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“JOJO: Sea of ​​Stones” IGN’s 10-point nervous plot is restless

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Original title: “JOJO: Sea of ​​Stone” IGN’s 10-point nervous plot is restless

“JOJO: Sea of ​​Stones” IGN’s 10-point tense plot is restless

The sixth part of “JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure” “Sea of ​​Stone” was officially launched on Netflix on December 1, and it is a 12-episode serial broadcast. Domestic fans can also watch it at station B (station B is a harmonious version, it is recommended to watch it Netflix version). IGN scored a perfect score of 10 for Part 1 of “JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure: Sea of ​​Stone” today. Let’s take a look!

Rating: 10 points masterpiece!

“JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure: Sea of ​​Stones” has high-intensity and dynamic battles. Its surreal plot and professional story make this work one of the coolest JOJOs.

General comments:

“JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure: Sea of ​​Stone” is a very good adaptation of its original comics, with a wonderful opening (Xu Lun’s PP?), rich graphics and the most peculiar “stand-in” ability so far. This work tells the story of the protagonist Xu Lun’s redemption. Whether you have seen it from the first “Phantom Blood” or an audience who just entered the pit and just want to see what kind of story JOJO tells, “Stone Sea” It’s a weird ballet that breathes out blood, a drama that makes you fidgeting-tightly attracting your eyes.

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