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Internet celebrity Ziwang posted a response to the relationship with Zhongni denied that she was not interested in being a stepmother

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Internet celebrity Ziwang posted a response to the relationship with Zhongni denied that she was not interested in being a stepmother

Original title: Net Red Ziwang posted a post to respond to the love affair with Zhongni denying the leg splitting and saying that they are not interested in being a stepmother.

Sohu Entertainment News On August 18, Internet celebrity Ziwang posted a response to his love affair with Zhong Ni, denied cheating, and said that he was not interested in being a stepmother to children.

1.]I like children very much, but I have never imagined to be a stepmother for children. At present, I do n’t have this hobby.Moreover, children have their own mothers, and the role of mothers is irreplaceable.

2. ]This year’s netizens are very sober. I hope you treat your wife with a grateful heart. She is so beautiful, why do you?

I only agree with you in the whole article. I hope you can protect the photo of Nuanxi that was ridiculed by you. The child is innocent and innocent.

3.]I didn’t cheat. Mr. Huang also said it himself (for the time being, Zhongni is called by his surname. I am reading “Confucius Biography” recently. I am a Confucius fan, hee hee)

After seeing Mr. Huang’s friend, I no longer care about him. In this incident, I have to thank the friend if I want to do it, because the friend also wanted to associate with me after seeing me that night, so I was anxious to find I asked me to contact my contact information. I told me the truth before I was caught in the mud, and pulled me out

No matter what the other party is, or not afterwards, what are the departments with you after I abandoned you? Otherwise, will I be a widow for you for a few years when I separate from you?

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But if you feel hurt inside because of this

All I can say is great 😘

And you said that after the ktv, the feelings warmed up, who warmed up with you? I didn’t drink a sip of wine. I didn’t sing a song. I was anxious to leave the whole KTV only 3 or 4 people. I remember this incident clearly and vividly, because there will be no second experience in life.That night, I spent the night preparing for the follow-up work of the book, while listening to the news that you were not divorced.

If you have to say “heating up”, it is also my heating up alone.

In the matter of splitting without splitting, I did wrong, full of regrets, and I was too hasty at the time.

If I could do it all over again, I would ask God to give me eight legs

I’ll cut you all

Finally, I really want to say sorry to everyone!Take up so long of public resources for something like this

I read a word from Confucius to Zigong last night, I liked it very much, and gave it to him

“Today, you do not cultivate your own way, but seek forgiveness, but your ambitions are not far away.”

so far

The whole thing comes to an end on my side.

It is reported that some netizens recently broke the news of Zhongni derailment. On August 17, his wife Karina responded to the derailment of Zhongni in the fan base: “All of this is a big misunderstanding, but now in order to protect our family, no matter what I say, I said Everyone will think that Zhong Ni forces me to say. I know these photos and information, and things are not what you think. “In the end, Karina thanked everyone for their concerns and support for her.

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Late at night on August 17, Zi Wang posted a rumor that he was suspected of being a derailed object of Zhongni, saying that he had filmed several times with Zhong Ni before. Divorced, and a child and ex -wife were in the United States. As a result, she was poked by her friends to “fake divorce”, and she did not even receive a certificate with her wife. She found that she was fastened after being deceived.

On August 18, Zhong Ni sent a long article to respond to the derailment storm. The article denied her derailment, saying that “Ziwang is really not a junior, she is my ex -girlfriend.” He also said that his wife Karina also knew. He also said that he had not received a certificate with Karina because Karina was depressed after giving birth, and the two were separated from foreign countries. The reason for the breakup with Ziwang was that Ziwang suddenly had cold violence against him and hinted that he was derailed. “Later, I learned that before she had been alienated, she had taken the group KTV that she knew her. Friends, start dating.”

He said about the improper remarks he had published before, saying: “I will apologize to all friends who have been hurt by these contents and feel uncomfortable. Apologize to all women!”

For the related content of Zhongni’s daughter who caused heated discussions, he said: “It was indeed a vulgar joke. After the photo was released, I immediately deleted it.”Return to Sohu, see more

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