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Italian art in Spain: the works of Rossella Vasta on display

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Italian art in Spain: the works of Rossella Vasta on display

The Fundación Antonio Pérez, one of the modern and contemporary art museums of Cuenca, the Spanish town known for its important cultural offer, hosts until March 19 43 works on paper created by the Italian artist Rossella Vasta owned by the private collection Roberto Polo, who with this exhibition inaugurates the cultural initiatives that commemorate the Foundation’s activity in its twenty-fifth year.

The exhibition was opened in the presence of the vice president of the Region of Castilla-La Mancha, José-Luis Martínez Guijarro, the president of the province of Cuenca, Alvaro Martínez Chana, the collector and art historian, Roberto Polo, the vice president of the FAP, Fátima García, and the director of the Jesús Carrascosa Foundation.

In the words of Roberto Polo «the extraordinary series of works on paper by the artist Rossella Vasta, entitled Entanglementssimultaneously reconciles the concepts usually assumed as irreconcilable, of figurative and non-figurative representation; biomorphic abstraction; geometric and volumetric; pictorial and linear vision; all in a cosmic and infinite space which, with the interweaving of compositional textures, reveals an embryonic world in the process of becoming».

the theme ofEntanglement quantum is the source of inspiration for Vasta’s work in an attempt to make the invisible visible. The exhibition is accompanied by the precious catalog with texts by the critic Italo Tomassoni and of the mathematician and collector Kirill Petrindedicated to the well-known US art historian Barbara Rose recently disappeared.

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