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Information about Yu Yuexian’s last posthumous work launched, Ma Su and Song Xiaofeng helping out at the box office, but the word of mouth still fluttered.

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Information about Yu Yuexian’s last posthumous work launched, Ma Su and Song Xiaofeng helping out at the box office, but the word of mouth still fluttered.

guide Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. Many people don’t know about the information about Yu Yuexian’s last posthumous work, Ma Su and Song Xiaofeng, who helped out at the box office, but the word-of-mouth is still a hit. Now let us…

Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. Many people don’t know about the information about Yu Yuexian’s last posthumous work, Ma Su and Song Xiaofeng, who helped out at the box office, but the word-of-mouth is still underwhelming. Let’s take a look now!

1. Yu Yuexian’s last work was released, Ma Su and Song Xiaofeng helped out, but the box office reputation was still preserved. After Yu Yuexian died in a car accident; he once became an actor that everyone remembers.

2. Because of the TV series “Country Love” brought by Yu Yuexian; Xie Dajiao is a very classic character.And this character is also deeply loved by everyone; however, Yu Yuexian’s death is really a

3. Died in a car accident before Yuexian;

4. Once became an actor that everyone remembers.

5. Because of the TV series “Country Love” brought by Yu Yuexian;

6. Xie Dajiao is a very classic character.

7. And this character is also loved by everyone;

8. However, Yu Yuexian’s death was too sudden;

9. Therefore, many people feel that it is very sudden.

10. However, Yu Yuexian had already filmed some works before his death;

11. For example, the previously released “Country Love 13”, “Ideal is Still China” and so on.

12. And in the first two days;

13. Yu Yuexian’s last work “The Spring of Wang Qingdian” has been officially launched.

14. Because this is the posthumous work of Xie Dajiao;

15. So Lefeng also chose to watch.

16. However, I did not expect that this “Wang Qingdian’s Spring” suffered from both word of mouth and box office.

17. So, how about Yu Yuexian’s movie?

18. Let’s take a look with Lefeng.

19. 1. The plot of “The Spring of Wang Qinglian”. The plot of this movie is about:

20. In Shiwu Village, there is a celebration of Baotou King Gong who often lives abroad;

21. One day at noon, I suddenly came home with my clothes on.

22. To celebrate I can go home with clothes on;

23. So I held a self-righteous celebration in the village;

24. But I didn’t expect this celebration to be ugly.

25. It turns out that Wang Qinglian held these so-called celebrations mainly to let everyone pay attention to himself;

26. The village party secretary wants to guide Wang to refuse extravagance and waste, and respond to the call of the state.

27. But in the process of persuasion;

28. However, it was discovered that King Qing actually had another purpose for making such a big commotion.

29. Because Wang Qingdian was childhood sweetheart with Yan Xiaofang, a female owner of a homestay in the village;

30. And Wang Qingdian has always wanted to marry Yan Xiaofang as his wife.

31. But among the two, there is Niu Wa, the owner of the glass workshop;

32. So the three fell into an emotional dispute.

33. Wang Qingdian actually had another purpose;

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34. I am constantly shooting myself in the foot.

35. It is about to reach my goal;

36. And she and Yan Xiaofang also entered the wedding ceremony.

37. But just when everything is about to be done;

38. Niuwa exposed the things that Wang Qingdian had been hiding all along.

39. And pointed out that Wang Qingdian told a big lie;

40. The atmosphere at that time was very embarrassing.

41. And Yan Xiaofang also started to propose a divorce to Wang Qingdian;

42. However, in the final ending, Wang Qingdian also saved the relationship;

43. With everyone’s understanding, there is not much to look forward to in the overall plot.

44. Although there are not many bright spots in the plot, the cast is still good;

45. In addition to Yu Yuexian, there is Ma Su who is very familiar to everyone and several disciples of the Zhao family class.

46. ​​Next, let’s continue to read some news about the cast with Le Feng.

47. 2. In the cast of “The Spring of Wang Qingdian”, the actor who is Wang Qingdian is Liu Liu;

48. He was also an old partner of Zhao Benshan.

49. He was also an outstanding sketch actor at the beginning;

50. And has been on many Spring Festival Gala stages.

51. Among them, the sketches he starred in are relatively well-known;

52. The 2008 Spring Festival Gala “Torchbearer”, the 99 Spring Festival Gala “Slimming Variations” and so on;

53. It can be said that like Zhao Benshan, he was a very popular comedian in the Spring Festival Gala.

54. And in about 10 years;

55. Liu Liu also participated in some works prepared by Zhao Benshan;

56. For example, “Marshal Ma 3”, “Country Love” series, etc.

57. The roles played are Hu Qinghai and Big Liu;

58, is also a very popular role.

59. In recent years, however, Liu Liu has started his own creative career;

60. Produced and directed some film and television works, but he is still a very good actor.

61. And the heroine who partnered with Liu Liu is Yu Yuexian;

62. I believe that many movie fans actually watch this drama because of Yu Yuexian.

63. After all, I will never see Xie Dajiao again;

64. It is very fortunate to be able to take a look at Yu Yuexian’s new works.

65. Moreover, he and Liu Liu are also old partners, and they can fully support a work;

66. At the very beginning, these two actors can be regarded as some of Le Feng’s determination to watch this movie.

67. In addition, it is Ma Su;

68. It has been 19 years since the actor Ma Su officially debuted in 2002.

69. During this period, she starred in many familiar works;

70. For example, “The Story of Suppressing Bandits in the Southwest”, “The New Biography of the White-haired Witch” and so on.

71. Ma Su’s acting skills are also excellent;

72. At the beginning, Ma Su was also hailed as the desperate third mother in the field of TV dramas.

73. Be able to think carefully about every role you receive;

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74. That’s why she can be recognized by everyone now.

75. However, Ma Su seems to have very few new works in the past two years;

76. Now this “Wang Qingdian’s Spring” should be her first work this year;

77. So it is worth watching.

78. Besides these three, there is the actor Song Xiaofeng;

79. In the past two years, Song Xiaofeng has also contributed to some major online works.

80. For example, “Let Me Enjoy”, “Don’t Call Me Dionysus” and so on;

81. Although they all suffered word-of-mouth hits, they still have some fame.

82. The last leading actor is Wu Liansheng, an old actor;

83. At the beginning, he starred in some classic works such as “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and “Qiao Family Courtyard”;

84. Although I have always played some supporting roles.

85. But Le Feng believes that even if everyone doesn’t know Wu Liansheng’s name;

86. Seeing his appearance, he must be able to think of some of the roles he played.

87. Because his acting skills are indeed very good, and he has the guarantee of these game actors;

88. I believe everyone has some expectations for this movie;

89. However, Le Feng can only say that the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

90. 3. The evaluation of “The Spring of Wang Qingdian” is due to the existence of Yu Yuexian;

91. After “Wang Qingdian’s Spring” was launched, it also became the third place in the webcast list.

92. But even though it is the third place, its box office also hit the street directly;

93. The accumulative account-sharing box office is only 1.07 million, and the number of movie viewers is only about 307,000;

94. And the fans who have watched this movie all give negative comments on it.

95. After watching the movie, Le Feng also had some comments on it;

96. First of all, for those actors that Le Feng is most looking forward to, their acting skills are indeed online.

97. Whether it is Liu Liu, Yu Yuexian or Ma Su;

98. It can be seen that they have a certain understanding of the role.

99. Among them, Song Xiaofeng once again took out his very good at composing poems;

100. Let Le Feng feel a little familiar.

101. However, the actor’s acting skills are excellent, but it does not mean that this movie is also excellent;

102. There is an illusion of a large sketch when viewed as a whole.

103. It is also the first time that Le Feng saw Ma Su in a movie;

104. But I didn’t expect Ma Su to be just a soy sauce character;

105. Le Feng really does not know why Ma Su can receive such resources now.

106. If the whole story is viewed according to the image of the parents’ sketch;

107. Very bullshit and funny indeed, with an affectation in the form of dark skits.

108. But it seems that the director forgot that what he made was a movie, not a sketch;

109. So after a long time, it will look very tired.

110. The plot is just that, there are not many ups and downs worth looking forward to;

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111. In addition, there are some episodes that pay tribute to Zhou Xingchi;

112. I don’t know if the director is a fan of Stephen Chow or he put it in specifically to attract the audience.

113. Stories in sketch form;

114. In addition to Zhou Xingchi’s funny style, the whole is completely nondescript;

115. So in the end, this movie is still a bad movie in Le Feng’s opinion.

116. However, “The Spring of Wang Qingdian” still has some merits;

117. That is, what Wang Qingdian has always done is good people and good deeds.

118. It is still possible to give the audience some correct three-view guidance;

119. However, it is also very wrong for him to harm the interests of the villagers.

120. The live shooting can be regarded as a bright spot in the film;

121. The rural scenery presented is very beautiful.

122. As a dinner movie, it is a good choice;

123. However, Le Feng does not recommend careful study, remember Yu Yuexian, and enjoy it.

124. 4. At the end, Yu Yuexian’s remaining works should include “Country Love 14” which has already been filmed;

125. Maybe after this work is broadcast, the character Xie Dajiao will completely say goodbye to everyone.

126. Although many viewers think that Zhao Benshan will look for other actors to succeed Xie Dajiao;

127. But the probability should not be very high.

128. After all, a similar situation occurred in Zhaojiaban before;

129. At that time, the roles were directly assigned to box lunches.

130. Use the plot of illness and death to make it complete, and not continue to appear;

131. Therefore, the situation of Xie Dajiao’s role in the future should also be the same.

132. As for the “Country Love” series of TV series, in fact, Zhao Benshan can’t shoot for a few years;

133. There are only so many stories that turn over and over again.

134. And the actors are getting older and older, and the new actors are not very familiar to everyone;

135. So it is common sense for this series to stop updating afterwards.

136. After Zhao Benshan withdrew from the Spring Festival Gala;

137. There is no one who can succeed him. Both sons and daughters have careers they want to do.

138. If Zhao Benshan leaves everyone later, then the whole Zhao family class will be completely cold;

139. I hope that Zhao Benshan can still support a successor of his own;

140. Otherwise, there will be a big comedian in the Northeast missing.

141. Well, today’s introduction to Yu Yuexian’s posthumous work “The Spring of Wang Qingdian” has officially ended here;

142. If you have any views and opinions, please leave a message below for interaction.

143. Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to Le Feng Movies!

In this article, I have finished sharing the relevant information about Yu Yuexian’s last posthumous work, Ma Su and Song Xiaofeng, who helped out at the box office, but the word-of-mouth was still a hit. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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