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JNBY Releases 2022 Winter Collection, Demystifying Fashion Mysteries in “Wonderful”

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JNBY Releases 2022 Winter Collection, Demystifying Fashion Mysteries in “Wonderful”

[“Wonderful” comes from the fusion of oriental aesthetics and modern modernity]

In Guo Pu’s “Jiang Fu”, “brokering the world, intricate human skills, inexhaustible in words, and inexhaustible in writing.” In a few words, it thoroughly and exquisitely shows the aesthetic realm of the Orientals, and depicts it in a freehand manner. There is an unspeakable “wonder” between the heaven and the earth. In the process of constantly combining oriental aesthetics and modern modernity, JNBY has found an excellent balance between the two, and has given birth to new wonderful products for winter.

“Miao” is an inheritance of oriental aesthetics, a breakthrough in artistic stereotypes, a high burst of creativity, and the pinnacle of fashion interpretation. It penetrates the essence of fashion, combines and regenerates elements such as design, fabrics and functions, and produces harmonious and balanced fashion products. In this “wonderful” spiritual interest, modern urbanites describe the smart fashion world and create a fashionable feast that integrates oriental aesthetics and modern modernity.

[JNBY’s modern and modern reinterpretation of “Miao”]

“Miao” is an aesthetic image of the unity of things and me. JNBY excavates and refines the aesthetic philosophy, integrates modern aesthetic perspective and design language, and smelts interesting and modern products.

In the 2022 winter series, JNBY’s designers creatively integrated design languages ​​such as unity, minimalism, complexity, texture reconstruction, and reconstruction into oriental connotations and graphics, giving each fashion item a new vitality. Originally seemingly mutually exclusive design elements achieve harmony under the influence of the “wonderful” medium. This wonderful balance can be seen on down jackets and coats in winter. The complex honing and stitching patterns reflect the one-piece silhouette. The minimalist design under the oriental concept of “empty” and “nothing” is matched with bold lace. JNBY uses difference and fusion. In this Winter has completed a modern reinterpretation of “wonderful”.

[Break through the monotony of winter and create a “wonderful” balance between simplicity and complexity]

The JNBY2022 winter series uses a minimalist aesthetic design concept to show the sexy, elegant and smooth body lines of women even in the heavy winter. It boldly uses experimental minimalist silhouettes to show modern trends.

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The coat adopts a minimalist design, focusing on changes in lines and proportions, simple and clean. The design of the big fungus all over the body makes the minimalist coat become atmospheric and feminine with ingenuity, and can be sorted into two different wearing states, which can be worn alone or as a coat. The wool brocade viscose double-sided woolen fabric is soft yet stiff, and better accommodates the female body. The witty and young design, with a fun and modern sense, makes winter coats no longer monotonous.

JNBY 2022 autumn and winter series new model photos and single product pictures

Relying on unique fabrics and outstanding design aesthetics, JNBY’s down jackets combine a variety of different tactile and functional fabrics with down to meet consumers’ multiple needs for lightness, warmth and fashion.

JNBY down jackets select high-bulk goose down, relying on up to 96% down content, while maintaining excellent thermal performance, it makes the upper body of the down jacket lighter and less burdensome, breaking the heaviness of traditional down jackets. The non-galling velvet fabric and ultra-fine nylon fabric make the garment feel soft and firm. The special micro-wrinkle post-processing process brings a special texture of slightly wrinkled cloth surface, giving the originally plain nylon fabric a natural and rich texture. Canvas style. At the same time, it can improve the anti-drilling performance, breathable and moisture-permeable, and more comfortable to wear. Fashion is also a major aspect of JNBY down jackets. On the premise of taking into account the warmth retention, the quilting process creates a 3D effect through the interweaving of down quilting lines, artistically showing light visual lines, getting rid of the rigidity and procrastination of traditional down products, and satisfying individuality. It can easily cope with different occasions such as daily and business wear.

JNBY 2022 autumn and winter series new model photos and single product pictures

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In terms of patterns and patterns, complex effects are used to highlight the spark of inspiration generated by the collision of tradition and fashion. It not only superimposes and arranges traditional patterns such as plum blossoms, peonies, moiré patterns and trivial patterns in a way that is full of modern and fashionable charm and geometry, but also creatively depicts artistic patterns with honing stitching. The plain matte nylon cloth is covered with love patterns by honing stitching process, and the upper body effect is age-reducing and thin. The complex visual effects reveal playfulness and youth.

JNBY 2022 autumn and winter series new model photos and single product pictures

[Break the stereotype and usher in the “wonderful” rebirth of unity and reconstruction]

The JNBY2022 winter series is uniquely integrated into the concepts of “emptiness” and “nothingness” in oriental philosophy, which is expressed in the design of minimalist techniques and one-piece silhouette.

A wool-blend cape jacket with a soft, comfortable feel and curved sleeves at the shoulders for a fluid, oriental look. The one-piece curved silhouette brings a capable visual effect. The classic windbreaker style can be worn at will. It can be worn alone or layered inside. It is an indispensable item for urban women to go out and commute in winter. The way of matching brings a modern temperament.

JNBY 2022 autumn and winter series new model photos and single product pictures

On the basis of minimalism and integration, JNBY designers boldly break through stereotypes and use the concept of reconstruction and reconstruction to break the expression of the original silhouette, texture, and traditional patterns. Recombine and build with parts to create incredible new pieces.

This denim dress is a representative work of reconstructed design art. It integrates multiple parts of suits, shirts and denim skirts, and has a richer visual level. It can be used as a coat, shirt and skirt to match, enriching the effect of wearing. The slightly rough design style is more decisive and individual, and the details of the high waistline stitching highlight the proportion of the body and bring charming visual effects. JNBY’s bold and avant-garde use of reconstruction methods has achieved a creative sublimation of the interpretation of “wonderful”.

JNBY 2022 autumn and winter series new model photos and single product pictures

JNBY 2022 winter series, on the basis of absorbing and interpreting “wonderful”, through the improvement and integration of rich classic oriental elements and modern art design and tailoring, it interprets the unrestrained mental state of urbanites, and uses the “wonderful” culture. The implication nourishes the aesthetic taste of urbanites, and presents fashionable clothes that internalize the oriental aesthetic philosophy in modern design methods.

The new products of this series are now on the market, online and offline stores are on sale simultaneously, you can go to buy. Please follow JNBY’s official Weibo, WeChat and Xiaohongshu for more product information and release details.

【About JNBY】

The brand is a women’s clothing brand that has grown up with the group’s development history. It has a very high reputation and recognition, and has attracted a group of followers with the same life philosophy as early as its establishment. With the continuous exploration and persistence of the product itself, today “JNBY” has developed into the most representative women’s clothing brand in China, and the brand philosophy of “Just Naturally Be Yourself” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The brand insists on implanting the design concept of “modernity, vitality, interest and calmness” into the products, specializing in the research and development of materials and the improvement of craftsmanship, restoring the emotion of the design through the wearing experience, to the unique, delicate, sensitive, romantic and elegant coexistence. Urban women convey the fun and novelty in culture, and feel the surprise and poetry in ordinary life. This is also the secret of the brand’s constant energy and vitality.

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