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Into the PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Kwondo1 SKP-S limited time concept space

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Nike and Quan Zhilong’s main brand PEACEMINUSONE once again jointly launched Kwondo1, which will be the first to be sold at SKP-S 3F SKP SELECT on December 3rd. For this reason, SKP-S has specially created a conceptual art space and cleverly combined elements such as red daisies. The lighting in the store creates a unique visual effect. The limited time space introduces the concept of “FREEDOM IN FLOW” into the space design, using red as the keynote to create an immersive art space. Quan Zhilong’s personal style and philosophy are interpreted with elements such as red carpet, daisies and stage, and the clever use of mirror-reflected walls makes the picture of Quan Zhilong’s arbitrary dance infinitely extended. The specially created red daisy grows hard from the ground and the sky to the center of the stage, expressing the will to pursue freedom, and the flowers spread outward, conveying the pursuit of art without boundaries, and at the same time encouraging everyone to break the boundaries and pursue freedom. It is reported that this limited-time store will last until the end of December 19, and interested friends should not miss it.

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