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Jess Williamson – Time Ain’t Accidental

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Jess Williamson – Time Ain’t Accidental

by Oliver on December 5, 2023 in Album

Two years after Sorceressher subjectively most disappointing album to date, Jess Williamson unfolds with the gently otherworldly Time Ain’t Accidental However, their timeless potential is now stronger than ever.

Maybe it has something to do with that Plains-Debut I Walked with You a WaysWilliamson’s collaboration with Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee) last year, the native Texan’s songwriting on her fifth solo album finally reaches a level that does justice to her fabulous voice and atmospheric work.

Regardless of whether Time Ain’t Accidental In any case, it has now moved further into the bittersweet melancholy of indie folk (such as in the title track, which is underlined with a gently plucking indietronic beat and a grandiose hook, as well as the similarly meditative waves Topanga Two Step or the reduced undulating one A Few Seasons) – so minimalist, warm and soft, beautiful, cozy and graceful that even the romantic Folklore-Mass audiences will sigh in ecstasy – or the singer-songwriter art will lie between Americana and country spheres (such as in the smooth, decelerated style Chasing Spiritsthe more contemplative skimming one God in Everything or the Schunkler, who closes the circle with optimism and flirts with brass Roads): the 37 minutes of the record are not only endlessly pleasant and touching, but are also more directly anchored in sustainability than has often been the case with Williamson before.

There’s a balance there Hunter the balanced dynamics are careful with a cautiously driving upbeat bass Tobacco Two Step or Stampede beguilingly pleading piano ballads or stomps Something’s in the Way at the other end of the spectrum on velvet paws, before the acoustic longing I’d Come to Your Call would provide a nice, intimate ending. The fact that the really outstanding flash of genius in this harmonious, consistent whole does not want to stand out beyond the comfortable comfort zone, and the occasional tendency towards pleasant splashing is not completely abandoned, is okay in this respect: with Time Ain’t Accidental Williamson opened the button.

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Time Ain’t Accidental by Jess Williamson

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