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JD Auctions “Hand in Hand” Ten Bamboo Studio, a century-old brand, jointly auctions 23 famous paintings and calligraphy such as Zhang Daqian_Special

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Original title: Jingdong Auctions “Hand in Hand”, a century-old Shizhuzhai brand, jointly auctions 23 works by Zhang Daqian and other famous paintings and calligraphy

Famous calligraphy and paintings have always been the focus of auctions, winning the favor of collectors. Recently, Shizhuzhai, a 400-year-old cultural relics and art dealer, entered the Jingdong auction, and jointly opened a special calligraphy and painting auction from September 13 to 21. 23 authentic works by Zhang Daqian, Qi Gong, Zhang Ding and other famous artists were auctioned. Jingdong brings a cultural journey of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy for art lovers.

Shizhuzhai was created by the artist Hu Zhengyan during the Ming Dynasty Tianqi and Chongzhen reigns. After hundreds of years of development, it has formed an art industry chain integrating art management, auction, investment and financing. In 2020, Shizhuzhai’s first auction in Beijing brings together the four major sections of Chinese painting and calligraphy, Buddhist art, rare ancient books, and miscellaneous porcelain. There are nearly 1,400 lots and a total turnover of 495 million yuan has attracted the attention of the industry.

The entry into JD Auctions this time has expanded new auction channels for Shizhuzhai. Relying on the high-quality customer base, brand endorsement and logistics advantages of JD Auctions, Shizhuzhai will accelerate the formation of a treasure auction ecology where industry experts and enthusiasts gather, and reach more potential bidders. At the same time, Shizhuzhai, which covers Chinese paintings and calligraphy, antique treasures, modern and contemporary art, jewelry and watches, rare books, famous wines and tea, will also enrich the categories of Jingdong auction and have more collection value.

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The calligraphy and painting auction jointly launched by Jingdong Auctions and Shizhuzhai brought together Zhang Daqian’s “Mountain Kitchen Clear Offerings” and “Ink Lotus”, Qi Gong’s “Excerpts from Running Scripts and “Sustained Songs””, Zhang Ding “Stupa”, etc The 23 authentic works of famous artists can be regarded as a visual feast of calligraphy and painting.

The famous artist Zhang Daqian who founded the “Dafengtang School” is the most legendary splash-ink painter in the Chinese painting circle of the 20th century. The painting style combines meticulous brushwork and freehand brushwork, and heavy color and ink are integrated. Especially splashing ink and splashing color, created a new artistic realm. In this special auction of calligraphy and painting, two works of Mr. Zhang Daqian met with the world. As we all know, Mr. Zhang Daqian is good at flowers, and he usually paints lotus flowers the most. The “Ink Lotus” shot this time is one of them. The brushwork is rich and strong, the lotus leaves are wide and the lotus is quite steep, it is free and easy, and it is memorable. And “Mountain Kitchen Qing Offering” uses vegetables into the painting, reflecting the plain and innocent life of life through the refreshing taste of the mountains and the wild, fresh pen and ink, and lifelike physical state.

Also appearing at this calligraphy and painting auction are works by Mr. Qi Gong. Mr. Qi Gong is the ninth-generation grandson of Emperor Yongzheng, and is a well-known contemporary Chinese calligrapher, painter, appraiser, and educator. His calligraphy works, no matter the banners, albums, screen couplets, all show beautiful rhythm and profound artistic conception. The “Excerpts from the Excerpts from Running Scripts”, “Saixiaqu”, which was auctioned this time, has a deep and stable structure, powerful pen and ink, and unique charm. It is a rare calligraphy treasure.

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The works of Mr. Zhang Ding, known as the “Chief Designer of New China”, also appeared in this calligraphy and painting auction. As a well-known contemporary Chinese painter, cartoonist, and art educator, Mr. Zhang Ding’s works mostly use burnt ink to create landscapes, rely on traditional brushwork, absorb the nutrients of folk art, and have a unique style. The famous animated film “Nezha Nao the Sea” was designed by Mr. Zhang Ding. This time, the auctioned lot “Stupa” has a strong brushstroke, the picture is ethereal and brushstrokes, the style is unsophisticated and vigorous, and it produces a unique aesthetic of conflict and blending.

In addition, the representative painter of the New Jinling School of Painting, Wei Zixi’s “Break the Pearls and Release the Jade”, the master of Chinese painting Song Wenzhi, who studied under Zhang Shiyuan and Wu Hufan’s “The New Look of the Border Town”, and the “Autumn Mountain Stream” by Xue Liang, the vice president of Jiangsu Academy of Chinese Painting and the famous contemporary painter “Waterfall”, “Autumn Mountain Setting Sun”, “Autumn Qing Yin Tu” by Ren Zhong, a famous contemporary fine brush painter, and “Manjushri” by Wu Tongli, a Shanghai-style fine brush painter, will also be auctioned for this calligraphy and calligraphy auction. Waiting for someone to “encounter”.

In the eight-day special auction of calligraphy and painting, JD Auctions will provide consumers with a good place to “appreciate famous calligraphy and paintings and collect treasures from masters”. This time, the Shizhuzhai calligraphy and painting auction is just a microcosm of the interesting “treasure” of Jingdong auction. At present, only the auction business of Jingdong Treasures has covered eight categories including jade jewelry, cultural and play collection, calligraphy and seal carving, purple clay ceramics, tea and wine, luxury goods, mobile phones and computers, auction houses, etc., and will cooperate with more partners. With the in-depth cooperation, we continue to bring more “treasure” lots to users and enjoy the fun of “everything can be photographed”.Return to Sohu to see more

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