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Its Tam, eighth overall out of 201 Italian institutions. The award to Job & Orienta

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The ITS Tam at Job & Orienta in Verona, the largest exhibition in Italy dedicated to orientation, school and training, marks the fourth participation in the event together with other 19 institutes (out of 201 active) selected for the occasion by the Miur . As part of the show, which takes place from tomorrow to Saturday, Friday will be an important day for a special reason: the Biella school, first among the three best Italian IT courses for the “New technologies for Made in Italy – Fashion System ”and, according to the ranking defined by the Monitoring 2021 edited by Indire, 8th overall at national level, will be rewarded by reconfirming its excellence.

The interest in Biella has also been expressed in recent days by Confindustria which with the visit of Giovanni Brugnoli, vice president with responsibility for Human Capital, accompanied by Ermanno Rondi, delegate to Education of Confindustria Piemonte, took note of a precise reality ” capable of attracting young people from Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia – as the president Pierfrancesco Corcione explained to the guest. These are talents who come to the textile capital to learn a trade and build their future here or elsewhere. Or to re-enter and make use of the skills acquired ».

Considering ITS as a job outlet is the point on which Confindustria also insists. “Here is the future of the country – said Brugnoli. Precious resources are formed for small and medium-sized enterprises “. The Lombard entrepreneur, CEO of Tiba Tricot di Castellanza, in the classroom and in the laboratories of Magnonevolo, encouraged the boys: «You have to put your heart, energy and will into it. Be flexible in the world of work. Begin to enter, to make yourself known and appreciated. Every day is a new day and you must learn to steal the trade with your eyes. Everything is useful ».

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At the Job & Orienta in Verona, together with Corcione, who will collect the award, there are also the director Silvia Moglia, the coordinator Davide Furfaro and two second year students, who will meet the young people visiting the fair. At the Tam stand, representing the broad interdisciplinary activity on educational projects, three of the models from the collection “Ricucire il Futuro” will be on display, protagonists of the homonymous exhibition set up at the Cultural Space of the Crb Foundation between May and September this year. year, and on the t-shirt with the sensors of the Cuore di Maglia project (absolute winner in the Fashion and Design category of this year’s Its 4.0 project and third in the general classification), which Brugnoli himself was able to appreciate during his visit to Biella.

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