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K·SWISS Gasway keeps walking, and meets the Keli Le Bear in the world

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K·SWISS Gasway keeps walking, and meets the Keli Le Bear in the world

In the summer of 2022, Ye Ye Le and Keli Le Bear revisited 29 European cities together. Bit by bit along the way, there are happiness, healing, ideals, and melancholy and confusion. This shy and curious little bear uses his vision to record the light in real life. When he heard that Keli Le Xiong wanted to share the good wishes of “that summer” with more people, the new curator Zhao Junfeng was also inspired and inspired, and together with Ye Zi Le, he selected from nearly 10,000 photos of Xiao Xiong’s travels. More than 200 moments. He curated the space into 6 different themes, which were linked to this exhibition “That Summer – The Travel Diary of the Cola Bear”.

Zi Le and Xiao Xiong have been on the road. They are in a certain corner of the world, collecting the emotions of that time and space. Seeing these happy, sad or crazy moments, every second is a beautiful encounter arranged by the universe. Although people met and separated again in that time and space, we still all look at the same sun rising in the east and setting in the west, and watching the same moon. No matter what time and space we are in, if we keep our love for life, we will definitely meet in the wind of countless summers in the future.

The fate of K·SWISS and the Cola Bear also began this summer. Artist Ye Ye walked on the streets of Paris wearing K·SWISS’s classic CLASSIC 66 tennis skate shoes and the brand’s new autumn 2022 collection, and rediscovered a new landscape in this artist’s familiar and intimate city together with the Coke Bear. Through the vision of the Cola Bear, the perception and thinking of the artist, the classicism and romance of Paris, and the elegance and sophistication of the K·SWISS brand, the unforgettable memories of this summer have been woven together.

In the journey, a pair of comfortable and easy-to-walk shoes will always awaken people’s desire to explore more action. The K·SWISS CLASSIC 66 under the feet of artist Ye Le is the world‘s first full-leather tennis shoe born in 1966. It has not only helped professional athletes perform to the extreme on the green field, but also is the choice of taste in daily life. At the beginning of its birth, CLASSIC 66 balances the internal and external aspects of technology and style details in design, just like the traveler and the Coke bear who set foot on the exploration of the world.

Invited by the Shanghai K11 black gold club Q Art Club, artist Ye Ye Le’s solo exhibition “That Summer – The Travel Diary of the Keli Le Bear” will open at Q Art Club on September 30, bringing people back to that wonderful summer. There are so many people in this world, Keli Lexiong and K·SWISS, looking forward to meeting you and the world in Shanghai.

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