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Jay Chou Named Global Brand Spokesperson for RIMOWA

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Jay Chou Named Global Brand Spokesperson for RIMOWA

Global luggage brand RIMOWA has made a major announcement, unveiling Chinese pop sensation Jay Chou as their new global brand spokesperson. The news was confirmed by RIMOWA CEO Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert, who expressed excitement at the partnership.

In a statement, Bonnet-Masimbert stated, “RIMOWA has always believed in the power of travel and innovation, focusing on craftsmanship and quality. Jay Chou embodies these values and more, making him the perfect fit for our brand. His global influence and popularity make him an ideal ambassador for RIMOWA.”

The collaboration between RIMOWA and Jay Chou goes beyond just a business relationship. Chou has been a longtime fan of the German luggage brand, using their products during his travels and even showcasing one of their suitcases at a special exhibition. This shared history and admiration for the brand made the partnership a natural fit.

Chou himself expressed his excitement about the new role, saying, “RIMOWA has been like a trusted friend on my journeys around the world, accompanying me as I seek inspiration and explore new horizons. I am honored to be the global brand spokesperson for RIMOWA and look forward to this new chapter in our partnership.”

Fans of both RIMOWA and Jay Chou can look forward to seeing more of the artist’s collaboration with the brand in the future. This exciting partnership is sure to bring new opportunities and experiences for both parties as they continue to travel and explore the world together.

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