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“John Wick 4” released a new poster John Wick against the enemy all over the world | John Wick 4_Sina Entertainment_Sina.com

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“John Wick 4” released a new poster John Wick against the enemy all over the world | John Wick 4_Sina Entertainment_Sina.com
John Wick 4

Sina Entertainment News Beijing time on March 28th, according to foreign media reports, the sequel to the popular action thriller “John Wick 4” released a new poster, and John Wick, who is based in Paris, continues to do missions all over the world.

Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgard, Rina Sawayama, Shamir Anderson, Hiroyuki Sanada, Scott Adkins, Mark Zaro, Ian McShane, Lawrence Starring Fishburne, Lance Reddick, and more from a screenplay by Shay Hatton (“John Wick 3”) and Michael Fincher (“Code Name 47”), Chad Stalski continues to direct .

The story tells the story of John Wick finding a way to defeat the High Table, but before he can be free, he must face a new and powerful enemy – one with allies around the world and the ability to turn old friends into rivals.

Noir action-thriller John Wick series produced by Summit Entertainment from creators Derek Costa and Chad Stahelski, with David Leitch also directing the (uncredited) debut film , the series mainly revolves around the various events caused by the comeback of the retired killer John Wick played by Keanu Reeves.

The first “John Wick” was released in 2014 and earned $88.8 million at the global box office and generally positive reviews. A sequel, John Wick, was released in 2017 and was also a critical success. The third movie “Quick Warfare” was released in mid-May 2019.

Leitch and Stahelski’s action scenes used their favorite Japanese animation, martial arts culture and martial arts movies, as well as gun shapes from Hong Kong action movies. The film also used elements of other works in the production, such as John Woo’s “Blood”, Jean-Pierre Melville’s “Heroes of the Robbery” and “7:07 P.M.”, John Bowman’s Spaghetti Western films such as “Every Step” and other films. Stachs’ script was also blacklisted every year as the most difficult Hollywood script to produce in 2012.

John Wick is a retired killer. Not long ago, he lost his wife Helen who died of illness, which made him very sad. After the funeral, even Max, who was also a killer in the past, came to care for him. Soon after, John received Daisy, a puppy ordered for him by Helen. Helen hoped that Daisy could accompany John, and he also regarded Daisy as a friend. Early in the morning, John drove his 69-year-old Ford Mustang and Daisy to go out. When refueling at a gas station, Yusef, the son of Vigo, the leader of the Tarasov family, wanted to buy his car with John. , but was rejected by John, Yousef felt dissatisfied. That night, Yousef and two other friends, Gregory and Victor, broke into John’s house masked, not only attacked him but also killed Daisy, then robbed the Ford Mustang in the garage and left. After John woke up from a coma, he found that the dying Daisy crawled to his side and died, and then buried it in the backyard.

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The next day, the three of Yousef drove to Oreo’s car factory to ask Oreo to give him a new license plate. Oreo punched him angrily when he found out that Yousef had stolen John’s car; His father, Viggo, called to ask why he was beating Yousef, and Viggo learned that his son had provoked John Wick. John later went to Oreo to ask if his car was here, but he was driven away by Yousef and others. He learned that the person who robbed his car was the son of Vigo, the boss of the gangster who cooperated with him before. John asked for another car After the car decided to deal with it all. After Yusuf came home, Vigo taught him a lesson, and explained to his son that John Wick was their best killer before. He once killed three people in a row with only one pencil, and later John fell in love with him. Vigo proposed an “impossible” task to John, which was to help Vigo eliminate all competing gangs. This task has made the Tarasov family today.

In order to protect his son, Vigo tried to call John to stop his revenge, but John refused. At night, Vigo’s deputy, Ivy, sent a twelve-man team to John’s house to assassinate him, but John solved them all, and took out the killer’s unique coins and called the “dinner reservation” service ” Cleanup Team” to collect the corpses. Knowing that the assassination failed, Vigo offered a reward of $2 million to John and first hired Max to kill him. Later, John boarded at the “Continental Hotel” where he used to stay as a killer, and sought Yusef’s whereabouts from Winston, the mysterious head of the Continental Hotel. When John found out, he went to a nightclub where Yousef was staying with his friends.

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John tells the hotel bouncer Francis to leave and raids the nightclub, chasing Yusuf, killing Yusuf’s friend Victor and a large number of bodyguards in the process. But after Yusuf escapes, John is overpowered by bodyguard Kirill. John went back to the hotel to ask an Asian doctor to heal his wounds and was ready to rest. Max, who had set up a sniper rifle in the opposite building earlier, wanted to take the opportunity to attack, but at this time, John’s old acquaintance of the female killer, Perkins, entered the room and attempted to attack John. Guo pays her twice as much to kill John by breaking the hotel rules; Harry knocked her unconscious and gave it to his friend who lived in the next room. Harry watched Perkins until she was punished for breaking the restaurant’s rules. But later, Perkins broke free and killed Harry.

John went to a church where Vigo hid things. He eliminated all the guards and burned the underground storage room. All the black letters and recording files that Vigo blackmailed the police and officials were burned. When Vigo arrived, he learned that his criminal network was completely destroyed, and ordered the guard priest to be shot on the spot; John ambushed Vigo and others on the return journey, but was finally subdued. Viggo scoffs at him for causing all this trouble for a dog, thinking he can get away with it. After he left, John was suffocated by Kirill and another man with a plastic bag over his head. At this time, Max used a sniper rifle to kill one of the men and let John break free. John then killed Kirill. John stopped Viggo’s car with a shotgun, which made Viggo reluctantly reveal Yusef’s location and withdraw the bounty. John invaded the safe house where Yusuf and Gregory were staying, and after finishing all the guards and Gregory alone, he killed Yusuf without hesitation.

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Later, Perkins discovered that Max had contact with John and told Vigo, causing Max to be shot dead by Vigo at his home. Vigo called and told John, who was going home, that he had killed Max, and John rushed to Max immediately. Home. Perkins saw John entering Max’s house outside Max’s house, and then received a call from the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, he was stopped by the owner of the hotel, Winston, because Perkins had previously broken the rules of the hotel and was revoked from his membership. He was shot to death by several killers, and the body was taken away by the “cleanup team”. When John visited Max’s body, he received a call from Winston and learned that Vigo planned to take a helicopter to leave in the harbor; John quickly caught up and killed the remaining confidant of the other party alone, and killed his deputy Ivy with a car.

Vigo took out a knife and confronted John alone. John deliberately let Vigo stab himself in the abdomen with the knife; although John was injured, the knife stuck in John’s abdomen. John pulled out the knife from the abdomen and successfully obtained the weapon , Instead stabbed the opponent’s neck with his knife to death. Vigo said before his death that he would wait for John in hell.

John, who was seriously injured, regained his strength after watching the mobile phone video of himself and his wife Helen. He bandaged his wounds in a customs animal shelter next to the harbor, and took a dog from the middle cage. Take a walk home along the boardwalk by the sea.

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