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Juan Pablo Quinteros denounced vandalism against his advertising on public roads

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The concilor John Paul Quinteroscandidate for mayor of the Capital for Córdoba Neighborhood Meeting, denounced vandalism against his advertising on public roads and asked the mayor Martín Llaryora to enforce the Municipal Coexistence Code.

“Political parties cannot and should not violate elementary rules of the game that we ourselves established and that we regulate in norms. The excuse of an electoral campaign cannot justify transgressing basic rules of coexistence in political practice. For the parties that use scarce economic resources, the damage that these acts cause us is enormous and irreparable, “said the leader to describe the situation.

Not only that. He also sent a letter to Llaryora for her to act.

“This request is due to the fact that there is a large amount of publicity on public roads, the hiring of which has an obvious market cost, vandalized or used by those who do NOT hire it, causing serious economic damage to those who hire it,” Quinteros wrote.

“Although the contracting of said spaces involves a legal relationship between private parties, it is important to note that they are located in public spaces or with public access, which is why the Municipality is the one in the best position to avoid such actions or sanction the themselves,” added the councilor.

Given the situation, Quinteros recalled Ordinance 10,378, which in its articles refers to the Municipal Code of Misdemeanors regarding violations of the regulations.

“… Whoever carries out propaganda or publicity by any means, without obtaining the required permission or in contravention of the specific Regulations, will be sanctioned with a fine of fifteen (15) to one hundred and fifty (150) (UEM). If the offense is committed by advertising companies, the fine will be from thirty (30) to three hundred (300) (UEM). The sanction will be imposed jointly and severally on the beneficiary of the publicity….” (the highlighted one belongs to me). It is for this reason that the Executive Department that you chair has the clear power and obligation to enforce the regulations set forth in Ordinance 10,378 by verifying the pertinent infractions and the corresponding referral of the minutes to the Administrative Justice of Misdemeanors”provides the Municipal Coexistence Code in its article 269º.

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against the left

Quinteros also blames the leftist parties for the vandalism.

“You, Mr. Mayor, in your capacity as a candidate for governor of the Province of Córdoba, cannot ignore the cost of publicity on public roads that political parties must incur to install their figures and their proposals, reason why which to look the other way in the face of vandalism that can be incurred particularly by the so-called “leftist” parties, which indiscriminately violate the regulations by using spaces legally acquired by other political groups”, warns the candidate of Encuentro Vecinal.

“To date we have been able to observe that the vandalized public spaces have been occupied with posters from the Left Front and Workers – Unity (FIT-U) and the Movement for Socialism (MAS) with images of their candidates and party logos. You can also clearly see in the City the placement of posters of the aforementioned political spaces on public lighting poles and other infrastructure linked to the provision of public services, ”he explained.

In closing, Quinteros asks Llaryora “to arbitrate all the means at her disposal so that the Enforcement Authority of Ordinance No. 10,378 ensures compliance with it.”

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