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iQIYI’s “Twenty Do Not Confused 2” member finale, all members’ careers and love have been successful_TOM Entertainment

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iQIYI’s “Twenty Do Not Confused 2” member finale, all members’ careers and love have been successful_TOM Entertainment

Directed by Li Zhi and starring Guan Xiaotong, Bu Guanjin, Dong Siyi, Xu Mengjie, Li Junxian, Fei Qiming, Xie Binbin, Zhou Yiran, and Li Gengxi and Niu Junfeng, the young female urban group drama “Twenty Do Not Confused 2” was released on iQIYI on September 12. Welcome to a successful conclusion. The play tells about the choices and attitudes of the four sons in the face of real problems after they first entered the society in 202. After the broadcast, the popularity of word of mouth continued to rise, and netizens praised “the story is real with laughter and tears” and “the youth group portraits are fresh and credible” “Warm emotions heal people’s hearts”, with a Douban score of 8.1, becoming the most surprising youth-themed word-of-mouth drama this summer. After the finale was broadcast, the career direction and love of the four sons in 202 affected the hearts of countless audiences.

In the finale, all the staff gathered together and ended with a warm ending 202 The four sons’ career love confusion ushered in the best solution

“Twenty Do Not Confused 2” presents the career advancement journey of the 202 girls after they entered the society. Faced with many obstacles on the way to work, their final choice has attracted widespread attention. The beauty anchor Liang Shuang (played by Guan Xiaotong) finally chose to change the track after “passing five barriers and six generals” in the live broadcast field, and firmly established the dream of “independent brand”; Jiang Xiaoguo (played by Bu Guanjin), who is desperate to buy a house, has experienced various workplaces After being wronged, he chooses to resign bravely and regain his original intention of working; Duan Jiabao (played by Dong Siyi), whose family is bankrupt, continues to live an optimistic life and work hard; “Do” and “Never admit defeat”, the career of the four sons in 202 has more possibilities.

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In addition, the love of the 202 four sons is constantly being sweetened, and the emotional trend has sparked discussions. Liang Shuang and Jiang Lanzhou, who are jointly engaged in business, quarreled over “career differences” and understood each other because of their love. , recognize what they think in their hearts, and go both ways with Qi Song; although “negative second-generation CP” Duan Jiabao and Yin Shang have started a long-distance relationship, they understand each other more and more; “Hit Zhu Ding” is progressing rapidly, and Zhu Zhouchen has seen it. Ding Yixuan’s parents, the relationship between the two sides has been further improved. In 202, the four sons “all members he” ushered in the warmest and most happy ending.


The truth of the plot attracts the audience’s empathy and enthusiasm, and the word of mouth continues to rise, becoming the spiritual food of the “20s”

Because it fits the real life and ideal world of the “20th generation”, many famous scenes in “Twenty Do Not Confused 2” have been searched on Weibo. #Liang Shuang said that she would return to the first #, #江小果 scolded colleagues after drinking #, # Dong Siyi Duan Jiabao cried so real#, # Xu Mengjie Xie Binbin Jinjiang is on the run cp# and other topics caused widespread discussion among netizens. Liang Shuang’s career counterattack after falling to the bottom, Jiang Xiaoguo’s drunken outbreak after work grievance, Duan Jiabao’s silent enduring after family accident, Ding Yixuan’s romantic pursuit of love and other plots directly pierce the audience’s heart and ignite the audience’s enthusiasm.

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After the episode was broadcast, word-of-mouth continued to climb, Douban scored 8.1, and countless audiences turned into “tap water” Amway, “shooting the most quintessential friendship”, “worker’s mouth for the drama”, “shooting different love stories” The appearance of “”plain and sincere story, simple and pure warmth” and other praises emerged one after another, and the healing friendship, the bloody workplace, and the realistic love touched many audiences. While receiving praise from the audience, the mainstream media praised them one after another. People’s Net Review commented on the play: “With a 20-year-old heart, we can deal with the difficulties of life, and different lives and different choices will come together to show the various forms of life”, In 202, the four sons’ courageous trial and error, fearless and fearless attitude to life have become the “spiritual food” for the “20th generation” to move forward bravely,

“Twenty Do Not Confused 2” iQIYI VIP members are coming to an end. The story of the four girls has come to an end temporarily, but the story of youth will never end. Be fearless, take advantage of your youth and move forward bravely!

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