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JLo reveals Affleck’s unwavering support at star-studded gala

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JLo reveals Affleck’s unwavering support at star-studded gala

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are not only one of the most powerful and iconic couples in the entertainment industry, but also partners in all aspects of life: together they make magic, whatever they do. In a conversation with Extra this Tuesday, the legendary Bronx diva shared how she sees her husband as an unconditional ally in her life and career.

During the Elle “Women in Hollywood” event gala, a loving JLo was seen with her husband sharing radiant smiles and knowing kisses in front of the cameras. “We are true companions, not only in work together, but in life, as parents, as lovers, as a couple,” said López, highlighting the multiplicity of roles they play for each other. The star revealed that they maintain open communication, discussing everything with each other. “I want his opinion, everything, because I trust him,” she added.

The multifaceted artist praised the sincerity and good intentions of Affleck, 51, by revealing that his sole purpose is the success of his beloved. “He doesn’t have any kind of agenda except to see me shine as bright as I can shine, and that’s what I have for him too,” the “Jenny From The Block” singer stressed.

The couple, who married in 2022, have managed to forge a solid relationship based on mutual respect and unconditional support. In the recent interview, the protagonist of “La Madre” revealed that her next album, “This Is Me… Now,” to be released in early 2024, will not only be her most personal work to date, but also the most revealing. “I don’t think anyone knows anything about my real personal life,” she commented to the stunned reaction of the Extra interviewer.

In a recent interview with Vogue, the Latin artist shared how Ben Affleck has managed to recalibrate her self-esteem and perception of herself: “Ben wants me to understand my worth and know my worth.” And she admitted that now she feels “even more relaxed and comfortable, which makes me feel even more beautiful than I have ever felt with anyone else.”

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This couple, faced with adversity and public scrutiny, has learned from their past. Let us remember that, in 2022, they renewed their vows after a story that, 20 years ago, was the subject of unprecedented media coverage, causing their breakup. This time, JLo told People, they are protecting their relationship more cautiously, aware of the importance of safeguarding their family well-being.

“Now we are older, we are smarter, we have more experience, we are in different places in our lives, now we have children, and we have to be very aware of those things,” explained the diva. “We are very protective because it is a very beautiful time for all of us.”

At the end of November, the singer and actress announced her next project that unites music and cinema: the release of an album accompanied by a film co-written with her husband Ben Affleck, who is also a director. The album “This Is Me… Now” is scheduled for release on February 16 along with the tape, while the first single, titled “Can’t Get Enough,” will arrive on January 10.

The film, “This Is Me… Now: The Film,” offers an intimate look at the pop star’s personal life. Co-written by López, Matt Walton, and Affleck, it aims to reveal unknown and profound aspects of his life.

“This album is the most honest thing I have ever done, a culmination of who I am as a person and an artist,” Jennifer Lopez confessed to Vogue last November. “People think they know things about what happened to me along the way, but they really have no idea, and many times they are completely wrong. “There’s a part of me that was hiding a side of myself from everyone.”

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