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Joint steps to prevent dengue fever #Ayo3MPlusDBDVaksin

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Joint steps to prevent dengue fever #Ayo3MPlusDBDVaksin

We should pay attention to health information, because it is very important to maintain immunity and avoid various diseases. Moreover, there are diseases for which there is no specific cure, such as DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever). For this reason, the government and various health care parties continue to provide education regarding dengue prevention, to encourage the public to #Come on3MPlusDBDVaccine.

The Emergency Condition of DHF in Indonesia, Let’s Take Steps Together to Prevent DHF with 3M Plus DHF Vaccine

We need to know that dengue fever does not only attack children but also adults, because when dengue fever enters the human body, it does not recognize age, residential background or lifestyle. Sadly, dengue fever in Indonesia has quite high numbers. Cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD / dengue) are still a public health concern in Indonesia today.

Let’s check together based on data from the Ministry of Health from the beginning of 2023 to week 33, 57,884 cases (IR 21.06/100,000 population) and 422 deaths (CFR 0.73%). Dengue/DHF cases were reported from 462 regencies/cities in 34 provinces. Deaths due to dengue occurred in 177 districts/cities in 32 provinces.

High figures were also shown in the productive age group, as many as 95,895 cases of dengue fever were recorded throughout 2021, 36.10% of which were in the productive group from the age range of 15-44 years. Therefore, it is very important for all productive groups of society to continue to carry out comprehensive dengue prevention.

It would be good for the government, health observers and the community to work together to tackle dengue fever by referring to the 3M Plus Vaccine guide, so that it is effective in preventing dengue fever, and many people are increasingly active in administering the 3M Plus Vaccine.

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For this reason, Takeda, as a leading value-based biopharmaceutical company, is committed to fighting dengue with broad access to vaccines and by supporting comprehensive public-private cooperation to achieve Indonesia’s goal of zero deaths from dengue hemorrhagic fever by 2030.

So that more and more people are aware of the dangers of dengue fever, the government together with other health observers are teaching to continue providing information and education, one of which is holding Joint Steps to Prevent DHF.

Joint Action Activities to Prevent DHF #Ayo3MPlusVaksinDBD

Dengue control needs to be paid attention to and requires active community involvement. With a vaccine that can be given regardless of previous experience of dengue hemorrhagic fever, it is hoped that more children will be protected from dengue hemorrhagic fever.

“Joint Steps to Prevent DHF” is a campaign to increase public awareness which is outlined in a massive, fun joint movement, and invites the public to commit to “The First Living Pledge” for preventing 3MPlus DHF and DHF Vaccination on an ongoing basis, which will record a Museum of Records record. Dunia-Indonesia (MURI) as a joint commitment to fight dengue.

Apart from prevention efforts, it can certainly play a role in reducing the rate of hospitalization due to dengue hemorrhagic fever. It should be noted again that dengue fever begins with symptoms of fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, nausea, and the appearance of red spots. This condition is an worrying part of dengue fever and requires referral to the nearest health facility.

For this reason, we continue to carry out the 3M Plus stage and the dengue fever vaccine, as follows, so that it can be implemented by the community in preventing dengue fever.

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Recalling the steps of 3M Plus, here is a brief explanation.

Drain the water reservoir. Close water reservoirs. Recycle various items that have the potential to become mosquito breeding grounds Temples of the Egyptians which carries the dengue virus in humans. Plus what is meant here are several additional steps or actions that can maximize dengue prevention. One way is to vaccinate against dengue fever and consult a doctor.

Joint Steps to Prevent DHF, will also present a series of other interesting programs including Fun Walk, booth, Community Gathering, Stand Up Comedyand also media education sessions.

The aim of the joint activity to prevent dengue fever is #Ayo3MPlusVaksin

Objectives of Joint Action Activities to Prevent Dengue Dengue #Ayo3MPlusVaksinDBD Implementing the Cooperation Agreement program between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and Takeda Inviting community participation in efforts to fight dengue and succeeding in the government’s target of achieving zero deaths from dengue by 2030 Explaining the current condition of dengue in Indonesia and steps to handle it Improving public awareness of the dangers of dengue and its prevention through the recently launched #Ayo3mplusVaksinDBD campaign

On the same occasion, Ringgo Agus Rahman and Sabai Morscheck, dengue observers, also shared their experiences with this disease. “Some time ago, my second child, Mars, was infected with dengue fever, which made us very sad. This experience reminds us that everyone is at risk, regardless of age, where they live, or their lifestyle.

“We feel calmer when we have implemented 3M Plus and received two doses of dengue fever vaccine. Of course, people are still advised to consult first with their respective doctors before receiving vaccinations at various health facilities.”

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DHF vaccination in clinical trials can reduce the incidence of dengue fever which can occur repeatedly in both children and adults and reduce the level of severity which will reduce the rate of hospitalization and death due to dengue fever. The broad indication age for the dengue vaccine, namely 6-45 years, means that the dengue vaccine can protect families and communities against this disease.

Currently, dengue hemorrhagic fever vaccination can be given to people aged 6 to 45 years. Regarding 3M Plus as the main weapon in preventing dengue fever, the government in collaboration with Takeda launched the #Ayo3MplusVaksinDBD campaign

Immunization recommendations are a response to the increasing risk of dengue fever in adult individuals. It is important to understand the dengue vaccination schedule for children and adults, which often must be adjusted to individual risk factors and health care provider/doctor recommendations. Complementing 3M Plus’ efforts, the dengue vaccine can be an effective additional prevention tool in protecting oneself and society from the serious risks caused by dengue fever. Awareness of the benefits of 3M Plus and vaccination is increasingly important in maintaining public health at large.

With this information, together we can prevent dengue fever carefully and invite family, friends and relatives to continue to carry out 3M Plus and the dengue vaccine so that the dengue fever rate in Indonesia will soon fall and can even make Indonesia dengue free.

Healthy greetings everyone

to C-ANPROM/ID/QDE/0302 | November 2023

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