Kou Jing knew it.

56. Four, Duoduo’s mother——Sun Li

57. After participating in the second season of “Where Are We Going, Dad”, Huang Lei and his daughter Duoduo gained a large number of fans.

58. Especially Duoduo, who knows how to take care of others, is not only beautiful and temperamental, but also full of talents, and has attracted much attention until today.

59. Duoduo’s literary and melancholic temperament is very similar to her mother Sun Li.

60. After marrying Huang Lei and having a child, Sun Li gradually withdrew from the entertainment circle and rarely appeared on the screen.

61. Everyone has the deepest impression of her as Huang Lei’s wife. Even the name of her social account is Duomam, and most of what she shares is about the children’s family life.

62. But if you take off these labels, you will find that just being your own Sun Li is enough to amaze you.

63. In July last year, Sun Li shared a video of herself dancing in a rare way, and it directly rushed to the top of the hot search.

64. In the video, she dances like a female idol. It is hard to imagine that she was 43 years old and had 3 children.

65. It may be related to learning dance since childhood. Before Sun Li was admitted to Beijing Film Academy, she studied at Beijing Dance Academy for 7 years.

66. Sun Li, who is graceful and graceful in dancing, has acted as the lead actress in many large-scale dance dramas. Zhang Ziyi once served as her backup dancer in “Poppy”.

67. Sun Li has not filmed many film and television dramas, but each character is a classic, especially the ancient costumes, which are beautiful and colorful.

68. For example, Jin Mudan in “Legend of Heaven and Earth: The Mermaid”, Lin Qinger in “Legend of Sword and Fairy”, Li Yuanzhi in “Book of Swords and Enmity”, etc.

69. To this day, the scene of Lin Qinger approaching from a distance with a snake stick is still the highlight moment of Sun Li’s acting career.

70. Sun Li has starred in many Tang TV dramas, and she has won good popularity among audiences. She was once expected to become the next first lady of Tang TV.

71. But after marrying Huang Lei in 2004 and giving birth to her daughter Huang Duoduo in 2006, she yearned for family more and seldom put her mind on filming.

72. In 2009, after starring in the heroine Xie Xiuqiao in “New Goodbye Sunny Day”, Sun Li officially quit the entertainment circle.

73. It was not until this year that she occasionally participated in dramas that she returned to filming. At the age of 44, her figure is still as light and tall as it has been for ten years.

74. Fifth, Nana’s mother——Ma Rong

75. On August 14, 2016, Wang Baoqiang issued a divorce statement on social platforms. He exposed his wife Ma Rong and his manager Song Zhe, and they had an improper relationship between the sexes.

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76. All of a sudden, there was an uproar on the Internet, and public opinion accused Ma Rong of derailing for her own selfish desires, and believed that she had betrayed her family.

77. One year before the marriage change, Wang Baoqiang took his daughter Nana, also known as Wang Zishan, to participate in “Where Are We Going, Dad 3”. In the program, the interaction between father and daughter has attracted everyone’s attention.

78. After the divorce, the son Wang Zihao was sentenced to Wang Baoqiang, and the daughter Nana was brought up by Ma Rong.

79. Ma Rong was born in a well-to-do family in Shaanxi. His father was a bank clerk, and his mother was a cadre before retirement. The family was well off.

80. In 2004, Ma Rong was admitted to Northwest University majoring in broadcasting and hosting. In her senior year, she entered Beijing TV Station as an intern. During an event, she met Wang Baoqiang.

81. Afterwards, the two confirmed their romantic relationship, and it didn’t take long for Wang Baoqiang to make their relationship public. After Ma Rong graduated, the two got married secretly without holding a wedding.

82. After marriage, Ma Rong became a full-time wife and gave birth to Wang Baoqiang a son and a daughter for two consecutive years.

83. Wang Baoqiang also ushered in the spring of his acting career. “On the Journey” helped him knock on the door of comedy, and “Hello! Mr. Tree” won him the Best Actor Award at the International Film Festival.

84. In 2013, Ma Rong attended the Cannes Film Festival with Wang Baoqiang. On the red carpet, Wang Baoqiang knelt on one knee and confessed affectionately to Ma Rong: Wife, I love you.

85. This high-profile marriage has become incompatible after three years. Ma Rong, who cheated in marriage, became the object of disgust among netizens.

86. At the end of June this year, she rarely showed her face in the live broadcast room, chatting with friends online. But only 21 minutes into the broadcast, Ma Rong was scolded by netizens for off-broadcasting.

87. Today, Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong have been divorced for 5 years, and both of them have started a new life.

88. Ma Rong has a very strong desire to survive, and has been trying to regain her unfavorable position in public opinion in various ways, but all of them have failed. The impact of the live broadcast can be seen; Wang Baoqiang also has a new girlfriend, and life seems to have new hope .

89. Six, Anji, Xiaoyuer’s mother——Hu Ke

90. When Hu Ke and An Ji and Xiao Yuer from Sha Yi’s family participated in “Where Are We Going, Dad 4”, one was five years old and the other was just two years old.

91. Xiaoyuer is innocent and cute, and Anji is humorous and funny. He is considered by everyone to be Song Joong-ki of the Northeast, and has gained super popularity in the show.

92. As the children grew up, Hu Ke, who had been out of the entertainment circle for many years, also returned to the public eye.

93. In the memory of many post-80s and post-90s, “Little Dragon Club” and the youthful Hu Ke are the standard after school.

94. Hu Ke was born as a host. After graduating from Communication University of China, she ushered in the pinnacle of her hosting career and joined “Little Dragon Club” in 1998.

95. In the program, Hu Ke’s fresh and beautiful image and friendly style have been recognized and loved by many audiences.

96. In addition to children’s programs, she has also hosted three programs on Hong Kong Satellite TV Movie Channel, as well as “Golden Time” on Beijing Satellite TV.

97. Hu Ke, who has made a lot of achievements in the hosting industry, has also received invitations from many crews. The first play is the heroine, playing the role of Li Cuilian in “Quick Mouth Li Cuilian 2”.

98. After that, Hu Ke portrayed many characters that impressed the audience deeply, such as Niu Suyun in “Moment in Peking”, Yuan Jingru in “Red Banner”, and pure concubine in “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”.

99. In 2020, Hu Ke won the Huading Award for Best Actress in China‘s Top 100 TV Series for his outstanding performance in “Trident”.

100. After the broadcast of “Where Are We Going, Dad 4”, the life of Hu Ke’s family has attracted the attention of many people.

101. Hu Ke and Sha Yi met because of a program “Hu Kexing Feeling” hosted by Hu Ke. At that time, Sha Yi, who became popular because of “Wulin Biography”, was a guest.

102. Not long after, they had a spark when they cooperated in the TV series “Crossing the Street”. In February 2011, Sha Yi and Hu Ke held their wedding in Beijing.

103. Shortly after their marriage, the two welcomed their first child, Angie. In 2014, Hu Ke gave birth to his second son, Xiao Yuer.

104. Now that Hu Ke and Sha Yi have been married for 10 years, it is not easy in the entertainment industry where the marriage relationship is fragile.

105. On Hu Ke’s birthday not long ago, Sha Yi card point sent blessings. Then it was revealed that he had cheated, and for a while, netizens also fell into confusion.

106. Just when everyone thought that the character of his good husband was about to collapse, Sha Yi’s studio issued a statement to refute the rumors.

107、Seven、Uh huh mother——Huo Siyan

108. In 2017, Du Jiang took his son, huh, to participate in “Where Are We Going, Dad 5”.

109. Huo Siyan was already a 33-year-old woman when she was born.

110. She once revealed in the program that she suffered from postpartum hemorrhage, and was issued a critical illness notice by the hospital in the early morning, and she came back to life only after being rescued.

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111. Huo Siyan appeared on the screen very early. At the age of 17, she was selected by the director with her innocent appearance to shoot the advertisement of Xizhilang Crystal Love.

112. This advertisement was also used as an accompanying advertisement for the “Titanic” released in China.

113. In 2000, Huo Siyan ushered in her first TV series “The Happy Life of Poor Zhang Damin” and officially entered the showbiz.

114. After that, she successively acted in several costume dramas such as “Iron Teeth Bronze Teeth Ji Xiaolan”, “The Young Emperor” and “Seven Fairies of Joyful Land”.

115. In 2006, Huo Siyan moved from the small screen to the big screen, and partnered with Liu Qingyun to film the Hong Kong film “I want to become famous”, which changed the usual pure line.

116. In the movie, Huo Siyan made several sexy appearances, coupled with her impressive acting skills, she was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at the Academy Awards and the Best Newcomer Award at the Golden Bauhinia Award.

117. Since then, her acting career has become wider and wider, and her acting appointments have continued, and she even moved closer to first-line actresses.

118. The success in her career also made the outside world pay special attention to Huo Siyan’s love life.

119. Although there are many scandals in the relationship, Huo Siyan only admits two.

120. One part is a love affair with rich second generation Yang Yi, and the other part is with her current husband Du Jiang.

121. In 2012, on Huo Siyan’s birthday, the two officially announced their relationship.

122. The following year, Huo Siyan married Du Jiang with a pregnant belly, and gave birth to a son, huh.

123. After forming a happy family with Du Jiang, Huo Siyan spent more time on raising her husband and raising her children, and raised Huo Huo into a warm boy.

124. Now Huo Siyan seldom makes movies. The most recent one is the 2018 movie “Mobile Phone Crazy”, and more of them appear as Du Jiang’s wife and mother.

125. Eight. Jasper’s mother——Cherrie Ying

126. As the eldest brother’s woman, Ying Caier’s Weibo certification is Chen Xiaochun’s wife.

127. With a double harvest in her family and business, she still maintains a proud figure and a super high appearance.

128. Everyone knows that Cherrie Ying is Chen Xiaochun’s wife and Jasper’s mother, but few people know that she is the beauty pageant runner-up with a huge body.

129. Cherrie Ying was born in Taiwan, China, in a wealthy family, and has been in various interest classes since she was a child.

130. Soon immigrated to the United States with her parents, and the environment where Chinese and Western cultures blended allowed her to develop a lively and cheerful personality.

131. In 2000, 17-year-old Cherrie Ying won the runner-up in the Miss Chinatown beauty pageant.

132. When I went back to Hong Kong to visit relatives, I went to China Star to participate in the newcomer interview, and was selected by Mrs. Xiang Chenlan as an artist under the banner.

133. Her first screen appearance was in the movie “Full-time Killer” directed by To Qifeng, playing a very pleasing female detective, and cooperating with Andy Lau and Ren Dahua.

134. After that, Cherrie Ying took on 4 movies in one go, each of which was high-end, and the partners were Gu Tianle, Liu Qingyun and many other first-line male stars.

135. She has performed many classic roles, and is well-known by mainland audiences for hit dramas such as “Phoenix Wears Peony”, “The Orphan of Zhao” and “The Age of Innocence”.

136. Ying Caier admitted that she has a bad temper, but she is such a fiery goddess who married Chen Xiaochun, who is 16 years older than herself and has the same temper.

137. The two belong to the same company. They have known each other for many years and have collaborated in movies. They have been officially together since the end of 2007.

138. After the photos were exposed by the media, the two generously announced and admitted that they had been dating for half a year. Ying Caier even said bluntly that Chen Xiaochun was her marriage partner.

139. After falling in love for three years, Chen Xiaochun and Ying Caier got married and registered their marriage in Las Vegas.

140. In 2013, they had their first son, Jasper, and Ying Caier left more time for her children.

141. After the broadcast of “Where Are We Going, Dad 5”, the well-behaved, sensible, heart-warming and lovely Jasper has countless fans, which has a lot to do with Ying Caier’s education method.

142. Although Ying Caier has not had any works in recent years, she still lives with full confidence, and she did not voluntarily give up the right to speak just because her husband is responsible for making money to support the family.

143. Although she is already the mother of two children, she still maintains her figure like a 28-year-old girl, as if time has never left a trace.

144. The above are the 8 mothers in the series “Where Are You Going, Dad?” They used to show off the beauty of their families on and off the show. There are some couples who are in love with each other, and there are also people who have failed in both marriages.

145. Some people even make a mistake and become eternal hatred.

146. “Where Are We Going, Dad?” is a domestic phenomenon-level parent-child variety show. No matter how the parents are, the children have changed a lot. I hope that the cute babies can grow up healthy and happy.

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148. This article is the original content of Qingshi Films, please do not reprint in any form without authorization!

This article is about the sweetness and bitterness of the 8 mothers in “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

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