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JUICY COUTURE Fall/Winter 2022 Collection – Charming Modern Night

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JUICY COUTURE Fall/Winter 2022 Collection – Charming Modern Night

In the post-epidemic era, the millennial babes are sweeping, and more girls use exaggerated and shining costumes as their daily travel outfits. This season, JUICY COUTURE, the originator of the hot girl, made a strong attack, with colorful collages and reorganizations, the free and easy western cowboy collided with the undefined Juicy girl, and the flaming rose in the desert deconstructed the multi-faceted self.

JUICY COUTURE’s classic velvet collection has always been synonymous with fashion trends. Soft and comfortable velvet meets the fascinated control of color, high-saturation color, high-profile upper body. Embellished with sparkling details, the world is always fascinated by girls who dare to be “excellent”.

The loose, comfortable cut and playful pattern add energy and interest to the otherwise dull fall and winter. A leopard-print plush coat is paired with a sporty and casual velvet suit to create the perfect Juicy girl outfit.

JUICY COUTURE 2022 autumn and winter series has been launched one after another.

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