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Intesa Sanpaolo promotes the third advanced training course for cultural managers

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Intesa Sanpaolo promotes the third advanced training course for cultural managers

Intesa Sanpaolo launches the third edition of the Executive Course in “Management of artistic and cultural heritage and corporate collections” to encourage the growth of the skills of professionals working in the sector as a qualifying element of the Italian cultural system. The first two editions, carried out in 2021 and 2022, aroused extraordinary interest with almost 1,300 applications for registration and ended with 67 graduates.

With these premises, Intesa Sanpaolo has decided to propose a third edition of the course, born from the experience acquired over the years with Progetto Cultura, the Bank’s program that since 2011 protects, manages and enhances the Intesa Sanpaolo collections made up of over 35 thousand works , the Gallerie d’Italia with museums in Milan, Naples, Turin and Vicenza, the Group’s Historical Archive, the Restituzioni project.

The course is organized by Intesa Sanpaolo with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and the Cariplo Foundation, in collaboration with the 1563 Foundation for Art and Culture and Digit’Ed and conceived with the scientific contribution of the School of Goods and cultural activities, the international institute for training, research and advanced studies within the competences of the Ministry of Culture. The initiative adds an important piece to the philanthropic activities carried out in the cultural field by the Cariplo and Compagnia San Paolo foundations, which every year make enormous resources available for projects in the area for the enhancement and promotion of artistic and architectural assets. Improving the skills of those who work in this area is also one of the objectives of the foundations, as is access to cultural opportunities, especially towards that public and those people who usually do not have the opportunity or means to approach or benefit from them.

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The topics covered include the classification of cultural management from a CSR perspective, the institutional legal context in Italy and abroad, the public-private relationship and new forms of partnership, innovative heritage management practices, collection management in the private sphere. and business, the economic-financial and accounting dimension of cultural assets and activities, the strategies for enhancing and expanding the use of corporate and private assets, the NRP, project management and the main trends in technological innovation and the repercussions in the sector cultural.

The course, under the organizational direction of Digit’Ed, is coordinated by prof. Guido Guerzoni, professor at the Bocconi University of Milan. Lessons are held by academics from Italian universities, culture and business managers, museum directors and officials. A faculty that proves the close relationship between the public sector and the private sector as a fundamental lever for development and a qualifying element for the protection, management and enhancement of cultural heritage policies. The initiative consolidates the Academy project of Gallerie d’Italia, a further commitment of Intesa Sanpaolo to the world of art and culture aimed at training professionals specialized in one of the most active and distinctive sectors for the country.

The course is aimed at graduates with at least two years of work experience, preferably in the management of museums, archives and artistic heritage of companies and individuals with the aim of increasing their managerial skills and relations with the territory. It lasts 4 months, from 3 February to 27 May 2023 and will be held in the presence of the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan and Turin. Classes will be held on Fridays and Saturdays from 9.00 to 18.00, for a total of nine alternating weekends. The course, in Italian, consists of five teaching modules for a total of 144 hours of face-to-face lessons, and 18 hours in webinar mode as well as learning objects that can be used independently. The digital contents will be provided through the e-learning platform of the School of Cultural Heritage and Activities Foundation, scientific partner of the course.

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The teaching also includes the realization of a project work during the course and will be integrated by study visits to places of art, cultural institutions, corporate heritage and museums throughout Italy. The visits will take place throughout 2023 and the calendar will be available at the start of the course. There are 8 scholarships provided by the 1563 Foundation for Art and Culture and the Cariplo Foundation.

Information and costs on the website www.digited.it where it is possible to fill in the application for admission to the course from 27 October 2022 to 27 November 2022. Digit’Ed (formerly Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione SpA), a single shareholder company since June 2022 indirectly jointly owned, inter alios, by Nextalia SGR SpA and Intesa Sanpaolo, it was born from the experience of the company active in the training sector within the Intesa Sanpaolo group and by Al platforms today aims to aggregate the best realities in Italy in the world of Learning & Development with the goal of developing an integrated and complete offer at the service of large companies, SMEs, professionals, students.

Michele Coppola, Executive Director Art, Culture and Historical Heritage Intesa Sanpaolo and Director of the Gallerie d’Italia, declares: “Cultural heritage is a vital element for our country because, in addition to representing its roots and history, it is a precious resource for professional growth is an opportunity for the future. In particular, for the first Italian bank, in a logic of conscious assumption of social responsibility, it is important to share the experience of managing the owned museums, together with the art collections, making the most of the skills acquired over the years. After the appreciation gathered from the previous editions, we give continuity to the project also in 2023 in full harmony with our partners, with the aim of giving young professionals in the sector updated contents and tools and new reasons for reflection on their work ».

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«We are particularly proud to have contributed, since its first edition, to the conception and implementation of the advanced training course promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo. This important project – says Alessandra Vittorini, director of the School of Cultural Heritage and Activities Foundation – deeply reflects the vision of the Foundation, constantly engaged in creating connections between the public and private systems. The training of private sector operators is, in this sense, a key element for the whole system of culture – typically characterized by a plurality of subjects, responsibilities and prerogatives – to function as an orchestra, as a connected and productive network of exchanges and relations, for the benefit of the country’s economic and social development processes with a cultural matrix ».

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