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“It has to lead us to reflect”

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“It has to lead us to reflect”

The death of a three-month-old baby on the sidewalk of Casa Rosada It shocked the country and from different spaces they recognized that the death of the baby in Casa Rosada is a “slap to politics.”

The sad news, which opened the day last Friday and which occurred after the INDEC data on poverty and indigence in the country became known, had a profound impact at the national level, due to the fact itself and for having given in the heart of Buenos Aires, in front of the public building that represents the political power in Argentina.

And the political leaders of all spaces were not exempt from the shock, although the silence that marked the Government’s position in this regard drew attention: neither President Alberto Fernández nor the Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, expressed themselves.

«That happened yesterday, but I feel that every day reality slaps politics to see if it reacts and politics continues to discuss candidacies, electoral issues, things that have nothing to do with the urgencies of Argentines “. pointed out the national deputy of the PRO María Eugenia Vidal.

For his part, his peer from the Frente de Todos in the Lower House Leandro Santoro He acknowledged that the death of the little girl, a member of a family living on the streets, “is a disaster” and remarked that “in the face of pain, there is little to say at the moment and prudent respect should be observed.”

In any case, he warned that “everything failed: the City, the Nation, politics.” And he added: “It is difficult to analyze the structural reasons, when you have a family crying because they lost a girl.”

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Finally, the Buenos Aires Minister of Justice and Security, Eugenio Burzacoindicated that the death of the baby “is an immense pain.”

«Sadness is like Argentines that we have that level of poverty and marginalization and it has to lead us all to reflect and above all to act.“, he raised.

And he concluded: «We have to be very present in the streets, because the most difficult months are coming, due to the cold. There are situations that mean that people living on the streets do not always agree to the help of the State.

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