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JOURNEY TO IO – Rebel Hearts

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JOURNEY TO IO – Rebel Hearts

Rebel Hearts
(Hard Rock | Modern Rock)

Label: DIY
Format: (EP)

Release: 26.01.2024

Tyrolean rockers on the JOURNEY TO IO, or rather on the way with Flight 666 from Earth to Jupiter’s moon IO. The newcomers start the opener “44 Rock” from their EP “Rebel Heart”, which follows their 2019 debut album “Get Ready”, more than confidently with boldly produced riffs and a modern sound that is combined with classic elements. The boys and girls immediately know how to impress with their cool riffs, delicate melodies and a lot of joy in playing.

Unfortunately, frontman Gue, who works really hard, can’t quite keep up with the vocals. That probably doesn’t matter live, because I’m sure that JOURNEY TO IO really let it go, but on the album the voice seems a bit crooked and doesn’t quite fit the sound. But hey, it’s a first EP and it’s already really fun either way, so you can get over that. On the flight to the moon in question, in addition to audible beer, some diesel, there are also energy drinks from the on-board kitchen and so goes the socially critical “Mr. Bu$iness” immediately rises with fast beats, so that you can hardly sit still, before “Use Your Brain” drifts into the melodic metal sector and delivers modern keys, spoken vocals and a good portion of emotion or pathos.

All in all, “Rebel Hearts” is a strong further sign of life and exclamation mark when it comes to rock in Austria. With a little fine polishing on some corners and edges, great things can come from the Tyroleans in the future. I’ll definitely keep an eye on them!

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Tracklist „Rebel Hearts“:

1. Intro
2. 44 Rock
3. Mr. Bu$iness
4. Use Your Brain
Total playing time: 14:59


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