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Jinshan District’s ‘Civilized Practice Xinjuchang’ Brings Revolutionary Stories to Life Through Art and Culture

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The Jinshan District in Shanghai recently hosted the first performance event of the “Civilized Practice Xinjuchang” initiative, aimed at promoting the party’s innovative theory and outstanding ideological and political courses to the public. The event took place at the grand theater in the Jinshan District Cultural Center, where literary and artistic volunteers entertained the audience with performances including song and dance, red stories, musical allegro, and traffic safety-themed raps.

One of the highlights of the event was the situational party lesson titled “An Unsent Red Letter Home – A Letter from Yang Kaihui to Mao Zedong.” The heartfelt recitation of Yang Kaihui’s unsent letters, discovered in the early 1980s, moved the audience with its deep longing and revolutionary sentiment. The performance transported viewers back to the war-torn era, evoking emotions of admiration and respect for the sacrifices made by revolutionary figures.

Jin Wenxin, a young teacher playing the role of Yang Kaihui, emphasized the importance of portraying flawed yet strong revolutionary characters to connect with modern audiences. The event aimed to promote Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China by utilizing popular cultural forms to engage the masses.

The Red Story Tour Group also presented the gripping tale of “Storm at Sea,” showcasing the struggles and triumphs of soldiers and farmers during the liberation of Zhoushan in 1949. Citizen representatives in attendance praised the vivid retelling of historical events, emphasizing the importance of preserving and sharing red stories to inspire future generations.

In an effort to further disseminate red culture, the “Civilized Practice Xinjuchang” initiative plans to organize lecture tours on various topics such as theoretical policies, party spirit education, and social governance. Through the collaboration of groups like the Red Theory Lecture Group and the Red Literary Hussars, over 120 programs will be launched to resonate with grassroots audiences and convey the party’s goals effectively.

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Moving forward, the initiative will continue its lecture tours throughout the region, allowing each unit to order and deliver customized programs to better engage with the grassroots population. By infusing red culture into everyday life, the “Civilized Practice Xinjuchang” hopes to shape Jinshan’s transformation with high-quality artistic expressions and provide spiritual inspiration to its residents.

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