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It’s really hard to choose sweet girls born after 95|Sweet girls|Zhao Lusi|Tian Xiwei_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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It’s really hard to choose sweet girls born after 95|Sweet girls|Zhao Lusi|Tian Xiwei_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original Title: Post-95 Sweet Girls Fight for Hegemony, It’s Really Difficult to Choose

Author: Ariana

Wake up early to see sweet girls, feel good for a day!

Recently, the sweet girls have really been haunting together! Before the finale of “Can’t Hide Secretly”, Zhao Lusi played a cute, innocent school girl, who can resist the pink and tender little milk dumplings. Not long after “Daily Life of Qingqing” started broadcasting, how many people were fascinated by Tian Xiwei’s big eyes and intoxicating dimples?

The sweetness of the sweet girls comes from the girly atmosphere with their own innocent vitality! Soft outline, “non-aggressive” small round face, raised nose, round lips, facial features are round and blunt.

Their lower courts are relatively short, and their collagen-filled cheeks give people a sense of youth. He always has a smile on his face, which makes him feel kind and warm.

Image source: Weibo @JENNIE_JNBImage source: Weibo @JENNIE_JNB

On the one hand, sweetness is more important than the warm and mellow fragrance, which has a relaxed atmosphere that makes people take off guard. Seeing their cute smiles, it seems that the fatigue of the whole day has been healed.

Sure enough, a sweet girl is strength, this sentence is not false at all.

For internal entertainment, the new generation of post-95 florets can be said to support a world of sweet girls, and each has its own style, each of which is very pleasing.

In 2018, the 21-year-old Tian Xiwei made her debut through the TV series “Waiting for You in a Long Time”. Although she is only a supporting role in the play, she is familiar with her eyes with her smart eyebrows and aura around her. What really makes her well-known to the public is Huang Chengzi, the girl next door who loves to write, loves fantasy, and is eccentric in “We Are So Lovely”.

As the most noisy girl in the play, Huang Chengzi is very energetic under the interpretation of Tian Xiwei, and the story line of Tan Song’s childhood sweetheart and childhood sweetheart also earned enough tears and laughter from the audience.

Image source: Douban MovieImage source: Douban Movie

She still magnifies her ghostly character in the latest film and television drama “Daily Life of Qingqing”. “Shanzheng Haiwei” is the redemption literature of happy friends. !

Image source: Weibo @八月训九, @卿卿日常官微微Image source: Weibo @八月训九, @卿卿日常官微微

Back in real life, although Tian Xiwei has a pretty face, she is a real tall girl, and she can handle clothes with ease. She is a fan of all kinds of headgear, and she is so cute when paired with high-saturated color clothing.

The sweetness of the princess not only touched Li Xun, but also touched our hearts.

The difference between Zhang Jingyi and Tian Xiwei, whose sugar content exceeds the standard, is that she has a very blunt face, exuding a twisted and stubborn youthful innocence, and has a strong sense of story. Just like the roles she has always played, there is a bit of youthful pain in it.

Her cold and white face has untouched cleanliness and sincerity, her dress is also very well-behaved, and she has the literary sweetness of a lady. Just like her daily life, she is clean and unaffected, her makeup is similar to plain makeup, and her simple shape can create her unique literary and sweet charm.

In fact, before “The Rumored Chen Qianqian” became popular, Zhao Lusi became popular on the Internet because of her energetic and sweet appearance. I think more or less people used her photo as a QQ post bar avatar.

Compared with the goddess who seems to be the flower of Gaoling in the class, Zhao Lusi is more like a vigorous girl who can get along with everyone. She has a lively expression without being blunt, with a goose egg face, and she can see her teeth but not her eyes when she smiles. point.

Later, a “The Rumored Chen Qianqian” started Zhao Lusi’s career as a sweet girl in domestic entertainment. Wearing a red dress made the rumored domineering three princesses easily get out of the circle, and the funny and nonsensical time travel setting fully revealed Chen Qianqian’s spooky and clever little personality.

For the performance, Zhao Lusi has no burden, and various expressions are easily displayed. We can also see it in Cheng Shaoshang in “The Stars”. status.

With full of vitality, she is full of milk, and by the way, she also brought a popular Zhao Lusi filter, Zhao Lusi’s same style, and sweet outfits. After all, which girl can’t live with a little princess in her heart?

The sweet girl who made the “flying boy” Su Yiming stand on top belongs to Shen Yue!

After the “stupid sweet girl” Chen Xiaoxi, Shen Yue’s Japanese sweet girl face is unforgettable for everyone. The round eyes and the slightly drooping corners of the mouth when she is not smiling give her the coldness and stubbornness of a Japanese girl, as if she is the kind of campus sweet drama that can play the role of a high school student no matter how old she is.

The light salty style on her body is the only one in the internal entertainment, and the daily and hard photos are not broken. The color of the clothing is clear and light, sweet and refreshing enough, in short, it gives people a comfortable feeling.

After looking through the daily life of sweet girls, COCO found that girls want to grasp the sweetness, they can find some commonalities in their outfits, and sweeten them together with a few tricks!

Soft color

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The light color can be called the lore weapon of sweet girls. The upper back is gentle and has no sense of attack, giving people a feeling that she is in good touch. Whether it’s matching the whole body with colors or embellishing a certain item, you can switch the lovable mode in a second!

The milky yellow, baby blue, tender pink and other colors that are friendly to Asian girls have a playful and lovely atmosphere, which is very suitable for emphasizing the tone of bright girls.

princess elements

Sweet girls are very good at finding small details in clothing. For example, the doll collar is a new type of “small face technique”, which makes the whole person more delicate like a doll, calm and fresh French girly atmosphere; the lotus leaf edge has a retro atmosphere, which makes people look like a little sweet girl with Korean style; Pieces with graphic prints are a lovely interpretation.

Just ask, which sweet girl can refuse such a cute sniper?

Of course, accessories are also a good helper for sweet girls to support OOTD. Furry hats, gloves, colorful headbands, and hair clips can all become points for sweet girls.

Let’s have some sweetness together tomorrow!

Image source: Sina WeiboImage source: Sina Weibo

Who is the end of the sweet girl in your heart? Welcome to the comment area to discuss with COCO!

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