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Iqiyi’s “People in the Love Drama” Wu Xuanyi the little ghost Wang Linkai bickered to find the best way to get along

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Iqiyi’s “People in the Love Drama” Wu Xuanyi, the little ghost, Wang Linkai bickered and found the best way to get along

The interactive variety show “People in the Love Play”, created by Iqiyi Jian Nanchun, has been broadcast to the fifth issue. After many days of getting along, Qiao Xin, Xu Weizhou, Wu Xuanyi, and the little ghost Wang Linkai found a balance point in cooperation. At the same time, Also harvested a lot of creative inspiration. The addition of flying guests Lang Lang, Gina and Brother Liu also brought new creative perspectives to the trainee screenwriters.

From tit-for-tat to more tacit understanding, the interweaving of play and love cleverly builds a bridge between the script and the actors. The change of the guest’s getting along mode is not only the link between the script and the actors, but also a broad “window”: it brings a unique experience of the drama to the outside world, and at the same time reflects the Z generation context through the rich concept of love. The emotions underneath.

  Wu Xuanyi Little Ghost Wang LinkaiEffective communication and trust upgradeZero tacit combination opens a new mode of getting along

As the show was broadcast to the fifth episode, Wu Xuanyi and the little ghost Wang Linkai went from 0 tacit understanding to 8. In the constant running-in, wonderful script inspiration and sparks have been collided. During the acting class, Wu Xuanyi had an emotional breakdown. It seemed that the contradiction between the two had reached its apex, but the emotional explosion was actually the beginning of the icebreaking. Since then, the creative process of the two has accelerated significantly. The interaction and collision of the ensemble in the rehearsal hall showed the little ghost Wang Linkai’s love and seriousness for music. The two decided to use themselves as the prototype to create personal creations, and only then have Xiaokai who loves music (played by the little ghost Wang Linkai).

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In the latest issue, brother Liu Liu, a good friend, set off a kart defense battle on the grounds of “additional play”, Wu Xuanyi turned into a “fugitive princess”, and the little ghost Wang Linkai turned into a “loyal knight” to protect the opponent to win the game. The two people’s trust escalated in the mutual recognition and encouragement, and found the best way to get along with each other. At the same time, the tacit understanding in life also provided sufficient nourishment for the script creation of the two. As the band’s old friend Liu Ge (played by Brother Liu Liu) uncovered Xiao Kai (played by Wang Linkai) in the play, Rainbow (played by Wu Xuanyi) also officially entered the inner world of the other party. However, this cross-dimensional love between humans and AI will really go so smoothly?

  Xu Weizhou and Qiao Xin got assists in and out of play

Xu Weizhou and Qiao Xin are the exact opposite, although Xu Weizhou carries Qiao Xin down the mountain to violently hit the girl’s heart and is praised as a model boyfriend. “Wei Ni Xin Dong” is the same delicacy, which also aroused the enthusiasm of netizens on the Douguo Food App. In the latest issue, guests Lang Lang and Gina jokingly called the two “married together”, but the two were about love However, there are obvious differences in the “lower-level logic”: Xu Weizhou is a typical representative of passive love, while Qiao Xin believes that love must actively radiate charm. Therefore, the two people have been harmonious and different in the early script creation. Although they effortlessly created a dramatic personality and story background, there has always been a disagreement on the reasons for the love between the male and female lords.

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In the latest issue, Lang Lang and Gina’s love preserving secrets finally allowed them to reach a reconciliation in their view of love. Xu Weizhou had the courage to chase love, and Qiao Xin frankly said that he would be afraid of the unknown of marriage, hoping to love without hesitation. With a balance in the concept of love, the love between Xu Dezhi (Xu Weizhou) and Tsao Jiao Miss Qiao Duo Duo (Qiao Xin) also ushered in a breakthrough: Xu’s parents suddenly visited, the original “happy enemy” “The spark of love is about to ignite. But Qiao Duoduo’s sentence “You don’t think I want to hug you” once again broke the ambiguous atmosphere. I don’t know how Xu Weizhou and Qiao Xin, two trainee screenwriters, will advance the follow-up “One Kiss” plot?

  WITHGenerational Differentiated Views of Love Leading to Hot Discussions, Creating a New Lover Business Practice Manual

The two groups of trainee screenwriters straddle the two modules of creation and performance, where each role can find its own projection. With the continuous deepening of script creation, the audience can also see the immersive screenwriting experience and the “spark of inspiration” brought to the guests. On the one hand, let the audience see the difficulty of script creation, the contradictions in personality, theme, and dilemma, and all the settings have traces to follow. On the other hand, the anti-routine creation of cross-border screenwriters is also eye-catching. The eldest lady’s romantic dinner will end with vegetable leaves on the teeth. AI idol is no longer a perfect symbol, but instead uses demolition to drive music teenagers crazy. It is “The Man in Love Drama” that completely broke the creative concept of the “fourth wall” and expanded the outer edge of the interactive variety show once again.

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At the same time, the two modes of getting along with the guests, “old husbands and old wives” and “happy friends”, also brought multi-dimensional discussion samples to the audience, directly attacked the love puzzles of contemporary young men and women, and decoded the love business class of Generation Z. In this episode, Xu Weizhou and Qiao Xin expressed their views on the issue of “Why is it difficult for a good friend to develop into a lover”. They believe that love requires fate and timing. The long-term companionship between friends may go further than love. . Lang Lang and Gina played four-handedly and dated coquettishly. After marriage, their affection remained undiminished, so they handed over the perfect answer sheet for the topic of “how to maintain a sense of freshness in love”.

In the next program, we will welcome new friends Huang Yali and Efgeni. The guests will have a two-day and one-night camping trip. I don’t know what kind of spiritual excitement will be brought, and what will happen to the love story of the trainees. What about the new plot? Every Thursday at 12 noon, Iqiyi Jiannanchun’s “People in Love Drama” will be aired on time, so stay tuned.

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