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Interlagos was sold again, but it has a secret that the distance from Cipolletti

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Interlagos was sold again, but it has a secret that the distance from Cipolletti

To the beat of «Interlagos, Patagonian flavor and it’s from here» The most beloved soda is back, but with a difference that separates it from its original version. After the bankruptcy of the Interlagos company in Cipolletti, The recipe was sold to the Manaos soft drink distributor, who now manufactures it in the town of Bahía Blanca. One of the characteristics of the drink was the quality of the Patagonian water that was used and today it is no longer part of the recipe.

The Embotelladora Comahue, producer of Interlagos soft drink, was founded on November 15, 1964 in Cipolletti by local businessman and leader, Néstor “Quiti” García. In In 2017 it filed for bankruptcy and its doors did not reopen. A few years later, the Manaus company bought the original Interlagos recipe and began to market it, same label, same flavors, different recipe.

As explained by one of the bottling plant’s former workers, today the renowned soda is produced in a factory located in Bahía Blanca. This undoubtedly affects the original recipe since it changes a very specific ingredient: water.

It was the owner of Interlagos who during his production times stressed that the soda was made with specially treated Patagonian water. So today, being produced in the province of Buenos Aires, it would lose its mystical flavor provided by this ingredient.

«They are packaging it in Bahía Blanca. The phrase ‘she is Patagonian and she is from here’ is a lie. The flavor is totally different. It is Manaus with the Interlagos label”, the former company worker told Diario RÍO NEGRO.

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It was the soft drink distributor ARS that announced the return of the drink. The Questions about its flavor did not take long to arrive and filled the comments section of the publication.

Interlagos workers received compensation: what was the process like?

There was a bankruptcy of Embotelladora Comahue, the soda factory, which was processed in Civil Court 1 and ended with the sale of the property on Route 22 and payment to the former workers.

On the other handthe property that belonged to the distributor located near Tres Arroyos de Cipolletti Street was auctioned for 305 million, Another property located in Las Grutas was sold for 17 million, plus another sum of money from the auction of the vehicles.

The factory, at the time of bankruptcy, had debts with the workers and the State (Rent, Afip, etc.), plus other institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce.. In every judicial process, the bankruptcy expenses also had to be paid: fees and security payments for the properties if necessary.

The bankruptcy law gives priority when collecting workers. That is to say, your debts are the ones that were settled first.

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