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Judge Bruglia prepares a lawsuit against Alberto

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Federal chambermaid Leopoldo Bruglia finalizes the details of the lawsuit against President Alberto Fernandez for damages with a view to presenting it next week. This is the civil process initiated in December last year whose first stage failed.

The legal dispute originated from a series of tweets by the president who, in strong terms, reproached Bruglia and his peers from Chamber I, Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens, for the ruling that ordered the release of Federal Revolution members Jonathan Morel , Sabrina Basile and Gaston Guerra.

Bruglia made the determination to stop in court the insults of the President that he described as unacceptable. The chamber magistrate emphasized that his transfer within the federal justice system was ratified by the Supreme Court of Justice, which also held that his position is transitory until it is permanently covered by the Judicial Council, which has the competition for that position in Procedure.

As an initial part of the process, Fernandez was summoned for a conciliation hearing on December 22 in which neither he nor his legal representation appeared, even though he did not have the obligation to do so in person since the call was virtual.

The claim for damages for offenses against Comodoro Py’s chambermaid seeks financial compensation. According to judicial sources, the process that from now on will be processed by the national justice system in civil matters in the City should not take more than two years.

Within this framework and every time the action is completed, the amount and destination of the money for the grievance will be known with certainty. Bruglia is assisted by Dr. Pastorini, who is taking all the evidence of the cause.

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In November of last year, Alberto Fernandez published on his Twitter account “judges Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi should only be in the courts for which they competed.”

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