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It’s not easy to play an ordinary hero well, “Hugging You Through the Winter” star Huang Bo admits that Wuhan dialect is difficult to learn – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Directed by Xue Xiaolu and starring Huang Bo and Jia Ling, “Hugging You Through the Cold Winter” is now in theaters. In the film, Huang Bo plays A Yong, a courier with a dream of kung fu. His sincere and humorous performance has touched many people. Huang Bo said in an interview that Wuhan dialect is difficult to learn, and it is even more difficult to play an ordinary hero well.

A Yong’s character prototype is a taxi driver. Huang Bo said: “During the epidemic, he took the initiative to undertake a lot of things, including transporting medical workers, organizing food delivery for them, etc. Now it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but at that time, his behavior almost kept up with the battlefield. Like a warrior because he is directly at risk of being infected. I think this guy is amazing!”

Huang Bo is a very talented actor. He has learned Sichuan dialect, Tianjin dialect, Tangshan dialect, Northeast dialect, etc. before, but this time, when learning Wuhan dialect, he encountered difficulties, “Wuhan dialect is too difficult for me. Now, it’s not difficult at all. When dubbing later, I felt that it was not dubbing at all, but ‘dubbing’, and it was too difficult to control the twists and turns of the tune.”

In addition to language, another challenge is to create an atmosphere in the early stage of the epidemic. “It is not easy to completely restore the sense of panic and tension that people had at that time. Fortunately, the Wuhan municipal government and the people of Wuhan have given a lot of support to this filming. Great help and support.”

When talking about Ayong, who he played, Huang Bo was very emotional. Ayong is a very ordinary person. In addition to delivering couriers, he still has a kung fu dream in his heart. Despite all his ailments, he was a very warm and competent father. When the epidemic came, he bravely rushed forward. “During the epidemic, we have seen a lot of news, even if it’s just photos, it will make you feel touched, and often tears in your eyes. Because it is real, the emotion is very touching. Whether it is an angel in white, a volunteer, or even a The volunteers at the intersection are really not easy. Every time you see them, you feel that everything is not so scary. Because with these strengths and these temperatures, we feel that the world is okay. “

This is Huang Bo’s first collaboration with director Xue Xiaolu. Huang Bo revealed that he had consulted Xue Xiaolu on the script for his debut film “A Good Play”, “I have always admired her, she is a very good screenwriter. She has the delicateness that is unique to a female director, You could feel it throughout the shoot.”

Huang Bo didn’t think he was capable of playing the role of A Yong at first, but director Xue Xiaolu gave him a lot of trust. When filming, I will give a prescribed scene, and then let Huang Bo play freely, “I just hope to add a little color to the character outside the play, even if it is a small branch, as long as it is good for shaping the character, I will. I’m willing to try.” And these on-the-spot performances made Huang Bo feel very good, “These are the basic skills we practiced when we were small actors in order to grab an extra bite of food for ourselves.”

After the performance of “Hugging You Through the Cold Winter”, Huang Bo was very touched, “We can usually see some places that are not so sunny in society, sometimes it will make you depressed, sometimes it will disappoint you, and sometimes it will even make you A little hopeless, but it is the occasional light in life or life, or the slightest warmth you see in life, just like the retrogrades and volunteers who rushed to the front line during this epidemic, because they are there , that makes us believe that tomorrow is beautiful and bright!” Reporter Wang Jinyue


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