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It is confirmed that these beauty gift boxes understand Christmas! |Christmas Limited|Perfume|Eye Shadow_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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It is confirmed that these beauty gift boxes understand Christmas! |Christmas Limited|Perfume|Eye Shadow_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Source of the article: WeChat Official Account of Unpacking Evaluation Bureau

Original title: Sure, they understand Christmas!

Author: Udon

It’s udon who is preparing presents leisurely.

Seeing that there is a lot of snow and it is going to enter the deep winter, Udon suddenly saw my Christmas uniform last year when he was arranging his thick clothes a few days ago – dark red snowflake sweater + green snowflake scarf. It’s Christmas, what can the bureau chiefs think of when it comes to Christmas? Is it the boiled red wine bubbling with the scent of oranges and cloves, or Santa Claus singing “jingle bells” and quietly delivering gifts from door to door?


Udon thought of all kinds of Christmas restrictions. After all, based on the experience of our beauty blogger in the past years, the major brands are much more irresistible than us, and they have prepared “gifts” for Christmas early. The possibility of bullies sending us off is very slim, but giving it to yourself, or passionately forwarding it to let the other half place an order can be regarded as a good trick! (Praise for wit)

Udon has already figured out how to get things for you, so let’s line up for this year’s limited Christmas!

In terms of appearance alone, in Udon’s heart, no one loses is Guerlain. This year’s Christmas limited edition perfume, Guerlain has added the same classic “reagent medicine bottle” on the basis of the packaging bottle. Decorated with bees during the Napoleon period, and decorated with star tassels, matching the overall golden color, it is a capitalized nobility!

Honey words and golden wishes

  125ml+20ml ¥6000

Orange Blossom + Sandalwood + Benzoin

But since it is a perfume, our ultimate goal is still to fall on the smell, orange blossom, sandalwood and benzoin are mixed, there will be some irritation at the beginning, but when the high-profile feeling dissipates later, sandalwood and benzoin The benzoin gradually became prominent, and the whole stick of incense settled down, like the silence after the hustle and bustle, not being alone, but using solitude to restore blood to oneself.

cr: officialcr: official

Generally speaking, because the top note is too stimulating, many directors are definitely not used to it, but for the sake of its beauty, it makes people feel happy just watching it! In fact, you don’t need to be too entangled with the question of whether to rush or not, after all, they are limited to 700 worldwide (hehe:) If there is a director who can have trouble, please give me a little feedback.)

It’s Christmas, how can we miss the scented candles to set off the festive atmosphere? Diptyque’s Christmas limit this year did not disappoint Udon, a “scent-loving person”. The body of the candle bottle is made of the stars in the diptyque starry sky scroll, matched with letters in a golden coat. Seeing the stars looming in front of your eyes, it fits the fantasy atmosphere of Christmas very well!

starry night fir

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The dark green starry fir is the main tone, and the smell is also based on fir. The vibrant woody aroma of fir in the mountains is combined with the aroma of mimosa, adding a touch of sweet vitality to the dull and quiet atmosphere in winter, which is very warm.

snow dancing stars


The dark blue snow dancing stars is another interpretation of the scent of white musk. With the scent of sunflowers, it is like a little warmth in the winter snow, which is easy and moving.

winter flame


The crimson color that is very suitable for winter Christmas is used as the main color of this winter warm flame. The burnt charcoal wood fragrance is mixed with the warm coffee and chocolate flavor. It is hard not to say that winter should be so warm and warm.

Directors who often use perfume or have preferences in this area should know about Zu Malone. Its perfumes are well-known and well-received. In the last issue of perfume, many directors left messages recommending products from Zu Malone! For this year’s Christmas limited edition, Jo Malone made a miniature version of 5 popular Christmas limited perfumes released in previous years and put them in a Christmas snowball. If you are limited to Christmas fragrances, you can check out other products this time.

Christmas limited fragrance gift box



rose and magnolia perfume

Top Note: Magnolia Middle Note: Rose Base Note: Patchouli

The slightly sour rose scent gradually softens with the passage of time, with a slight sweetness, and the woody tone of patchouli can add a little warmth to this sweetness at this time, elegance and cuteness hand in hand Hand in hand, it is very suitable for girls who have a quiet appearance and have their own inner universe.



White Moss & Snowdrop Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Cardamom, Clementine

Middle Notes: Snowdrop, Neroli Oil

Base Notes: White Moss, Tonka Bean, Amber

The fresh and slightly astringent vegetal scent when it is just sprayed out seems to bring people into the cold winter in an instant, and then the scent of snowdrops emerges, light and mysterious, mixed with white moss with a damp smell, the faint coldness seems to be constantly washed in the ice and snow , Winter, snowflakes falling, a lantern with warmth, probably the picture that the white moss and snowdrops are going to outline. In addition, this is a neutral fragrance, not picky.


Bitter Orange

Scent: Bitter Orange, Amber, Sandalwood, Orange, Tangerine, Tangerine, Plum

If white moss and snowdrops are travelers who are looking for warmth, then bitter orange must be the “king of happiness” who has found warmth and enjoys it comfortably. Wrap the whole body, the orange fragrance in the hand, bite a piece of juice wantonly, nothing can make you feel happier than this scene in winter, the director who likes citrus notes, don’t miss it~

cr: ig@echo_509_, higashiya_higashiya, suomi, pokervelacr: ig@echo_509_, higashiya_higashiya, suomi, pokervela


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English Oak and Red Currant Eau de Parfum

Top Note: Red Currant Heart Note: Rose Base Note: Oak

The slightly sour red currant gives this fragrance a cool and mysterious start, and then the scent of roses is lightly covered, neutralizing the sourness, sweet and soft, and the last oak is growing the fragrance of the whole fragrance At the same time, the warmth of wood is also brought to the extreme, like slowly approaching a person who is somewhat closed, and you can experience the unique beauty after a long time. It is unique and versatile and is more suitable for autumn and winter.


Midnight Musk and Amber Eau de Parfum

Top Note: Juniper Heart Note: Amber Base Note: Musk

The animality of musk is destined to have a sense of ambiguity in this fragrance. The greenness of juniper mixed with fine feather-like musk spews out, cool and sweet, a kind of shyness at the beginning of love, but! How can musk be used without sticking to the skin? Body temperature is the sharp weapon to add weight to the theme. The warmth of the body activates the animal feeling of musk, which is warm and ambiguous. It’s not a high-profile oriental tone. I like this hanging, whether it’s for daily wear or as a good night incense.

The director of make-up should be able to escape the palm of bobbibrown’s make-up products out of ten. Whether it is the famous pork belly highlighter or various eyeshadow palettes, the powder is fine and smooth on the face. It is too hard to let go what! And this year’s Christmas-limited packaging is inspired by the gorgeous packaging of Christmas gifts. Every angle looks like a diamond, which can refract different shining light. With the aurora color, it looks like a glacier, which is beautiful and glamorous. Who can resist This face value? !

  Pink glow


#PINK GLOW with micro-powder shimmers, the radiance of the upper face is no less than that of the flickering “little light ball”. With a light swipe on the upper face, you can have a girlish pink, natural and clear, just like the skin itself It’s full of luster, not to mention that when the lights shine, it looks like neon flows on the cheeks. Let’s just say, this is too suitable for the Christmas atmosphere in the cold winter! White-skinned baby must enter, okay~



Udon would like to call this new mermaid plate for Christmas “the queen of the practical world“. Why do I say that? Just look at its configuration, the directors will know that it not only has the super popular player Moonstone and several other daily versatile matte and shimmery eye shadows, but also a large golden pink highlight.

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This gold-pink highlighter is Udon’s new favorite. It uses champagne gold and polarizing powder without a base color to create a sparkling makeup effect. At the same time, it also mixes purple, green, blue and other glitters. It is said to be beautiful on the face. Not too much! With this tray, you can easily create several daily or eye-catching makeup looks, each of which will ensure that you are the most eye-catching one at the Christmas dinner!

CT, another big name in the makeup industry, also gave a satisfactory answer to this Christmas. The logo’s golden radial pattern shell with colorful gemstones is mysterious and full of childishness, and many people say that its appearance is more or less Don’t have anything to do with “Thanos”. After all, this colorful gem can easily make people think too much.

  smokey quartz

This #smokey quartz easily captures udon hearts with its sparkling sequins.

cr: officialcr: official

The cooler tea brown base color is matched with the fine glitter powder on it, which is full of glamorous feeling, and the color rendering and smudging are also very nice. It is very suitable for smoky makeup, and it is easy to create an iceberg beauty. Close your eyes Eyes can sparkle!

The Christmas countdown gift box, which is full of ceremonies and surprises, is naturally indispensable for the Christmas limited edition. YSL’s Christmas countdown gift box this year continues its usual black and gold color scheme, and incorporates stars into it. It looks low-key and luxurious. There are 24 products in 24 days. The directors of the Udon gang have read it first, this set is not a loss!

YSL Christmas limited gilt star diamond[倒计时礼盒]


The warm and fresh orange blossom and lavender are intertwined, 50ml sweet and independent water of freedom is stored in this countdown gift box, the famous Queen of the Night eye cream has not been pulled down, the 20ml size is properly packed, it is very helpful to improve our panda eyes It works!

cr: officialcr: official

In addition, the makeup also has a light and light makeup. The leather air cushion #B20 suitable for Asian skin tones, the small black stripe 314 in tea brown and the brown-red black gold square tube 1971 are all practical and versatile. In addition to these five star products, there are also There are other popular items from YSL, so I won’t reveal more about udon, let’s take it apart and see for yourself!

Alright, let’s stop here for today’s Christmas limited editions. In fact, besides those mentioned by Udon, there are also many Christmas limited editions that are very good (because everyone is so good, so I can’t write them all). It is a very good choice for myself who has worked hard for a year or for friends around me. Let’s make a sauce today, thanks to the duck~

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