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“Journey to the West ABC” Releases New Trailer

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“Journey to the West ABC” Releases New Trailer
“Journey to the West ABC”

Sina Entertainment News Beijing time on March 28th, according to foreign media reports, Disney+’s new drama “Journey to the West ABC” has released a new trailer and is scheduled to go live on May 24th. Wang Ban, Michelle Yeoh, Wu Yanzu, Guan Jiwei, Yang Yanyan, Huang Jinghan, Liu Jing, Cydney Taylor, Xu Weilun, Lu Yan and others starred.

Brothers Kelvin Yu of “Happy Burgers” and Charles Yu of “Western World” wrote the script, and Kelvin Yu also served as the operator.

The main character is Wang Jin, a Chinese-American boy born in the United States. He reworks Chinese myths and legends and traditional stories such as “Journey to the West” and the Monkey King. The plot is described as “an action comedy series that explores identity, culture and family. An ordinary teenager struggles to adapt to his high school life and immigrant family life, but when he meets a new foreign student in his first year of high school, more worlds collide, and Wang Jin is caught in a daze. into a battle of the gods in Chinese mythology”.

Michelle Yeoh plays “Avalokitesvara” – Wei-Chen’s aunt, who does not show the mountains and dews, but is actually the compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Yang Yanyan and Huang Jinghan play Wang Jin’s parents Christine and Simon, Wu Yanzu plays the “Monkey King Monkey King” who comes to find his son, Kwan Jiwei plays Freddy Wong, a fictional character from a 1990s sitcom, and Liu Jing plays Wang Jin’s friend Wei-Chen , Taylor plays Amelia, the classmate Wang Jin has a crush on.

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