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It turns out that “Dream of Red Mansions” talked about this vivid relationship (picture) | Huang Liang Dream of Red Mansions | Cao Xueqin | Jia Baoyu | Lin Daiyu | Literary World

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Although there are many characters in A Dream of Red Mansions, the main characters are Baoyu and Daiyu. (Image source: public domain)

FromCao XueqinThis literary work “Dream of Red Mansions“Since its publication, there have been people who have studied it specifically. And the understanding of this work is that the benevolent see benevolence, and the wise see wisdom. Some people say that this work has created numerous images of women with distinctive personalities, so this work is an eulogy to women; some people say that it shows the process of a feudal family from prosperity to decline. This family is the epitome of feudal society, and it indicates The fate of the demise of feudal society has been lost; some people say that the image of a rebel in feudal society has been created in the book, and the seeds of democratic thought have already appeared in him… In fact, this book tells a vivid story of karma.

In the first chapter, the author pointed out that, “Only because there is a crimson grass on the bank of the West Ling River and on the banks of the Sanshengshi, and sometimes the servants of the Chixia Palace Shenying use nectar to irrigate this crimson grass for a long time. “,” After that, the grass is moisturized by the essence of the heavens and the earth, and the rain and dew are added, and the wood of the grass is removed, and the body of a daughter is repaired. Only because of the virtue of irrigation, the five inner parts have a lingering meaning. Just recently, Shenying The waiter’s heart is blazing, and he wants to go down to the world. Fairy Crimson Pearl said: “He is the benefit of the nectar, I don’t have this water to return him, but I return all the tears of my life. “The book also said, “For this reason, how many romantic friends were picked up to accompany them to the world, but the case. ”

It seems that although there are many characters in the book, the main characters are Baoyu and Daiyu. Other characters just “took out” and “accompanyed them to close the case”; although the things in the book are complicated, but the main line is clear, that is, the love story of Bao and Dai, that is, still tears. The author closely follows this thread and unfolds the plot.

1. God arranged the fate of the characters in the book

The book mentions a monk and a monk many times. If “A Dream of Red Mansions” is likened to a drama, then this monk and a monk are the directors behind the scenes. This “monk” is the vast Da Shi, and this “dao” is the real person. It was these two gods who brought these people to the world and arranged their births. The book states that these two gods were playing with each other. They came to the bottom of the ridge of the Great Desolate Mountain one day and saw a bright, clear and beautiful jade. The remaining stone, Nu Wa casually abandoned under the Qinggeng Peak. After the exercise, the spirituality has become clear, and the abilities are large and small, so it becomes a fan-shaped beautiful jade. The two gods held the jade in their hands to see that he was crystal clear and lovely, and decided to engrave a few words, and take him to the earthly land of “the family of poetry and rituals, gentle and rich”, and experience it. So the waiter of Shenying named this jade and reincarnated, namely Baoyu.

Fairy Jiangzhu was born in a scholarly home in the south of the Yangtze River, namely Daiyu. Daiyu’s mother is Baoyu’s aunt, and the two are cousins. Daiyu lost her mother when she was young, and her later father died of illness. She joined her grandmother and reunited with Baoyu. Another important figure in the book is Baochai, whose mother is Baoyu’s aunt, and the two are cousins ​​and cousins. Recently, the emperor recruited the daughters of famous officials to enrich the inner palace and was waiting for election in Beijing, so he went to the capital to live in the home of his aunt (Baoyu’s mother) and also entered the Jia Mansion. Since then, Baoyu, Daiyu, and Baochai have joined together to perform a tear-jerking and heart-stirring story.

The gods not only arranged the birth of the character, but also arranged the character of the character. Because Fairy Jiangzhu wanted to “return her tears,” Daiyu must be a crying girl, so she arranged for her parents to die, no siblings, loneliness, and sickness. This laid the foundation for crying. Daiyu is a beautiful, charming and intelligent girl; Baochai is born with rich, gorgeous skin. One is sensitive and suspicious, the other is open-minded and casual.

The gods also arranged the contradictions between the characters. When Baochai was young, a monk came to the house and gave a golden lock with eight words on it: “Don’t give up, never leave, the age will continue.” “Don’t forget, immortal life Hengchang” happened to be a pair, and the monk repeatedly told that this lock should be like a talisman, worn on the body from time to time, and said, “Wait for jade in the future to get married.” This is a good match for gold and jade. Foreshadowing.

The arrangement of the gods is very orderly and reasonable. After that, the two gods also turned into a monk and came to the world together, and they appeared at critical moments, promoting the development of the story.

Second, the former alliance of wood and stone and the good relationship between gold and jade

Crimson Pearl Immortal Grass is grass and wood; Baoyu’s jade used to be a colorful stone made by Nuwa to make up the sky, and “Mu Shiqian Meng” refers to the love between Bao and Dai.

Baoyu and Daiyu hit it off as they saw each other, and the book was very exciting: Daiyu was surprised when she saw Baoyu, and thought, “It’s so strange, it’s like someone I’ve seen somewhere, how familiar!” At the same time, Baoyu yelled, “I’ve seen this sister.” Since then, the two of them are in the same siblings. But the good times didn’t last long. Soon there was another Xue Baochai, who was only one year older than Baoyu, with good character and handsome appearance, and many people said that Daiyu couldn’t match it. Moreover, Baochai is considerate and caters to Jia’s mother’s wishes, and is deeply loved by Jia’s family. In addition, Baochai’s mother spread out the monk’s words about Jin Peiyu as soon as he arrived in Jia’s residence, suggesting that Baochai and Baochai are a pair made by heaven and earth, and their marriage is a golden and jade match.

Mushiqianmeng and the golden jade marriage are incompatible with each other. Baoyu didn’t like the jade he had in his mouth when he was born, and he had thrown it many times in public. Another time Baochai visited Baoyu at Yihongyuan. Baoyu was sleeping. Baochai saw that the embroidery on the pillow was very exquisite, so he embroidered it. Suddenly Baoyu shouted in his dream: “How can you trust the monk and Taoist priest?” What is golden and jade marriage, I would say it is wood and stone marriage!” Bao Chai was stunned.

On another occasion, Daiyu’s close girl Zijuan and Baoyu said a joke, “Miss Lin will return to her hometown in Suzhou this autumn or next spring.” Baoyu heard, “It was like a jiao thunder on her head, sweating all over her head. His face was full of purple and swollen, dull, lost his spirituality, and looked like a wooden person.” Jia’s house was busy up and down, crying into a ball. Baoyu burst into tears when he saw the purple cuckoo, and grabbed the purple cuckoo in public and said, “I’m going to take it with me.” As long as I heard the word “Lin”, I made a big noise, “It’s horrible, the people of the Lin family have picked them up, hurry up!” said to Zijuan, “Let’s live together if we are alive; if we die, we will turn to ashes and smoke together.” This trouble undoubtedly showed their love to all the people in the Jia family.

He thought that Jia’s mother and Mrs. Wang, who regarded him as the jewel in his palm, would satisfy their wishes. On the contrary, after understanding their personal affair, they even aroused their resentment. Jia’s mother once said the following words by criticizing the drama: “These books are just a set, and the left is just a few talented men and beautiful people, the most boring. The openings are all scholars, the father is either a scholar or a prime minister, a daughter, love is like a treasure. , This young lady must be a beautiful woman. I saw a handsome man. Whether it’s a relative or a friend, I remembered life-long events, my parents also forgot, and the book rituals were also forgotten. A ghost cannot become a ghost, and a thief cannot become a thief. Which point is a beautiful woman? “This remark is undoubtedly a condemnation of their love, but also a wake-up call to their love. It seems that the marriage of gold and jade is a foregone conclusion, and the alliance of wood and stone is bound to become a tragedy.

3. “Return the tears of my life to him”

Daiyu is frail and sick, and an orphan girl is placed under the fence. In addition, Daiyu is a very smart and sensitive girl. Seeing that my love is hopeless, and my heart is frustrated, there is no way to tell, so I wash my face with tears all day long. Daiyu’s cry was written many times in the book. And her crying is all related to Baoyu. Let us cite a few examples:

The first day Daiyu arrived at Jia’s Mansion, there was an uproar. At that time, all the main figures in the Jia Mansion were present. Daiyu was talking to everyone. Someone reported that “Baoyu is coming.” Baoyu had already seen a daughter of a curvy Tingting, who must be the daughter of an aunt. When she came to look closely, she thought about such a stunning girl. , There must be jade, so I asked, “Is there jade too?”

Hearing that Daiyu didn’t have it, Baoyu suddenly became crazy. He took off the jade and threw it away. He cursed, “What kind of thing? I don’t want it!” His face was full of tears and said, “There are no sisters in the family. I have it alone, I said it’s boring, and now there’s no fairy sister here, but it’s not a good thing.” The scared crowd rushed to pick up the jade. Mother Jia hugged Baoyu anxiously and said, “Sickness! It’s easy to beat and scold you when you are angry, why bother to throw that lifeblood!” That night, everyone was at rest, but Daiyu was crying alone, and the maid came to ask, Daiyu said. “I just came today, and it caused your brother’s madness. If the jade is broken, isn’t it because of my fault.” When Bao Dai met for the first time, Dai Yu shed tears.

Once Daiyu went to find Baoyu and ate closed doors, the book wrote: Daiyu heard that Jia Zheng called Baoyu to go, but did not return for a day, and was very worried. After dinner, she went to see Baochai and saw that Baochai had entered Baoyu’s courtyard. When I arrived at Yihong Courtyard, the door was closed and Daiyu buttoned the door. Who knows that the maid Qingwen quarreled with others, she was angry and was complaining; “I ran and sat there when something happened, so that we couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night!” Suddenly someone knocked the door and became angry. “We were all asleep,” Come again tomorrow.” Daiyu probably didn’t hear her voice. Daiyu said, “It’s me!” Jingwen shouted: “Depending on who you are, the second master ordered you to not let anyone in!” Daiyu listened. Unconsciously, a string of tears rolled down, just going back, not standing, just listening to a burst of laughter inside, making my heart more sad, under the shadow of the independent wall, sorrowful and sorrowful Sobbed. Even the birds in the flowers couldn’t bear to listen to the sound of sorrow, and they evaded one after another.

Once Baoyu was severely beaten by Jia Zheng, scarred, Daiyu went to visit, Baoyu heard the sound of sorrow, and awakened from a dream. Seeing Daiyu’s eyes were swollen like peaches, and her face was full of tears, Baoyu gave her a few words of comfort, Daiyu Even more sad, although it is not crying and crying at this time, but the more silent weeping and choking of throat, the more severe it feels.

What is more intriguing is that later, Daiyu’s illness became more and more serious, but Daiyu’s tears decreased. The book wrote: Once Baoyu saw Daiyu crying again, Baoyu hurriedly persuaded: “You are looking for it again. I’m troubled. You see, this year is getting thinner than in previous years. You still don’t take care of it. You will cry once a day to finish the day.” Daiyu wiped her tears and said, “I only feel sad these days, but my tears are like tears. It’s a little bit less than in previous years. My heart is sore, but my tears are not many.”

The day that Daiyu died was the day of the wedding ceremony for Baoyu and Baochai. Jia’s house was all there, and the Xiaoxiang Pavilion was extremely desolate. Only the widow’s sister-in-law, Li Wan, stood by her side. , There is no more tears. why? As the book says, “The life owed has been paid; the tears have been exhausted. The retribution of grievances is not light, and the separation and aggregation are all pre-determined.” What a “tears have been exhausted”, this tearful debt has been paid off, of course There are no more tears. Fairy Jiangzhu had finished paying her tears, and there was no need to live in the world. It was time to return to where she was. So the soul returns to Li Hentian, and a ray of fragrance returns to his hometown.

Throughout the book, the author analyzes the story of cause and condition in a cross-section, allowing readers to see both the cause of the previous life and the condition of this life. A vivid karma story is vividly displayed in front of readers. So we say that “Dream of Red Mansions” actually tells a story of karma.

(The original title is:Fate Theory “A Dream of Red Mansions”, This article has been deleted)

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