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“It’s Love” is now on the air, Wu Lei and Zhou Yutong staged a spring limited professional ball burning love show_Guangming.com

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“It’s Love” is now on the air, Wu Lei and Zhou Yutong staged a spring limited professional ball burning love show_Guangming.com

Produced by Ningmeng Film and Television, with Chen Fei and Xu Xiaoou as the chief producers, Zhang Yingji as the screenwriter, Chen Chang as the director, Zhang Xiaobo as the producer, Wu Lei and Zhou Yutong as the leading actors, Jiang Peiyao, Zhu Yongteng, Zhang Tao, Xia Haoran, Ma Fanding, Li Qing, Ma Baiquan, Starring Gao Mingchen and others, Tu Songyan and Guo Keyu are specially invited to star in the urban emotional loosening drama “It’s Just Love”, which starts broadcasting today. From now on, at 19:30 every night, CCTV-8 and Tencent Video will be broadcast simultaneously.

The story mainly tells the story of Song Sanchuan, a 22-year-old athlete who turned to the Internet, and Liang Youan, a club manager who became a monk at the age of 32. After meeting, the two cleared their lives together and set off again. The story expresses the core emotional view of “it’s best for you, it’s just love”.

The professional football cp’s sweet comeback life, interpreting the growth of the 20th generation and the 30th generation’s heartbeat

Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan’s passionate practice of love not only presents the growth path of the 20th generation, but also leads to the practice of love belonging to the 30th generation. What the two get together is the all-dimensional growth of life.

In the ultimate trailer released a few days ago, the career line of “It’s Just Love” is full of enthusiasm, burning the field to life. Song Sanchuan (played by Wu Lei), who has been sitting on the bench all year round, is in the trough of his sports career, and Liang Youan (played by Zhou Yutong) is stuck in a bottleneck in his career. The two monks who are also halfway through regain their courage after being confused, and start fighting side by side on the tennis court from “zero”. . With a long and divergent career path, the evenly matched two influence each other, inspire each other, go all out hand in hand, and move forward side by side with the full courage brought by each other. In the hot-blooded competition, it is the emotional core of two-way growth that enables the two to support each other in the trough, run towards each other, achieve each other, and be mutually supportive. In the re-starting life, it was love and courage that made the two bottom out and rebound, and finally reaped a life that turned around. As Liang Youan said in the emotional pilot film, “At some very important moments in life, even if the other party has only one left, you will take out your ninety-nine and never turn back.” Loosening the bonds of love, from teammates who support each other to partners who respect each other, conveys a new healing emotional model to the audience, which is full of healing power.

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In the “Heart Track” poster released today, Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan stand side by side on the tennis court. In addition to conveying the elements of tennis competition, it also symbolizes that the two are also walking side by side on the track of life. The love drawn by the tennis string indicates that the two became acquainted because of tennis, and they also stay together because of tennis. The smiles of the two are as bright as spring, refreshing and healing. A heart-stopping trip limited to spring is about to start, and how the professional football CP will develop his love and career in the future is arousing expectations.

Focus on the social emotional inflammation of urban group portraits, and encourage the choice of diversified life values

In the attitude posters released simultaneously today, the most suitable labels for the group portrait characters reflect the real life of multiple age groups. The series focuses on the modern social context and directly faces the eternal propositions in life about love and career. On the field, Song Sanchuan (played by Wu Lei) has tough eyes. This is the unyielding attitude of the 20th generation. Facing dreams, 20th is not confused. Liang Youan (played by Zhou Yutong) faces a life of thirty plus, and the sense of relaxation comes from a calm and confident attitude towards life. As a single mother, Luo Nian (played by Jiang Peiyao) is brave and firm, no longer timid, and heals her life by herself. Jiang Jiaojiao (played by Xia Haoran) and Liang Tao (played by Ma Fanding) join hands in half-cooked life, starting from doing subtraction to make the intimate relationship more stable. Zhang Yan (played by Zhang Tao), who is professional and supreme, works hard on his career, and will also reap the best state of life and even emotional surprises. The middle-aged couple Jiang Jie (played by Zhu Yongteng) and Chen Ke (played by Guo Keyu) walked halfway together, leaving the stage with dignity, living above freedom. The different attitudes of people of different ages and generations towards feelings are the images of all beings in contemporary love, and they are also the inner mirror images of every real audience.

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In the “Run to Love” group portrait poster released today, everyone set off towards the same goal. Everyone’s eyes are firm and determined, just like the spirit of persistence, stability and friendship in tennis. During this precious journey, the heart will be free when moving forward. I believe that every character can make a beautiful blow to life. This is also one of the core concepts that the series wants to convey to the audience.

The core value of “It’s Just Love” is to be brave to love and to be brave not to love. The different interpretations of “just” not only have the courage to direct the ball without fear of love, but also the free and easy heartiness of “love is not everything”, advocating the sincerity, passion, freedom and diversity of life. Embrace the diversity of values, allow and accept different value standards and choices, and recognize and respect each value orientation. Find what you really love, embrace what you really love, face the past and dare to clear up, don’t be trapped in your heart and emotions, and move forward bravely without fear of the future. When love comes, heartbeat also needs full marks of courage; although life is long, those who are full of heart are free everywhere.

Starting from March 27th, at 19:30 every night, CCTV-8 and Tencent Video will be locked; watching Song Sanchuan’s straight ball attack, Liang Youan’s heart is full of love. On Tencent Video, members update 6 episodes for the first time, 17 days in a row, leading to the finale.

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