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Jay Chou asked “How to change the person who is already the number one” hot search | NTDTV Chinese TV Online

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Jay Chou asked “How to change the person who is already the number one” hot search | NTDTV Chinese TV Online

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, May 01, 2023]Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, who is popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, asked “How can someone who is already No. 1 change?” Suddenly rushed to the No. 1 trending search on the last weekend of April in the mainland, causing controversy. . It is not clear why the news in the mainland’s hot search is at the top, whether it is leading some kind of criticism.

Jay Chou asked “How to change the person who is already the number one” hit the trending search

Jay Chou posted an article on ins, talking about the transformation and invariance of artists, “Some artists have been pursuing innovation all their lives, while others have remained unchanged to cope with all changes, so how should we change for those who are already number one?”

Unexpectedly, this statement became a hot topic in mainland China, triggering heated discussions among many netizens and fans. Some fans believed that Jay Chou was indeed qualified to say this. Can really surpass him.

However, there are also netizens who refute that self-satisfaction is the culprit that kills art. There has never been a first person in the art field, only the first person in innovation.

Jay Chou’s album “The Greatest Work” released last year topped the 2022 “Global Top Ten Album Sales List”, and Jay Chou became the first Chinese singer to win the title. Prior to this, Jay Chou himself was also selected by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry in the 2022 Top Ten Global Artists List.

Frances Moore, chief executive of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, said that Jay Chou’s career spanned more than 20 years, and he has proven his talent and ability to build deep friendships with fans all over the world.

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Regarding winning this honor, Jay Chou posted on Facebook on the 28th: ​​”From the past to the present, this historical moment in Hualiu is a bit beyond my imagination. Thank you everyone. This first place proves that although songs have different languages, But there is no art.”

He also thanked the fans for their support through his agency, “In a world of so many languages, Chinese music has rushed to the top. I am really happy. It means that my music has crossed the age and never lost popularity. This number one belongs to you. .”

Jay Chou’s new song “Humiliation”?

Jay Chou released a new album and started a global tour just after opening last year after the global COVID-19 lockdown for 3 years. Some Chinese netizens discovered the lyrics of his new song, saying that when one gets old, one should retire decently and not just hang on.

The Taiwanese media “Shang Bao” published an article “Jay Chou’s song and Liang Jingru’s real name are taboos in China”, pointing out that the CCP has no shortage of cruel officials who create “why flip through books if you can’t read”.

The author of the article, He Yuhuai, said that the poem he wrote was posted on Weibo, but it was reported as “meaning something” and he was immediately asked to delete it. On July 15, 2022, someone commented on Jay Chou’s new song on the Internet, saying that when people reach their age, they should retire decently, don’t just hang on, do something every now and then, and think that they are very narcissistic. Well done. With just a few words, it turned out to be a big taboo, and was immediately canceled as a punishment—because: “Don’t think I don’t know who you are talking about.” Someone launched a “deep digging mode” based on this. And after digging like this, it’s terrible. As a result, Jay Chou’s new album found “disgraceful” in many places, and even “offended”!For example, “Pink Ocean” satirizes and vilifies the “pink” revolutionary masses; “The Greatest Work” is obviously worshiping foreigners; The title of the single song is an attempt to usurp the throne and rebel

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Jay Chou sues NetEase for 2.05 million

On April 17 this year, the Binjiang District Court of Hangzhou opened a public trial of the first instance to hear the plaintiff Jay Chou and Jewel Music Co., Ltd. suing the defendants NetEase (Hangzhou) Network Co., Ltd., Guangzhou NetEase Computer System Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou NetEase Leihuo Technology Co., Ltd. A case of competition disputes.

The plaintiffs, Jay Chou and Jewel Music Co., Ltd. claimed that: the defendant made the elements of the plaintiff’s new album into game props in the game “World 3″ and sold them, and held a forwarding lottery on the official Sina Weibo account to give Jay Chou new numbers. Events for albums and concert tickets.

The defendant used “Jay Chou” and “Jay Chou” in the event’s Weibo publicity plan and accompanying pictures, as well as the titles of several musical works represented by Jay Chou, as well as highly popular lyrics.

And in the above blog post, Weibo topics such as “Brother Jay Chou”, “The whole world is giving away Jay Chou’s album”, “Jay Chou’s new album’s greatest work” are intentionally included.

The plaintiff believes that the defendant implemented the above-mentioned misleading business behavior without establishing any cooperative relationship with Jay Chou and Jewel Music Co., Ltd. such as authorization, endorsement, and recommendation.

It is easy to make the relevant public mistakenly believe that there is a specific relationship between the game involved in the case and the plaintiff, such as authorization, endorsement, and recommendation. It is improperly taking advantage of Jay Chou’s super popularity, the super popularity of his new album and the wide dissemination of music works to promote and drain the game involved, so as to increase the ultimate profit of game users, which constitutes unfair competition.

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Therefore, it was sued to the Binjiang Court, requesting that: the defendant stop the unfair competition, and publish a statement on the official Weibo, official WeChat public account, official forum, and the homepage of Dashen. Compensation for the plaintiff’s economic loss of 2 million yuan and reasonable rights protection expenses of 50,000 yuan.

In fact, as early as 2019, Tencent sued NetEase for infringement of Jay Chou’s music, and the plaintiff Tencent Music finally won the lawsuit.

On April 10, 2023, the topic “Jay Chou Sued NetEase for Unfair Competition” topped the list of hot searches.

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