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IQIYI releases 260 new film lists

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Source: Caijing.com

2021-10-16 13:54

Caijing Technology News, October 16th, according to Global Tech news, 2021 iQiyi iJOY will be held in Shanghai. At the meeting, @爱奇艺 released 260 new content, covering variety shows, drama series, movies, children, animation, documentaries, sports and other tracks.

In terms of major dramas, iQiyi has launched four major genres: Times Songs, Hero Songs, History of Wind and Clouds, and Love Poems, such as “Human World“, “Heart House”, “Holiday Warm Ocean 2”, “People’s Police”, “Break Through the Night”, and “Life Like “First See”, “Wind from Luoyang”, “Wind from Longxi”, “Canglan Jue” and other drama series will be launched on iQiyi to meet users. In theater, the suspense label “Mist Theater” will launch “Octagonal Pavilion Mystery Fog”, “Fatal Wishes”, “Who is the Murderer” and “Gold Rush”, integrating emotions, cases, adventures and other elements to satisfy users’ demand for exciting stories. Demand; “Little Funny Theater”, which focuses on comedy content, releases “Deyun Washe”, “Monthly Girl”, “Doctor is a Doctor, Two is Two”, and “The Breakthrough Elite” and other reserve playlists are assembled in Deyun Club, Jia Bing, Liu Comedians such as Hua bring a new comedy story of laughter and decompression to users. IQiyi will also show the influence of Chinese dramas through more typified theaters such as Lianlian Theater and X Theater.

In terms of variety shows, iQiyi will continue to travel through the time cycle and accompany users to grow. Next, the variety shows showing the interests and hobbies of contemporary young people, “Annual Comedy Contest”, “Let’s Start Filming”, “Wonderful Talk 8”, “Super Fun Skiing Conference”, “Trend Partners 3”, “Meta Universe Singer”, “China New “Rap 2022” and “Music Wild Life” will be launched one after another; “Meng Tan Tan Tan An 2”, “Fantastic Script Shark 2” and other puzzles, closely follow the current popular entertainment methods, and play with young people in an online interactive way; Housework Man 4″ “My Little Tail 2” “I like you and I too 3” “Go to work!” Variety shows such as “Mom 2” will show young people dynamic observations at different stages of life, such as life, marriage, love, workplace, and interests.

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