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Instagram and Facebook report a worldwide failure

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Instagram and Facebook report a worldwide failure

The social networks Instagram and Facebook once again have a global failure after several months, which generated concern in many people because some would have lost images and videos in the profiles. WhatsApp, which is also part of Meta, has not reported any problems so far.

Although initially Meta had not commented on the matter, this afternoon the group’s spokesperson, Andy Stoneconfirmed the information published by the site Downdetector. “We are aware that users are confronted with difficulties in accessing our services. We are working on it,” he wrote on the X network (formerly Twitter).

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Downdetector registered up to 580,000 indications of problems among Facebook users and up to 92,000 for Instagrambut the site showed a marked decrease in these trouble reports less than an hour after the service interruptions began.

We know there is an issue affecting your connection to Facebook. “Our engineering teams seek to resolve the problem as quickly as possible,” the Californian group indicated on its site that reports on possible operating problems.

Almost 4 billion people use at least one of the social media giant’s platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp) every month. In that sense, there are thousands of content creators concerned about their material because for many it is their job and many are even prevented from entering their account because the password is not recognized.

Problems with login, loading content and the website itself These are the main difficulties detected in Meta platforms. In the case of the mobile versionUsers even find that when they try to log in they are directly kicked out of the application.

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The main problems of Instagram They focus on the difficulty in uploading content and users experience inconveniences when trying to upload stories, reels or photographs, evidencing significant failures in the platform that affect the user experience. While in Facebookusers were affected by unexpected and involuntary logouts.

Instagram and Facebook are two important platforms worldwide and revolutionized the way people communicate, sharing information and connecting with each other. These social networks not only facilitate interaction between friends and family, but are also tools for the promotion of brands, products and services, significantly affecting digital marketing and the global economy.

In X, Meta problems generated ironic comments, particularly from the rival company itself. “If you read this message, it is because our servers are working,” he said ironically. Elon Musk, owner of said network. “We know why everyone is here right now,” the platform account added.

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