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“It’s hard to talk about this”

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“It’s hard to talk about this”

The former Big Brother, Julieta Poggio, revealed that she separated from her boyfriend, Lucca Bardelli. One of the finalists of the Telefé reality show was linked during the competition with Marcos Ginocchio, the winner, something that ultimately did not happen. The young woman who is part of the Fuerza Bruta show confirmed her break in “Fuera de Joda”, the streaming program that participates with Daniela Celis, Nacho Castañares and Lucila “La Tora” Villar.

The influencer talked about her break with Vero Lozano, who was a guest on the show. “At the moment we are no longer with Lucca. It’s hard to talk about this live,” said Julieta.

Poggio explained that they ended on good terms and revealed the reasons for their breakup. “Everything is more than fine. Things are super good, but we are in a very difficult moment”he explained. Since she won third place in GH, the young actress has gotten many job offers. “I am like finding myself and many things are happening to me,” said the actress.

In turn, he talked about his ex and referred to him affectionately. “He deserves the best because he really is a beautiful person and I will always appreciate a lot what he did for me“, he expressed and was honest:” I feel that he deserves the best and that at this moment I cannot give it to him.

What Julieta Poggio’s boyfriend said about the separation

For his part, Juli Poggio’s ex also spoke about their separation through their social networks. “With Ju we parted with the best, there was nothing in between. On the contrary, pure love and a beautiful relationship from which we can only remember beautiful moments. For me she is family and I will never stop loving her, ”Lucca wrote in her stories.

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And he added: “At the moment it was difficult for her to continue together and we decided to call it quits before damaging the beautiful bond we have. Hopefully at some point life can find us happier than ever and continue sharing moments together.

Poggio’s ex also referred to the insults he received on social networks from fans of Juliet and Marcos Ginocchio, who dreamed of a romance between the two of them. “It was very difficult for me to understand that the hate is not from the person who receives it but from the person who emits it,” said the young man.

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