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Jay Chou’s hand-in-hand photo of his sons and daughters was praised by netizens | Jay Chou | Kun Ling

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[Epoch Times October 27, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zhong Youchun) On the evening of October 26, Jay Chou (Jay Chou) posted a back photo of a pair of children playing at the beach on IG, with a essay. : “No matter how busy adults are, don’t miss the growth of children.” One sentence made netizens praised. (Click to see photos)

Jay Chou married Kunling in 2015. The two have a daughter “Hathaway” and son “Romeo”. A family of four is full of happiness. The two people who paid great attention to protecting the privacy of their children never let the two children completely show the front.

On the 26th, Jay Chou posted a photo of his 6-year-old daughter and his 4-year-old son on IG, and wrote: “No matter how busy adults are, don’t miss the growth of children.” In a short sentence, I feel that Jay Chou’s father’s love is overwhelming. Many netizens praised: “The strongest dad!”

Some netizens also mocked Jay Chou in a mock sentence: “No matter how free the singer is, don’t forget to release an album!” “Response: wait for the new album.”

Since Jay Chou released an album in 2016, there has been no next album. Some fans complained that for nearly five or six years, Jay Chou has been busy with his wife and childbirth, and even Kunling will follow wherever he goes to work. It seems to be very clingy to his wife. So some netizens thought that Kunling was the one who dragged Jay Chou’s back.

Earlier, Kunling posted a picture of her son on IG, saying with a smile, “Is it right to learn how to be handsome from my father at such a young age”. In the photo, 4-year-old “Xiao Xiao Zhou” is wearing sunglasses and scratching his hair. Even his facial expressions and mouth movements are in place. There is really a shadow of Jay Chou playing handsome. What’s funny is that when you look closely at the reflection in the sunglasses, it turns out that the person in charge of the mirror is Jay Chou.

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During the epidemic, Kun Ling shared the news and took two children to cook pearl balls. Originally, the next goal was to make ice cream, but Jay Chou came to leave a message: “You can order milk tea with pearls!” Kun Ling therefore changed his plan and made handmade pearls with the two children, then boiled them into a translucent pot, and finally finished it. bubble tea. A large number of netizens were stunned: “Sister-in-law is amazing with children!”

In fact, Jay Chou also pays great attention to accompanying children. When attending an event earlier, Jay Chou was joked by reporters: “After becoming a dad, do you start to know how to save money? I don’t buy sports cars much anymore!” Jay Chou said frankly, “It’s true that I don’t have the desire to shop as much as before, but on the contrary. I want to buy some famous paintings to hang in my daughter’s room.”

Jay Chou not only likes painting, but also develops his daughter’s talent for painting. He once shared the paintings of “Xiao Zhou Zhou”, the style of painting is full of childishness, with unique imagination that belongs to children.

Jay Chou, who loves her infinitely, even printed the graffiti of “Little Zhou Zhou” when she was 2 years old on her clothes. He said: “Whether my daughter learns music depends on her own interests, but she must learn to paint!”

Jay Chou once sent a message on his daughter’s first birthday: “Happy birthday to the’previous lover’, I hope you are as colorful as the rainbow cake made by mommy (preferably any musical instrument)!” Now, “Little Zhou Zhou” plays the piano, The scenes of playing the violin have been exposed, showing that his music cells have also inherited Jay Chou.

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