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IU digital single “strawberry moon” released on October 19 | Li Zhien | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times October 08, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled a report) The official SNS of popular Korean singer IU (Li Zhien) announced at 0:00 Korea time on the 8th that IU will be a digital single on October 19 “Strawberry Moon” is released.

When the official SNS made this news public, it also published a dynamic poster of “Strawberry Moon” (Click to see). In the dynamic poster, there is an animated picture of two people holding hands, with a pink moon in the background; and IU holding a camera to take a photo with his eyes exposed. The dynamic poster is also accompanied by the words “IU’s’strawberry moon’ THAT MAKES LOVE COME TRUE WILL RISE” and “DIFFERENT NAMES TO CALL A FULL MOON”.

IU’s upcoming digital single “Strawberry Moon” is the first time she released a new song in 7 months after releasing her fifth official album “LILAC” in March this year.

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