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Javier Milei will speak from a wooden lectern at the opening of ordinary sessions

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Javier Milei will speak from a wooden lectern at the opening of ordinary sessions

As questions grow around the speech that Javier Milei will give in the context of the Legislative Assembly which will take place this Friday, technical staff of the Chamber of Deputies installed this Wednesday in the central semicircle of the venue, below the presidential stand, a wooden lectern from which the President would speak before the legislators.

It was initially a rumor that finally materialized amid speculation about where the president would speak from for the inauguration of the 142nd period of ordinary sessions of Congress.

One version suggested that Milei would speak again – as in his presidential inauguration – with his back to “the political caste” from the front steps of the Legislative Palace that look out onto Congress Square. But this option, which was on the president’s mind, was discarded.

Instead of followers like on that occasion, Opposition groups will gather in the square of the left and neighborhood assemblies that will be present to protest against the libertarian management.

Javier Milei. Photo: Sergio Piemonte

But that was not the reason why the president ruled out emulating his own steps, with which he baffled everyone and everyone on December 10.

“Yes, obviously I’m going; there is a protocol issue”he answered when they asked him if this time he was going to speak face to face with the congressmen.

Once the hypothesis that he would speak with his back to Parliament was cleared up, it was thought that the president was going to adhere to traditions on this occasion and speak from the presidential podium, among the heads of the Senate and Deputies.

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Enemy of scripts, the president He dribbled again with tradition and had a lectern installed with the coat of arms of the Argentine Nation. It is the first time that a president chooses that format to give an opening message to sessions.

National survey: Milei is seen as an honest president, but with little sensitivity, while polarization grows

How the Legislative Assembly will be developed

Although the presidential decree signed by Milei himself and his chief of staff, Nicolas Possestipulates the start of the Legislative Assembly at 9 p.m., the agency Argentine News could confirm that the event will begin at 8 p.m., following an agreement between the head of the Senate, Victoria Villarruel, and the president of Deputies, Martín Menem.

The opening of the event will be in charge of the vice president, who after the required formalities and the raising of the flag with the singing of the verses of the national anthem, will announce the names of those who will make up the Interior and Exterior commissions.

The foreign commission, which will include deputies and senators of different political groups, will be responsible for welcome Mileiwho will enter the Palace through the esplanade on Entre Ríos Avenue.

Legislative Assembly.

Then he will cross the Great Hall and the Provincial Halls, from where he will be escorted to the Blue Hall to sign the books of Honor, after a formal greeting with Villarruel.

Immediately afterwards, he will be taken along with the vice president to the premises by the interior commission, and He will look for his place at the lectern to begin his speech.

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This institutional ritual of democracy will occur in the midst of a practically unprecedented crisis in matters of federalism, with the governors on the defensive, after a series of controversial government decisions that cut off significant funds to the provinces.

With the level of poverty about to reach 60%, and with the 24 governors of different signs unusually unified in the same trench, the context is not the most relaxed for the head of state and that is why the discursive tone with which he direct the representatives of the people will be key to anticipating how the future relationship with the different political actors could be articulated.

The Government will resort to a ‘per saltum’ in the Court to reject the ruling favorable to Chubut

Tension at maximum between Milei and Parliament

The bets are open and most predict that Milei will not move an inch from her narrative of hostility towards Parliament, which is called a “rat’s nest”after using another series of warm epithets such as “criminals” and “useful idiots.”

As if to “warm up” the previous one even more, from the Casa Rosada they let it be known on Monday that until that moment (when Milei was returning from Washington) the president had not even written “one line” of his speech.

All the blocks will be present in a very tense environment, where just a spark could set the premises on fire.

Naturally, the vast majority of legislators accumulate quarrels and resentments due to the systematic verbal abuse of the president and they are prepared with thick ammunition to react to the first provocation of the head of state.

Javier Miley.

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The left will once again paper its five benches with posters alluding to the Government’s “brutal adjustment”while rumors circulated that Unión por la Patria could “take revenge” on the president turning your back on him when he begins his speechin what would constitute a photograph of enormous symbolic impact.

In the rest of the opposition, the mood is more diversified, but The presidential attack on the governors exhausted the patience of those who present themselves as “dialogueists” and serve as voluntary givers of governance.

In the framework of the war against the governors, particularly against the Chubut governor Ignacio “Nacho Torres whom he chose as a scapegoat to discipline the rest of the provinces, turning the entire Congress against him could sink any hint of power building beyond the borders of his limited group of liberal faithful.

This Wednesday Milei managed to put a damper on the relationship with the PRO, when meeting with the president of the block of deputies, Cristian Ritondowho summarizes the majority position and is a spokesperson authorized by former president Mauricio Macri himself.

The partnership with the yellow party is the only thing left standing for the ruling party at this time, despite the president’s planned attack against some of the PRO governors.


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