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Interview with director Li Shaohong: “I never thought about myself, is it a bad thing to think about myself?” | Southern Weekend

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Interview with director Li Shaohong: “I never thought about myself, is it a bad thing to think about myself?” | Southern Weekend

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The situation of women is the theme that runs through almost all of Li Shaohong’s film and television works. (data map/map)

A mother-in-law who devotes herself to her son and grandson and lives without self, a daughter-in-law who strives to find herself in the cracks of life, in 2020, the sudden epidemic, the “natural enemies” hit by the epidemic are isolated in At home, there is a rare enclosed space that only belongs to two people…

This is the presentation of director Li Shaohong in the movie “The World Has Her”, which will be released in September 2022. The original intention of the film was to tell the impact of family women in the epidemic. Li Shaohong recalled that in May 2020, the producer came to her. At that time, everyone was still in the first wave of the epidemic, wearing masks, and they didn’t know each other. In the corridor outside, the cold wind was blowing—it was still spring and cold in Beijing at that time. The other two directors of the film are Chen Chong and Zhang Aijia. Li Shaohong said: “Our group has a bit of the feeling of the Detachment of Women. I, Chen Chong, Zhang Aijia, we are all women, and the producer is also a woman.” In the end, the film uses three stories , showing how ordinary people find love and hope in difficult situations.

Before “There is Her in the World“, in 2021, in the female monologue variety show “Hear Her Say”, “The Legend of Clouds” directed by Li Shaohong tells the story of a baby girl from a family of craftsmen who was forced to change her gender and live as a boy . He also missed his love because he was raised as a boy since he was a child, resulting in gender cognitive impairment. She sacrificed herself and became a major contributor to the revival of her family’s “Guangcai Culture” (Guangzhou Zhijin Cai Porcelain, now a national intangible cultural heritage).

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Li Shaohong recalled that the prominence of the female perspective in his works has gone through a process of self-suppression and unconsciousness. The first work of her directorial career, “Silver Snake Murder”, is a genre film with flying personality and strong style. What type of requirements are, is my standard.” She told the Southern Weekend reporter.

Her real female consciousness emerged from the filming of “Blood Morning” in 1990. The inspiration of the story is drawn from Marquez’s novel “A Murder Case Publicized in Advance”, but in fact, Marquez’s story just provides an excuse for Li Shaohong, a murder involving patriarchal, arranged Human issues such as marriage and women’s lack of self-awareness are what she really wants to show. In 1995, when the filming of “Red Pink” (based on Su Tong’s novel of the same name), Li Shaohong told the story of two old-time firework girls who chose their own destiny and life path under the torrent of the times. The film was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 45th Berlin Film Festival, and finally won the “Outstanding Achievement Award” Silver Bear Award.

In 2000, “Da Ming Palace Ci”, to a certain extent, is the master of Li Shaohong’s female perspective. This TV series has a score of 9.1 points on Douban so far. Li Shaohong attributed it to “considering the existence of historical figures from a woman’s perspective”, which also makes “Da Ming Palace Ci” different from previous historical dramas.

After experiencing the word-of-mouth controversy of the TV series “Dream of Red Mansions” (2010 version), for nearly ten years, Li Shaohong as a director rarely appeared in the film and television circle. During this period, she served as the president of the China Directors Association, and also launched the “green plan”, shifting the focus of her work to nurturing new talents. Benefiting from the “Green Onion Project”, a group of new directors, especially female directors’ works have surfaced, and director Bai Xue’s debut work “Over the Spring” is one of the representatives.

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rediscover each other’s existence

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