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Inside Tom Sachs’ two solo exhibitions in Korea | HYPEBEAST

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Inside Tom Sachs’ two solo exhibitions in Korea | HYPEBEAST

artist Tom Sachs He recently traveled to South Korea for two solo exhibitions revolving around his love of space, Western consumer culture, and NFT field etc.

in Seoul Thaddaeus Ropac organized byTom Sachs: Rocket Factory Paintings“shows its NFT project”Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory“,Should NFT Depend on 30 The components of a well-known brand are formed, and the results of the composition are determined by community participants. In this exhibition,Tom Sachs showing the project 14 A painting on which various characters and brands can be seen, such as Lisa SimpsonBrian GriffinNASAMcDonalds7-Eleven as well as Budweiser and many more.Tom Sachs In a statement, it explained: “As children, we would discuss dad’s new car or mom’s new clothes at the dinner table. Brands are the foundation of the dominant religion of our time.——Consumerism. “

Next, at Art Sonje Center of”Tom Sachs Space Program: IndoctrinationThe exhibition focuses specifically on today’s transitional consumption and society’s insatiable need for instant gratification.A series of hand-made works can be felt Tom Sachs A love of space and an emphasis on the human hand is reshaping the world. In this way,Space Program What can be seen as a glimpse into the human presence on Earth and our trajectories of exploring and colonizing new environments in search of new resources.

Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory Paintings” will be in Seoul Thaddaeus Ropac held until 8 moon 20 Day,”Tom Sachs Space Program: Indoctrination“exist Art Sonje Center exhibited until 8 moon 7 Interested readers may wish to pay more attention.

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