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Interview with Li Guangjie: I’m very pleased to be called “the face of the drama” and hope to bring more good characters_Entertainment_Audience_What

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Interview with Li Guangjie: I’m very pleased to be called “the face of the drama” and hope to bring more good characters_Entertainment_Audience_What

Original title: Interview with Li Guangjie: I am very pleased to be called “the face of the drama” and hope to bring more good characters

Sohu Entertainment Special Article (Zhuang Zixiu/Wen Yanyan/Video) On February 25, “Sohu 25th Anniversary Celebration and Sohu Fashion Festival” was successfully held in Beijing. Li Guangjie appeared in a black suit, handsome and stylish.

During the event, Li Guangjie accepted an exclusive interview with Sohu Entertainment. Talking about the feeling of participating in Sohu Fashion Festival this time, Li Guangjie said with a smile: “I have participated in it before, and I can be regarded as an old friend of Sohu Fashion Festival.”

Last year was a harvest year for Li Guangjie. He broadcast many works such as “The Wind Rises from Longxi”, “Outside the Court”, “The Wind Blows Pinellia” and “County Party Committee Courtyard”, all of which have a good reputation. Among them, his role as Zhao Lei in “The Wind Blows Pinellia” received a lot of praise, and many netizens praised him as a “drama shame”.

For this evaluation, Li Guangjie expressed his satisfaction. He bluntly said that when he was in school, he learned to shape characters, and he hoped to be able to achieve thousands of faces. Now he can get the audience’s evaluation of “disgusting face”, “I think it can be regarded as academic success.” .

Talking about the next work arrangement, Li Guangjie said frankly that he hopes that he can continue to present good works to the audience, so that more characters can enter the hearts of the audience.

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It is very gratifying to be called “drama throwing face”

Hope to bring more good characters

Sohu Entertainment: How do you feel about participating in the Sohu Fashion Festival this time?

Li Guangjie: I am an old friend of Sohu Fashion Festival, and I have participated in it before.

Sohu Entertainment: Did you feel different this time?

Li Guangjie: It’s the 25th anniversary, we are the same age.

Sohu Entertainment: When you grow up, your role as Zhao Lei in “The Wind Blows Pinellia” is very popular with everyone. Everyone labels you as “the boss of the uncle circle”. How do you feel about it?

Li Guangjie: This all represents everyone’s love for this character and love for this drama. I think it is quite gratifying to be the creator of this drama.

Sohu Entertainment: What is your biggest achievement after filming this movie?

Li Guangjie: The biggest achievement is that I have presented a character that everyone likes.

Sohu Entertainment: Everyone says that you are a “show face”, do you think this is the highest evaluation for a good actor?

Li Guangjie: It should be. In the acting class during school, what we have been learning is to create characters. In the tradition of drama teaching, we also hope that thousands of people have thousands of faces, and create various characters that can be liked by the audience. This It is a consistent tradition of education and teaching in China and the West. As these graduates, we can present each role to you one by one, and let everyone use the current vocabulary to call it a show of face (to describe it). I think it is considered a successful study.

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Sohu Entertainment: It is said on the Internet that you are completely different in “The Wind Blows Pinellia” and “The County Party Committee Compound”. How do you feel in this evaluation? Do you think wow is also a compliment?

Li Guangjie: Yes, it is definitely a kind of affirmation and praise. These two roles are two completely different occupations, backgrounds, and personalities, so they should be different.

Sohu Entertainment: Some people say that sometimes the charisma of a character is far greater than the charm of the person. What do you think of the relationship between the character and the person?

Li Guangjie: The characters and the person, I think each play needs to be adjusted according to each play. Some characters may require me to get close to the characters, and some may let the characters get close to the actors themselves. It is different for each play and translation. , or both are walking in the same direction at the same time.

Sohu Entertainment: Recently, “Ah, Good Body” is also on the air, is there any difference between your experience in variety shows and TV dramas?

Li Guangjie: Our “Oh, Good Body” is a physical job, compared to filming, it is more tiring, and we have been exercising. KPI requires us, there are so many calories to be consumed every day, there is a (KPI) table that requires you, but it is not necessary for filming.

Sohu Entertainment: You know that everyone has been knocking on your CP.

Li Guangjie: Thank you, thank you.

Sohu Entertainment: Have you set any small goals for yourself in 2023? Can share with us.

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Li Guangjie: Can there be some works like those that everyone likes to present, can have more characters, can really enter the hearts of the audience, and can be remembered by everyone. There are so many dramas appearing every year, wave after wave, you may watch the new ones and forget the ones you saw in the past, so (hopefully) some characters can stay in the hearts of the audience for as long as possible.

Sohu Entertainment: Have you been reading any scripts recently?

Li Guangjie: I watched some of them recently, but I haven’t decided what to film in the end, and I’m still in the stage of watching.Return to Sohu to see more


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