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Jay Chou|Cai Xukun|Wang Xinling and others joined the M-Zone Music Festival Miguhui Official Announcement for the full lineup of the two festivals-Qianlong.com China Capital.com

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Jay Chou|Cai Xukun|Wang Xinling and others joined the M-Zone Music Festival Miguhui Official Announcement for the full lineup of the two festivals-Qianlong.com China Capital.com

Source Title: Jay Chou|Cai Xukun|Wang Xinling and others joined M-Zone Music Festival Miguhui Official Announcement

Recently, the M-Zone World Cup Music Ceremony hosted by China Mobile, the 16th Migu Hui announced the all-star lineup of the Metaverse, which combines digital reality, and announced that the two ceremonies will be held on December 14th and December 16th at the M-Zone Constellation · M started. Music fans can log in through Migu Video, Migu Music, and Migu Quick Tour, and use personalized digital intelligence to communicate with Jay Chou, Li Yuchun, GEM Deng Ziqi, Zhou Shen and other music stars, Liu Genghong, Xu Mengtao and other cross-border guests and their digital intelligence. The human avatars meet in the metaverse interactive space, and a feast of live music and entertainment is created together.

The all-star lineup shines at the Metaverse Music Festival

The theme of this year’s Miguhui is “Generic Power Present·Field with Unbounded Dynamics”, and gathered a top “fairy lineup” including Chinese music stars, sports and entertainment cross-border guests, and Metaverse Sapiens. At present, the starlight lineup of the two grand ceremonies has been officially announced. The first grand ceremony “Dynamic·At the Right Time” will gather Li Yuchun, Zhang Yanqi, Jike Junyi, GEM Deng Ziqi, Zhou Shen, Xiahua Girl, Wang Meng, Xu Mengtao and the sapiens “Tao” Singers such as “Xiao Tao”, Qiu Jirong, Liu Genghong and their digital “Coach Liu” and cross-border guests will stage an immersive metaverse custom stage of “one person, one world“.

The lineup of “Dynamic·Eternal Time” was also announced recently: M-Zone’s digital intelligence spokesperson Orange Network, Chinese pop star Jay Chou, mainland male singer and producer Cai Xukun, popular male singer Ren Xianqi, Xinhua Liu rap leader GAI Zhou Yan, mainland male Singer and producer Xiaogui-Wang Linkai, almighty singer-songwriter Wan Nida, and Chinese pop queen Wang Xinling have joined in a big hit. The bright stars are gathered together, and the high-energy stage is instantly ignited.

“Star” dynamic highlights trigger super surprise expectations

This year, Jay Chou brought his new album “The Greatest Work” “The Return of the King” for the first time in 6 years. The still unique style of Zhou’s music has allowed countless fans of Jay to rekindle their youthful memories in a second. As an “old friend” of Miguhui for several times, whether Jay Chou will reproduce the classics or bring new songs to the stage this time has aroused heated discussions among music fans.

Cai Xukun, who has also brought famous scenes on the Miguhui stage many times, has both singing and writing skills, and has a style of his own, building a unique romantic music universe. He who has never taken the usual path, what kind of surprise will he stage this time?

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Ren Xianqi and Wang Xinling, who set off waves of “memory killing” this year, have conquered fans across generations with their extraordinary singing skills and stage charm.

GAI Zhou Yan, Xiaogui-Wang Linkai, and Wan Nida’s joining are also full of highlights. Standing at the forefront of music trends, what kind of energetic and passionate stage will they bring this time?

The stage debut of Homo sapiens in the multidimensional universe also sparked expectations. Orange Network, which made its debut at the 15th Migu Fair, will attend the grand ceremony with a new identity as the “M-Zone Digital Spokesperson”, and may bring a new singing and dancing stage. Will Liu Genghong’s digital intelligence avatar “Coach Liu” who debuted for the first time interact with Liu Genghong himself on the same stage? What kind of surprise will Xu Mengtao join hands with his digital intelligence clone “Tao Xiaotao” to bring? The answer is about to be revealed.

Leading the experience of surreal, super time and space, super live ceremony

The world‘s first full-scene digital fusion World Cup Metaverse Music Festival + super heavyweight metaverse all-star lineup, what kind of excitement will be collided, music fans are particularly looking forward to. It is understood that based on China Mobile’s 5G+computing power network technology, Grand Ceremony pioneered the use of cutting-edge technologies such as “real-time rendering, virtual native, digital-real fusion, and panoramic interaction” to create 6 large spaces, 17 viewing angles, 4 kinds of The viewing method allows players to meet their favorite stars in the Metaverse with their exclusive virtual identity. Every log-in is not only an audience of the show, but also participates in real-time interaction and social interaction with a personalized virtual image, and deeply restores music. The atmosphere and experience of the performing arts scene.

The grand ceremony is about to start, and music fans can grab “fresh” through Migu Music, Migu Video, and Migu Quick Tour to log in to M-Zone Constellation·M’s six spaces: World Cup Stadium (main show venue), Sports Space, Mall Space, Games Space, audio entertainment space and art space, unlock the immersive social interaction experience of metaverse space in advance, and experience the panoramic interactive connection of people, venues, performances, objects, and travel in the cloud.

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