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JAKAB TÜNDE – “The Love Revolution” – mica

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JAKAB TÜNDE – “The Love Revolution” – mica

A pop album that combines its own character, a lot of feeling and a catchy tune in a really beautiful way – this is exactly what the debut “The Love Revolution” (Klam Records) by the Viennese singer-songwriter TÜNDE JAKAB is.

Well, one thing you can definitely say after listening to this album: This singer-songwriter not only brings with her a wonderfully soulful and at the same time very expressive voice as well as the knowledge of how to bring a song to life, but also her own idea of ​​it, what their music should sound like. Tünde Jakab, who studied classical flute in Vienna and Graz, not only contents herself with working on the simple pop formula on her debut work, but also tries to set her own musical accents by turning to other genres. And she does it really well.

What the singer-songwriter delivers are songs that shine in a wide variety of colors and really spread a lot of atmosphere. The nice thing is that Tünde Jakab takes a different direction with each of her songs and always sets a different distinctive accent. Sometimes the singer and musicians invite you to dance with funky beats (“All Night feat. Louie Austen”, “A little bit longer”), sometimes she lets it get slightly jazzy (“Half way”). The Viennese is also by no means averse to slightly rock-tinged tunes (“Favorite Man”). The songwriter ensures truly captivating goosebumps, especially in the moments in which she slows down the tempo and gives the feeling the space to fully develop (“Purple Roses”, “One Moment In Time”, “Until the End”).

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With “The Love Revolution” Tünde Jakab definitely delivers a debut album that definitely leaves you wanting more. Their songs have this special touch that just doesn’t want to let go and urges you to just let the music work. All in all, a really convincing musical debut.

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Jakab Tünde live
6.12.2023 Ever Artist, LOOP, Wien

December 7th, 2023 Ever Artist, Cafe Caspar, Vienna


Jakab Tünde
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