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INTER ARMA – The Americans release new work “New Heaven”

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INTER ARMA – The Americans release new work “New Heaven”

New Heaven, INTER ARMA’s highly anticipated new album, is a compelling testament to perseverance, from start to finish. The dense layers of doom, death and black metal occasionally allow a little light to shine through, a fleeting reminder to carry on amid the tumult.

INTER ARMA’s album marks a sharp turn for Inter Arma and showcases the most extreme and edgy songwriting the band has ever displayed. Known for their cinematic take on sludgy, extremely cavernous and borderline psychedelic metal, the Richmond band expands their dynamic by oscillating between soaring momentum and swirling oblivion. New Heaven crushes and conquers, showing what Inter Arma can truly be.

Take the title track – which premieres today – with its hair-raising lead riff, which comes from drummer/songwriter TJ Childers’ challenge to himself to write a nonsensically dissonant part, which he ended up loving. Vocalist Mike Paparo’s otherworldly, deafening roar rises above an impossibly complicated web of riffs and rhythms. New Heaven and the opening title track lack any restraint right from the start; Inter Arma is completely unleashed.

While New Heaven is indeed another triumph for the band, it is not a triumphant album intended to convey a flippant or naive assurance that everything will be okay.

They call it the “Inter Arma curse”: For almost two decades, the band has been one of the most inspired and fearless acts in and around American metal. They’ve also endured an endless parade of complications, hurdles and insults: visa problems in Russia, stolen passports in Europe, unexpected unrest within the band’s ranks, accidents and near-death experiences, and a pervasive paradoxical feeling that they were either too metal or not metal enough . It’s always been a Sisyphean task, except Inter Arma have sporadically climbed the mountain to make a series of visionary albums.

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„New Heaven“ Tracklist:

1. New Heaven
2. Violet Seizures
3. Desolation’s Harp
4. Endless Grey
5. Gardens in the Dark
6. The Children the Bombs Overlooked
7. Concrete Cliffs
8. Forest Service Road Blues

Inter Arma is:

T.J. Childers – Drums, Percussion, guitars, lap steel, piano, noise
Trey Dalton – Guitar, synthesizers, mellotron, vocals
Joel Moore – Bass, synthesizers, tape loops, samples, and noise
Mike Paparo – Vocals
Steven Russell – Guitars


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