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Italy and France agree on something: they will produce green hydrogen together

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Italy and France agree on something: they will produce green hydrogen together

ROME – Incico, an engineering company from Ferrara, and the French group Lhyfe, specialized in the production of green hydrogen, have entered into a partnership in support of decarbonisation. The agreement provides for the construction of a turnkey plant capable of producing green hydrogen and zero-emission synthetic fuels, targeting small and medium-sized enterprises that want to reduce their bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions. The project envisages the start of the construction of “green ecosystems” in Italy for the production of sustainable fuels obtained by combining the production of green hydrogen with the capture of CO2 from industrial plants which have more difficulty in reducing emissions.

The construction sites for the first “turnkey ecosystem” projects will be opened in the coming months and the first steps of this partnership have already been started in Puglia, where relationships are underway with companies interested in purchasing green hydrogen at competitive costs . These systems capture carbon dioxide and transform it into ethanol, methanol and Sustainable aviation fuel, thanks to the use of small-sized structures, which produce green hydrogen using energy generated by photovoltaic systems.

The ecosystem developed by Incico and Lhyfe uses already existing and tested technologies, makes use of electricity produced from renewable sources, and produces green fuels that are easy to transport and store (unlike hydrogen), which have a decidedly promising market. On the other hand, the recent energy crisis has brought out even more urgently the need to think about new sources of supply, obviously among these green hydrogen which, in addition to its use in industrial plants and in the mobility sector, can be used as an accelerator of the decarbonisation process and the conversion of industrial processes into an eco-sustainable key.

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“For the constitution of the ecosystem, in addition to the area for the construction of the hydrogen production plant, it is necessary to have one or more photovoltaic parks nearby capable of supplying energy from green electricity – they explain to Incico – and of industrial players who must reduce their emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. In Puglia, therefore, thanks to the incentives for photovoltaics that have been implemented and the important industrial fabric of the region, there are all the conditions to start this project”.

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