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JIMMY CHOO Sailor Moon joint series released

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JIMMY CHOO Sailor Moon joint series released

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the breakthrough classic manga “Sailor Moon”, Sandra Choi, the creative director of Jimmy Choo, and “Sailor Moon” jointly launched a joint series to promote the image of individuality, the spirit of the times and the common values ​​​​of female empowerment. As a rare collaboration between Sailor Moon and a fashion luxury brand, the collection combines the beautiful vision of two outstanding female creative minds, reflecting the influence of “Sailor Moon” on pop culture through Jimmy Choo’s brand essence of luxury and glamour. Influence.

Jimmy Choo

jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo

“Sailor Moon is a global phenomenon that can bridge different cultures and languages, bring people together and resonate with people from all over the world. This is what attracted me to participate in this joint series So, celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon with this collaboration. This intimate collaboration with Ms. Naoko Takeuchi is inspiring and reflects the values ​​we both share, not only in terms of female empowerment, At the same time, it reflects that fashion can enhance self-confidence, inspire tolerance and show charm by highlighting personal characteristics. The concept of transformation through fashion is the core creative concept of Takeuchi Naoko, and clothing plays an important role in the identity of the heroines in her works. Important characters, especially shoes, are indispensable items when Sailor Moon transforms into battle.”

—Sandra Choi, Creative Director, Jimmy Choo

It’s also great that these characters and storylines that originated from my visions are now loved by people all over the world. For me, the most important thing has always been the youthful energy of these young girls, pure imagination and female power, and I believe that these spirits are also the essence of the Jimmy Choo brand. Jimmy Choo is a very fashionable and cool brand that I love very much. Thanks for the beautiful products of this cooperation series, I am really very happy!

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——Ms. Naoko Takeuchi, author of the manga “Sailor Moon”

jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo

jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo

Although “Sailor Moon” has been recognized as a “girl manga” since its creation, but like Jimmy Choo, empowering women’s femininity and strength is also the core concept of this manga. The Jimmy Choo Sailor Moon joint series reinterprets the beautiful qualities of female vitality and enthusiasm through a series of shoes and accessories themed on the main character “Sailor Moon” in the classic comics. The images of the five Sailor Moon and their mentor, Luna Cat, and other super heroines were conceived by Naoko Takeuchi and designed in collaboration with Jimmy Choo.

The representative color of each Sailor Moon is very distinctive. With its unique personality and characteristics, it defines a unique personal style and inspires the brand design. The exclusive limited edition crystal boots of this joint series will be released first in 2022. The boots are inspired by Sailor Moon Sailor Moon, with Jimmy Choo’s iconic high heels, inlaid with crescent-shaped crystal gemstones and bright pink Swarovski crystals. Complete the perfect integration of comics and the real world. The boots will debut in June 2022 at the “Sailor Moon” exhibition held at the Roppongi Museum in Tokyo.

jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo

jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo

This year, the custom boots are refurbished:

Sailor MoonSailor Moon Pink Knee Boots

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon’s iconic bright pink high heels, very streamlined elastic boots silhouette, with knee-high boots to show dynamic vitality.

Sailor MercurySailor Mercury Ankle Boots

Inspired by Sailor Mercury’s boots from the comics, the glossy patent leather ankle boot is reinterpreted in a practical and dynamic platform silhouette.

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Sailor Marssailor mars high heels

Sailor Mars’ iconic scarlet pump is updated with a patent leather stiletto with a pointed vamp and heel.

Sailor JupiterSailor Jupiter Platform Boots

Sailor Jupiter emerald green lace-up leather boots with a lug sole and block heel platform show off her gritty style.

Sailor VenusSailor Venus platform pumps

Sailor Venus’ ultra-tall platform pumps feature a slim ankle strap and a bright orange satin upper embellished with crystals, reflecting Venus’ playful personality.

With the release of the joint series, Naoko Takeuchi’s “Sailor Moon” comic works are vividly displayed on the paper, not only decorating various accessories, but also adding beauty to the exterior walls of Jimmy Choo’s global flagship stores, and the limited edition packaging of this series is also dazzling . In addition to the shoe and bag series, Jimmy Choo also joined hands with the famous DJ Honey Dijon to create two original tracks inspired by the “Sailor Moon” series, which is similar to the transformation of Sailor Moon through fashion.

The Jimmy Choo Sailor Moon joint series will be released in limited stores around the world, including Isetan Department Store in Tokyo, Sheffield Department Store in London, and China World Mall in Beijing. The immersive shopping experience will enable guests to discover the magic of this special cooperation series for themselves. Stunning chromatic installation inspired by Sailor Moon’s dazzling transformation process, as well as custom-made crescent-shaped footstools, life-size Luna cats and manga chromatic scenery to accompany pieces from the limited collaboration series .

The collaboration series will be available at designated Jimmy Choo boutiques around the world, Jimmychoo.com and Jimmy Choo WeChat official boutiques from February 14th.

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