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June astrological fortune | Mercury is direct, gold and fire enter the temple, giving you limited courage and love in summer (12 constellation guide)_Neptune_Gemini_Information

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June astrological fortune | Mercury is direct, gold and fire enter the temple, giving you limited courage and love in summer (12 constellation guide)_Neptune_Gemini_Information

Original title: June astrological fortune | Mercury is direct, gold fire enters the temple, giving you limited courage and love in summer (12 constellation guide)

Gemini’s sensitivity to information and the desire to express it are so high, which has caused people to talk about hot events. Intense discussion (Mars) on the idea of ​​consciousness (Jupiter) from the crowd (Neptune), with Mercury retrograde pulling on old problems, and focusing on the realm of children’s education (Gemini).

During the first 20 days of June, the areas pointed to by Gemini are still the focus of the astronomical association leading the public’s attention. In the last 10 days of June, as the sun changes signs, the Cancer month officially begins. As the Sun moves from air to water, cosmic energies will moderate, urging us to pay more attention to our inner needs.

the beginning of the month,Mercury retrogradewill end.Then, on June 5thSaturn retrograde, Japanese June 28thNeptune retrograde

Although both outer planets will be retrograde this June, in the context of the collective direct motion of individual stars, we have a sense of control over ourselves and the events around us, both at the event level and at the psychological level, compared to before. will still improve.

The cosmic energy of June pushes us to gradually find the long-lostsense of rhythmandsense of security

Important astronomical structures this month:

06/03 Mercury Retrograde ends

06/05 Saturn Retrograde

06/13 Mercury back to Gemini

06/14 Full Moon in Sagittarius

06/21 Sun enters Cancer

06/23 Venus in Gemini

06/28 Neptune Retrograde

06/29 New Moon in Cancer

  • Mercury directing Taurus influence period: 06/03—06/13
  • Mercury entering Gemini influence period: 06/13—07/05
  • Venus into Gemini influence period: 06/23—07/18

First good news for June: Mercury turns direct on June 3.

However, we still need to be vigilant in these few days of Mercury retrograde countdown. Although the two positive planets of Mars and Jupiter have entered the most innovative sign of Aries, Mercury is still retrograde in Taurus, which is not known for speed. , and is bound by Saturn square, so that we have a“The ideal is full, the reality is very procrastination”of stuttering.

Fortunately, after 3 days, the Mercury retrograde that caused many “little accidents” and “little stuck” will end.

As a result, the details of data, information, thinking, speech, etc., symbolized by Mercury, gradually keep up with the burning trend of fire, wood and Aries, so that people’s plans and visions can be truly promoted and implemented at the realistic level. .

On June 13, Mercury will once again step into the sign it rules Gemini.If you have some study plans, or matters related to information, data, communication and negotiation stagnated during the Mercury retrograde period in May, with the “return” of the ruler Mercury, the astronomical phenomenon in June will definitely be for you.Fill it up again and press the reset button.

In the general environment, restrictions on education, transportation and transportation industries in various places are expected to be gradually eliminated from the first half of the month. After June 23, Venus will enter Gemini with its soft advantages, which will be more conducive to the resumption of school, work, and the smooth flow of logistics and travel.

  • Saturn retrograde influence period: 06/05—10/13

Two days after Mercury retrograde ends, on June 5, Saturn will take over for more than four months of retrograde.

In June, it will collide with Mercury and then Venus in Taurus. In addition to the important planets and people around fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio) who are more easily affected, the energies of Libra, Gemini and Virgo, which are dominated by gold water, will also be relatively more sensitive to this Saturn retrograde. .

It is worth going back to the first two rounds in May 2020 and 2021, which also happened in Aquarius with the earth retrograde.

We can completely think about our memories, what we were doing at that time, and whether the real and spiritual levels were affected to a certain extent. for example:

Have some of your inherent cognitions loosened? – Saturn retrograde is a rebuild after a break.

Are some long-term persistence worth persevering? Are some clinging attachments worth clinging to? – brought by the reversal of the earthChange of thoughtOften it is not showing the mountains and waters, but it is solid “injuring the muscles and moving the bones”.

Saturn has touched Aquarius since the end of 2020, and has put a lot of grinding and testing on Aquarius, which symbolizes group consciousness, and even the evolution of human thought and civilization. Before changing seats next year, it will go against the water bottle for the last time, let us stand at the intersection that is about to witness a major turning point and look back at the scenery along the way.

  • Sun Hai Xing Ke influence period: 06/11—06/21
  • Sagittarius full moon influence period: 06/13—06/15
  • Neptune retrograde influence period: 06/28—12/04

Neptune’s energies are greatly intensified during the year.

Although Jupiter is temporarily out of Pisces, some stellar structures this month are still activating Neptune’s energy.

Neptune energy is nurturing and inclusive, but also illusory and destroying.Between June 11 and 21, the Sun is in a valid square to Neptune. Lack of willpower, cognitive lapses, and unclear goals can be some of the manifestations of negative astral energies.

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On June 14, the Sagittarius-Gemini full moon axis re-engages Neptune in Pisces.

In the era of extremely rapid information sharing, we rely on various search engines and message pushes every day. The indiscriminate bombardment of information does not promote the improvement of learning ability, but stifles the habit of too many people to think independently. When the era of big data is covered with the bubble of Neptune, what is scarce is no longer the quantity of information, but the ability to distinguish and organize information.

From Gemini to Sagittarius, it is the integration of fragmented time and information, alsoFrom simply copying and distributing to the dissemination of implanted ideas— This full moon brings us precisely the issues related to this.

On June 28, Neptune will turn retrograde, allowing us to stop looking around and feel our surroundings instead of blindly looking for an exit. The negative energies of Neptune retrograde can lead to a heightened sense of environmental confusion until we realize the importance of spiritual growth.

As if we had experienced a big dream, we are not far from waking up.

  • Sun into Cancer influence period: 06/21—07/23
  • Cancer new moon influence period: 06/28—06/30

On June 21, the Sun will be the first to move into Cancer.

During the month of Cancer, we will pay more attention to our feelings on the spiritual level. In the past two years, our lives have been frequently disturbed, and the impact of these unstable factors on the psychological state may be far more profound than expected. How to heal these psychological distress will become one of the key topics in Cancer month.

On June 29, the new moon in Cancer occurs. What expectations do people have for family, physical and mental security, life and emotional stability?In the actual situation where the sense of personal control is quite low, what we needWhere does the sense of stability come from?– This new moon in Cancer will guide us to gain some insights.

The Sun-Moon conjunction will square Jupiter in receptive aspect to Jupiter on the new moon chart, once again adding fuel to this yearly astrological aspect of Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter points to a turning point, but many “turning opportunities” do not always happen after we are ready. On the contrary, the trajectory of life is often pushed by fate – the activated Jupiter Aries will make this new Yue was smeared with a hint of being pulled by fate and pushed out of her comfort zone.

Don’t worry, you just set out on the journey, and fate will replenish your equipment at the right time and place to help you complete this heroic journey of life – and our inner sense of steadfastness is often contained in this great sense of fate. in the faith of love.

(Please refer to the ascendant constellation as the main sign, and the sun sign as the auxiliary)


Mars is in your 1st house this month. In addition to bringing courage and vitality, Mars may also trigger some small interpersonal conflicts. In addition, some inflammation, anger, skin trauma, etc. will also need your attention to avoid this month.

During the first 20 days of June, your social events and exchanges with friends will be quite frequent. As you enter the last 10 days of June, you will begin to devote some of your energy to areas related to your family, home, and loved ones.

Mercury turns direct at the beginning of the month, and for Aries who are struggling with financial problems during Mercury retrograde, the ascension of Mercury will bring opportunities to solve certain problems. Venus will stay in your Wealth Palace this month, which will help improve your fortune, but be careful to avoid the embarrassing situation of entering with the left hand and leaving with the right.

This Saturn retrograde will bring issues related to social circles. In addition to eliminating those expendable friends, it is also necessary to avoid saliva disputes in the online community.


During the first 20 days of June, astronomical signs will be favorable to your financial situation, and some Taurus will have the opportunity to receive an unexpected income or make a comprehensive new plan for their financial situation.

In the second 10 days of June, your social activities will be busy, and a lot of time will be spent communicating with old and new friends, neighbors, or siblings. Others will start new learning programs.

With Mercury turning direct at the beginning of the month, you, as one of the “hardest hit areas” of Mercury retrograde, will get rid of many small troubles this time. The entry of Venus will not only stimulate your desire to be beautiful and buy, but also bring you a leisurely and beautiful mood and rhythm of life.

It should be noted that since Mars is in your twelfth house, you should pay attention to your sleep quality during this time to avoid follow-up health problems caused by the chaos of work and rest.


Whether offline or online, the Geminis this month are still active. Pay attention to the new friends who come into your life, there may be noble people who are willing to give you support and help.

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In the first 20 days of June, the astronomical phenomenon is still your home ground. This period is suitable to start some fresh plans for yourself and enter a fresh environment and crowd. During the last 10 days of June, your attention will gradually shift to areas related to monetary income. Some people will have good fortune this month.

With Mercury turning direct at the beginning of the month, all aspects of your state will pick up. Especially starting from the middle of the month, some matters that have been put on hold due to Mercury retrograde will have the opportunity to be re-advanced.

Saturn is retrograde in your migration house, and some matters related to exams, further education, travel, foreign relations, etc., may require you to spend more effort to deal with them.


During this month, Cancer’s main focus is still in the field of business.

The first 20 days of June are a period of dormancy for Cancers, and after the 21st, it will be your month. Whether it’s a Cancer Rising or a Cancer Sun, the entire month from late June to late July will be crucial to your horoscope for the year ahead. Some people will enter a new life track, or change a new look for themselves.

This month, your social activities are still busy, and like-minded friends will appear, or you may have the opportunity to enter a good new circle, a new team, or form a good network.

Saturn is retrograde in your eighth house, which is associated with partial wealth. You should pay attention to your financial situation and avoid blind investment and financial management. At the same time, when dealing with money relationships with others, it is best to calculate them clearly to avoid unnecessary troubles in the follow-up. Some partnered Cancers may worry about their partner’s financial situation.


Leos this month are still long-term, trying to pave the way for progress and self-improvement.

During the first 20 days of June, Lions will be busy with a variety of social occasions or opportunities to meet new friends, enter new circles and teams. In the last 10 days of June, Leos will want to get away from the busyness, and you will want to be alone more than the lively interactions.

After Mercury retrograde is over, your communication with your leaders/elders will become smoother. The Venus hanging high on your zenith will make your workplace performance seen and recognized by more people, and some people will get promotions and salary increases. Opportunity. Mid-month, be aware of the possibility of job changes.

With Saturn retrograde in your opposite sign, you may encounter some people who are too conservative, or even give you too much imprisonment or stumbling. You should be more patient in interpersonal relationships and avoid positive rigidity.


This month, when Fire and Wood stay together in your eighth house, will bring some Virgos economic issues related to investment and financial management, insurance claims, profit sharing, lending relationships, etc. Some will have discussions with partners/others about values ​​and distribution of assets.

During the first 20 days of June, your focus is on career development, and some people will have the opportunity to get promoted or find a new job. Beginning in late June, the focus of your thinking will move to areas related to community groups: For example: What kind of circles can my current work take me into? In which platforms can I better utilize my strengths and grow myself? and many more.

After Mercury retrograde is over, some Virgos will restart their travel or study plans. Some people have the opportunity to meet someone they like in these situations.

Saturn retrograde will make you reflect on your career direction. At the same time, if you have some old illnesses, it is recommended to pay more attention to the stage when the earth retrograde is on, and try to maintain a regular routine in your daily work and rest.


This month of fire and wood together in your opposite sign will bring Libras the opportunity to meet new friends and forge new partnerships. Especially for single Libras, you can seize the good fortune and participate in more dating activities.

If you are in a field related to foreign affairs, education, law, etc., in the first 20 days of June, the astronomical phenomenon is still favorable. During the last 10 days of June, your main energy will move to the area of ​​career development. Your professional image will be seen by more people, and some will have the opportunity to be promoted or find a new job.

In terms of property, Libras are expected to benefit from investment and wealth management, insurance claims, loan relationships, profit sharing, and gifts from others. There are also some people who will spend a lot of money because of these channels.

This Saturn retrograde can bring some people back to old problems in a romantic or parent-child relationship.


Scorpios this month will still be busy with various matters in work and life. Although it is inevitable that you will be incapable of being independent, you can also enjoy it.

In the first 20 days of June, the areas related to partial wealth will be the bright spot of your fortune, and some Scorpios will gain through cooperation/marriage and other relationships. In the last 10 days of June, astronomical phenomena will bring you some opportunities to study for exams or travel, and some people will start to think about issues related to life, philosophy, and metaphysics.

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When Mercury turns direct at the beginning of the month, your communication with others will become smoother. Venus stays in your opposite house for the first three weeks, which will be conducive to confession and love heating up, and some people will experience feelings of getting along in different places.

Saturn retrograde in your home sector will bring some old family, childhood, home, etc. related issues that you need to deal with.


Firewood stays in Sagittarius’ fifth house this month, bringing you a childlike innocence that yearns for play. Some people will have the opportunity to fall in love, and Sagittarius who are preparing for pregnancy are also easy to receive good news.

In the first 20 days of June, the astronomical phenomena will be beneficial to your cooperative relationship and intimacy, and you will be more comfortable in interpersonal communication. In the last 10 days of June, the sun will illuminate your house of wealth, and some people will benefit from loans, investments, dividends, etc.

After Mercury goes direct, some of the projects you got stuck on in the workplace will be restarted and pushed forward. Some people will experience career development direction or changes in workplace interpersonal and work environment this month.

This Saturn retrograde will bring some tests to the student party. In addition to the field of learning, in the fields of data, text, driving, travel, communication, etc., shooters also need to deal with it carefully.


Firewood is staying in Capricorn’s family house. In addition to some family and home-related matters that you need to deal with, some Capricorns have the opportunity to welcome new family members.

During the first 20 days of June, your focus remains on the field of career and skills learning. During the last 10 days of June, astronomical phenomena will be beneficial to your interpersonal and cooperative relationships. Especially for the Capricorns with companions, it will help to warm up the relationship and promote the relationship between marriage and love.

Mercury turns direct at the beginning of the month, which is conducive to the resolution of communication problems in love and parent-child relationships. Some single Capricorns have the opportunity to meet a love at first sight this month, or start a long-distance relationship. As for whether the relationship can be maintained stably, it will take time to test.

The challenge that Saturn retrograde brings to you is in the realm of money. Some people will feel financial pressure and need you to reconsider and plan your financial situation.


The energy of fire wood makes many water bottles busy with the processing of text data and interpersonal communication. For the student party, the natural learning task will not be light. In addition, some people will need frequent traffic during this month, and we should remind you to pay attention to traffic safety.

For the first 20 days of June, the sun will light up your play zone, so take advantage of the good weather to relax. In the last 10 days of June, your work rhythm will pick up. The medical luck during this period will also be good, and it is suitable for you to make plans for your health, fitness, and medical treatment.

Mercury’s direct motion will help you resolve communication problems with your family. Also, some water bottles will move this month.

Saturn retrograde will bring back some important decisions you’ve made. Some insist on whether to continue or let go and start over, which will be one of the topics brought by the astronomical phenomenon.


This month when Huomu is in your Wealth Palace will not only open up fortune for some people, but also make many people spend a lot of money.

During the first 20 days of June, most Pisces enjoy the family atmosphere and home life. In the last 10 days of June, you’ll want to go out and have fun. Continue to mid-July, and you’ll be in a good mood with some fun opportunities.

If you are troubled by some problems related to transportation, digital products, network information, schedule, etc. during the Mercury retrograde period, with the return of Mercury to direct motion at the beginning of the month and the energy blessing of Venus, the related problems will be solved to a great extent. .

Saturn retrograde challenges your emotional and physical health. Remember to take good care of your body during this time, especially your sleep. If you feel depressed and unbearable, you may wish to seek help and healing from some physical and spiritual channels.

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